COVID Is Bullshit, We Need To Just Admit It!

How long do we have to keep this scam the “system” has named as COVID until we will be willing to admit to ourselves what we all know; that it’s all a bunch of bullshit. They must think the general public is a bunch of idiots, I don’t know about you but there was something fishy from the very start. 

Being myself a healthcare provider, did give me at least an edge in seeing something wasn’t quite right off the bat, but quarantining measures in every country in the world, ya right? When I heard that Syria suddenly ordered a Cease-fire telling everyone to go home and quarantine, what are they afraid of among all the fighting and useless slaughter, that the thousands of refugees that have been displaced or ISIS would suddenly get the COVID? 

I myself knew people personally who were suddenly isolated in nursing homes, given COVID diagnosis without testing, or worse after being tested negative, were still treated as if they had it. Over the course of my work, I had to go to various hospitals, that supposedly were closed to regular patients due to the flood of COVID patients they said they were treating, only to find ghost towns? Dozens of elderly locked at home, denied even being able to see their doctors because the doctor’s offices were also closed. Reports on the TV showing lines yet when a person went by these same hospitals nothing but yellow “do not pass” tape could be seen.

As more and more evidence started pouring in regarding the fact that the COVID was a manufactured bio-weapon released accidentally or on purpose, that fact seemed to be less the question as time went on, yet it became increasingly evident that the purpose was to facilitate havoc, send everyone home, lockdown, and even damage the economies of there worlds so people would voluntarily give up their freedoms, economies would collapse, and bonus mail-in balloting would be justified before the November Election?

But that means the Hospitals must know the truth, which means the insurance companies know, which means the Doctors know, the politicians, the media, are they all on the take just to make a few extra dollars because the insurance companies were willing to pay ten times the amount for a COVID diagnosis. An interesting development only in my own small sphere of the total picture, my wife happens to know two medical billers, both reported the same facts; “It didn’t matter what a person came into the Doctors office with, regardless of the diagnosis, on their billing docs COVID was included.” In my own areas of the fifty or so so-called COVID patients, I treated not a single one who had symptoms and merely was given the diagnosis after going to the doctor for something else. 

The media reports people dying all over, as people do, before long those in the industry realized that it didn’t matter what a person died of, it was called COVID, always included in the cause of death. Looking back at the year 2020 it would seem that the average death totals in the world were actually lower than previous years, and miraculously sicknesses such as heart disease, the flu, and even common old age hardly were diagnosed throughout the world, as a matter of fact, if someone was to really think things through we should give a Nobel Prize to the inventor of COVID since it seems to have cured the flue, heart disease, and many other severe illness issues in the elderly since people no longer seem to be dying from them. 

When report after report of inexpensive treatment options came forward, the media were the first to dispute the validity of them, kept up the narrative as only vaccines would help, and of course, the isolation measures and masks. They would dispute the testimonies of doctors who used any successful alternative, then go on to actively engage in the destruction of these same doctors careers, I and most of my friends started to realize something obviously evil and wrong is behind this. When testing irregularities popped up, sighting the testing parameters were so high that even the owner of the manufacturing of the testing materials came forward disputing the validity of the tests or fruit were also testing positive, yet they kept using them and pushed even more for their distribution? Again the media is the first to hide anything of this nature.

When evidence came forward of severe complications with the vaccines proposed and even deaths of people who had been used in vaccine trials, yet this information is suddenly censored from view. People are herded like sheep to believe that COVID is some kind of dark villain out there that if everyone doesn’t mask up, social distance (unless of course, you are a BLM protestor), and line up for the vaccine we are doomed. Yet the media doesn’t even try to hide the fact that deaths caused by COVID are less than that of the seasonal flu, as a matter of fact, unless you have severe co-morbidities your chances of dying from it is much less than even the common cold, and if you are young you have zero chance. Yet the schools have also been shut down.

How interesting shut the schools down, it forced many parents to stay home and thus increased the chances of mail-in balloting. 

They knew what they were doing, they knew the only way they would have even an “ice cubes chance in hell” to beat Donald Trump was if they could rig the election, mass-produce the mail-in ballots, use every kind of election fraud, rig the machines too, and stack the ballot counting rooms with their people, even then they could only pull it off with the media goes along, the judicial system refuses to investigate, and the crooked politicians go against the will of the people.

But since when do any of these organizations spoken of above ever give a flying fudge for the general public, all they seem to care about is the wishes and desires of those who want to be in control, already control the money of the world, wish to reduce the population, and force the rest to be controlled slavery for them?

The funny thing is everyone I know, already knows most of these things I wave written of above. They make up the same eighty-plus percent that voted for our great President Trump. They are the same eighty-plus percent that if they don’t see the truth or already have heard the truth, they feel it in their gut.

So again; how long is it going to go on, people having to suffer from the economic burdens these lies have caused? How long are they going to sit back and watch their loved ones suffer, be placed at risk, or made sick by these known unhealthy practices, just so a few rich old guys can get their way, make more money, and get the control they believe they have a right to? 

“How long are we going to bite our tongues knowing we have all been bent over and given a true prison-pork-ing before we start to demand that those who have done this right in front of our noses are brought to justice? How long before those who have hidden the truths are revealed as the lier’s they are? How long before the true villains are exposed and the reasons they so desperately want to get rid of probably the greatest President since Lincoln is seen by all?”

And one last thing; “how many children have to be freed before the public is made aware how demonic this child trafficking thing is, who is involved, and what they have done to these poor innocent children of ours?” 

Evil out there is laughing at us, because it has been doing these evil things with increasing disregard whether we find out or not, as a matter of fact, I believe they are so arrogant these last few years, they don’t care less, because they feel they are above the law, in charge, and pretty much this world belongs to them, so why would they care what we find out, it’s not like we can do anything about it anyway?

It would seem these days a person has to risk their life, risk their financial existence, even refuse to deny God in order, to tell the truth, but like my fearless wife just said to me; “Today it would seem the speaking the truth has become a badge of honor?”

We need to speak, we need to spread the word today more than ever. If the media won’t, we need to find some who have the guts to do it! 

We must remember, we are the eighty percent, and when we know the truth, and share it, light shines on those dark places. Evil has no choice but must flee, leaving room for God’s vengeance to smackdown. 

It’s bad enough they try to steal our elections from us, bad enough they censor our communications limiting voices they don’t like, regardless if it is true or not, it’s bad enough they would rather put at risk millions even billions, to make a buck, but torture little children? They stepped over the line there, those Fuckers need to die!

If I have any mercy at all in my own heart for the scum suckers who would perpetrate torture, rape, and murder against little children, that one mercy might be that they face Man’s Justice before they fall to God’s Justice, they face God’s Justice they are truly doomed!

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord help my many brothers and sisters open their eyes and ear, see and hear the truths, but more than that join in with common voice; we will not do it any longer, this dark agenda that the Deep State has planned for us has failed and now the perpetrators need to be brought to justice. Help our Great President and those on the front lines as they fight to eliminate, once and for all, the evil that would do malicious harm to your children.”


Peter and Anna Colla have dedicated their lives to bring real godly truths to the many who have been held captive in the lies of health care, big pharma, and darkness. if you wish to read more about their work or download a free copy of their books; Quantum Ascension, and Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake” both available on Amazon, visit our website:

Bless You

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