Why Does The World Need A Superman?

Why the World Needs a Superman?

Recently in my conversations with others like myself, I have posed direct questions. Others who have committed their lives to the exploration of truths, and then take the risks to bring these revelations of these discovered facts to others as to unlock the now illuminated doors of the jails the liars not only have placed many innocents in but fabricate the very prison system that has sought to enslave many of us for decades if not centuries. Questions are asked, Truths must be shared!

One of the more poignant questions that were recently tabled; “should a well-known leader long thought lost to us, but recently re-emerged in speculation if not witnessed fact, like some kind of fallen warrior from battles long past who sudden resurfaces out of the vapors of men’s hopes and dreams, should he reveal himself yes or no?” 

The answer which was given through no less than one of said man’s confidants, a warrior himself of mammoth proportions, whose spirit and courage mimics the very Kingly name “David” he happens to possess said; “The world doesn’t need more royalty.” 

While the answer cleverly dodges the original question, by not answering thus laying no authenticating credence to the question of whether or not the fallen hero exists. Believed lost to us by some tragic airplane accident decades ago, or merely withdrawn from society in witness protection, a “Howard Hughes-ish” step away from the prying eyes of the world’s cameras, to yet influence behind the scenes and securing the protection his loved ones identities from threats far-reaching, and the added bonus of managing the main goals and objective he has long placed in his own life into, revenge for the death of his Father.

This clever response, while not placing any incriminating insider knowledge as to a direct yes or no definitive, does with the subtlety of true master word warrior deflect the question into the corner of the ring where obviously he wishes the further battle of debaters to meander. 

“The world doesn’t need more royalty?” 

We both know the man we are speaking of is an American, and while those who have sought to climb the social ladder to the top, whether it be in film, politics, sports, or even to buy, perhaps sleep their way to the top, there seems to be a common apple tree that sits at top of those mountains and that is a sort of royalty status? Forbidden fruit is taken only with God’s instruction because we all know what happens to those who eat of the fruit when God Himself said not to.

The Bible clearly says only God can truly empower the Kings of this world, it doesn’t go so far as to say only the good ones, for God also places each of us in our individual bodies, whether they be servant or saint, champion or chump, doctor or patient, good Kings, and bad ones, it is alone up to each of us to make the choices good or bad along these paths fulfilling all the good things He would have for us in our own particular corner of the garden, or in some cases, as with bad kings; the bad weed-like choices. Free will.

Whether born into a family that was destined to leadership, or grafted in like the sweetest grapevine, leaders are Kings as much as David became one long before he ever slew Goliath, when he was just a scrawny shepherd boy and slew a lion and a bear to save his sheep! 

Yet another Royal Certainty that must not be overlooked, is that the majority of us out there are sheep. And being sheep, in a time when leadership seems to all but abandoned us, the sheep will listen to whoever happens to step up to take the lead, whoever is doing the most talking. 

There is no doubt among anyone I hear on the street, at the job site, or resting in fear alone in the nursing homes; we are at war. Not like any world war of the past, one or two fought between a few countries whose far-off effects for those on distant shores is merely the inconvenience of food shortages, or worry regarding the “what ifs” they have been told, should the wrong side prevail. They look across the fields of their own lands, or at the sunset, on the ocean shores they happen to live, and the only sign the world was at war in the slightest was based on the reports others had told them far off in lands never seen and hardly imagined. 

But today we truly are at war, a True World War where everyone in the world is battling in their own neighborhoods, schools, and jobs, making decisions between good and evil that will dramatically impact their lives perhaps for the rest of their lives, the mask and shot being only one of many such choices evil would place in front of us to scare us into submission. This is a World War for the souls of all the men and women who live today.

Why does the world need a “Superman,” oh did I say, Superman, I meant a leader, because today more than ever the children of God need a leader, a bannerman, one they can look at not because he is royalty or even look upon like royalty, but because they need a leader that is brave and strong! One, that when he says it’s time to stand up they will stand, when it time to fight they fight, and when he says it’s time for peace they stop.

Many will try to step up and speak strong words, a few may even succeed to get many to listen, but it takes an exceptional man with an almost noble name to get “everyone” to listen. The Dark Lords of this world still control the majority of the narrative, communication, and pretty much all of the industrial complex of this world, cutting through that control will take more than just a great message or a loud voice it will take curiosity that goes with an anointed name. They may not all listen because they love him or loved his Father, many will hate him, but they all will listen because of who he is!

David didn’t get to decide whether he was royalty or not, God decided to place his spirit in that body for that task, all he needed to say was yes. The David I have come to know above doesn’t say yes for fame or fortune, but does it a great risk because it is the right thing to do!

When no one else would stand up against Goliath, God sent one, a direct descendent of Abraham himself, a boy of exceptional character. The people had a king at the time, they needed a Superman, someone who could do the impossible; cut through the clamor of godless prattle, step up and lead!

“The world may not need any more royalty, but the world certainly needs a Superman.”

It’s Time for Superman to return, one or both of the Supermen of our time!!!

The people are desperate, and the innocent are dying, I see it all around me. As one of the many sheep, I would encourage Superman to come out of hiding, it’s time.

By Peter and Anna

“Dear Lord Jesus thank you for the leaders You have anointed to lead us, give them courage, strength and your protection as they step up onto the battlefield, not fighting our battle for us, but leading us valliently into your battle against powers and principalities unseen this End Times World War between good and evil.”

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Peter and Anna health care providers have dedicated their lives to revealing the truths of healing hidden from the many in our own health care system. Using Mind, Body and most importantly Spiritual treatments people are through Ascension of Health and Wellness taught real therapies that bring healing and not just symptom maintenance. The healthcare prisoner is given Godly keys to set himself or herself free.

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Be Blessed

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