Chapter 6: Babies of Dusk’s Love

Babies of Dusk’s Love

Beckoning the evening’s air, in wisps of a cool and uncaring grasp, shudders in their later shadows among the whimpers of brothers and sisters, they cling softly unto any resemblances of mothers touch as they wait silently for yet another morsel of touch, love, an acknowledgment that they exist.

It has been determined from the tragedy that presents itself in the form of large orphanages in Eastern Europe, that groups of young babies are often left for days even weeks without a single loving touch, the result is that a child, even though fed, often grows in an under-developed state, to the point of completely and irreversibly inhibited, many often dying before coming even to a few months of age. The newborn child seems to need love as much as any food, warmth, or water source.

A soft gentle word, tender touches result in increase beauty and health, while torment and insult result in scar and blemish. Case in point a few years ago in my treating I came across a woman who for years had been tormented first by teachers, family, and even later by the very men that were supposed to love her, all proclaiming her less than common look. We will call her April, and while her spirit never gave up the pursuit of sweetness and purity, her own self-image had long let go of any view of herself as anything but repulsive.

Through the most unusual set of circumstances, she found herself befriending a blind man who fell immediately and completely in love with only her voice, and in just the course of six months she utterly and completely transformed into the most radiant and beautiful woman, for it appeared not a day or a moment would pass in which this man didn’t compliment her on each and every aspect of her existence. They soon married, and one day I casually asked the man in private exactly what he saw in her so early in their relationship, was it her voice, her gentle nature, her obvious love in her words for him, for I myself was searching for such love?

He quietly said; “none of these things, for while I cannot see, I am not blind,” for he had met many women, and all almost immediately formed an image in his mind as real as any actual vision he had earlier in life. “The moment I laid eyes on April I saw she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and telling her it each and every day became as natural as recognizing a beautiful sunset or newborn child’s smile.”

Our bodies have a seemingly inherent ability to absorb and process the physical stimuli that the world feeds it, whether that be complementary or detrimental, all leaving even the slightest fraction of effect on the very DNA. Science has already proven that our very genes can, not only be activated but altered with stimulus both good and for bad.

Children, fortunately, by lack of experiential assembly, are not responsible for their own actions, being literally fed every single morsel of life whether good or bad from another source other than their own hand until they come to the age of accountability. This fact like healing places a huge responsibility on the people’s shoulders who chose to take this responsibility onto themselves, the parents, teachers, doctors, priests, and healers. For is it not written; “It would be better for you put a millstone around your neck and cast yourself into the abyss, then to cause one of these little ones to fall”?

We owe it to ourselves to bathe our very genes in goodness, truth, love, light, and peace. We owe it to ourselves to bathe our children only in light, love, goodness, uplifting and positive words, images, and touches. And since we are all called to come to God as children, then consequentially we owe it to ourselves to do the same to ourselves and every living being around us.

“Love your neighbor as yourself”


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“When God gives us gifts He askes but one request; that we share these gifts we have received with others?”


Be Blessed 

Peter and Anna

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