What Is Taking So Long For The Great Reveal?

Why are they taking so long to come forward with the evidence, sealed indictments, or revealing of confessions?

There is a great deal of speculation these days regarding the revelations of truths that have been revealed recently throughout the internet, via various social media, behind the scenes researchers, whistleblowers, and even believable accounts from people who have survived these horrendous crimes perpetrated against the most innocent of society, our smallest of children. Yet with all of this, the big day of revelation seems to just linger along?

The common belief is if all of these truths, revelations, and published accounts are all conspiracy theories or speculations, even when evidence is right in front of us, why do the politicians, main-stream media, and social media sites work so hard to hide the information, shut it up, or even risk social and financial ruination censoring them? Is it perhaps because the truth is Truth, and these lying puppets really are either in the pockets of the perpetrators, or participators of the guilt themselves and thus cannot help themselves but must follow the path they have found themselves wallowing on. Again all the more reason to spill the beans!

But there is one main factor people would not consider who have never known a Cabalist or someone who resides in that swamp. These rich old bastards hate and distrust their friends even more than they hate the rest of us, for one reason alone, because they all really know how weak and pathetic they really are without their money or power. So the basic “why” they are able to neutralize this fear they have for each other and themselves, is the same reason why they are not constantly in fear of getting caught, and it also happens to be the same reason why the “Good Guys” have to go slow…

“The Dead Man Switch”

All these rich guys are the same, if anything happens to them, they spill the beans on everyone else, and the whole kitten kaboodle goes down. Now for some, that means exposing their friends, for others it’s evidence of wrongdoing, reporting where the dead bodies are buried. For people who lust after fame, it usually involves shaming others, for men of money it means bringing others, even the system to poverty. I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned all the more reason to grab them.

But what about men or women of power?

Ya, the problem is these guys, if you try to take one of them down, the guys who want to control everything, everyone, the whole planet? The problem with the ultra greedy, ultra-rich, these who not only believe they own everything but by some kind of birthright, they believe they are entitled to it? 

The problem with this group is “If they can’t have it, nobody can!”

If they can’t have it they would rather kill them all, “Burn them all,” tear down the cities, buildings, the whole system, burn the whole farm, poison the whole congregation, rather than conceive others will have it. If they can’t win, nobody does!

That’s the Dead Man Switch, it is something that is designed to take out the whole world they believe they have created. Just talk to them, I have, they believe everything in their life is a product of their work, even when they have already admitted they stole it. They would rather destroy it than lose it. Doesn’t matter if we are talking about family, lands, children, none of it matters, they only care about power.

So how do you beat them, doing exactly what our President is doing, slowly, methodically, take them out one by one, by surprise, head first, then pluck out the vitals, until you have enough to take the rest of the workers? But you have to make sure you identify and disarm all the Dead Man Switches, pull the plug on the power, identify all the brainless idiots on the payroll, otherwise, you will have plenty of innocent casualties. It is the only way that makes sense, it is the only way to assure you have the least casualties. 

Our President is a genius, the team behind him are also geniuses, but more than this they are all Godly men and women of Honor. Honor used to mean something, people had a code, a sort of noble knighthood, they would do anything, even risk their own life, to save others, the innocent, the weak. 

I recently heard one of my friends say; “We are in an end-times war, innocents die in war, it is the way it has always been.” I don’t think I agree with that, innocents don’t have to die, plus the majority of the wars to date were all sponsored on both sides, by these same evil Cabalists, so no; innocents must be protected! 

Men and women of true honor will do anything they can, suffer any indignation, apparent defeat, or insult if they feel there is a road to victory that will include not only saving the rest of the victims that may still be captive but also spare innocent unnecessary lives. I know no good father or mother, for that matter, who wouldn’t gladly step in front of an attacker to protect their children, as a matter of fact, the good mothers and fathers I know would step in front of an attacker to protect any child even a stranger.

The Patriots who risk their lives to save others regardless of thanks, pay or praise, and are the True Knights of today! I am proud of them, I am behind them, regardless of how inconvenient it may seem for me to wait for the reveal.

Hang in there President Trump, hold the path brave men and women of Q, the whole Patriot team, and don’t give up all you brave soldiers who are on the front lines, your good citizens at the home trust you, believe in you and are praying for you.

God’s speed.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord send your Angels to help our illustrious President Trump and his team as they continue to work to brings down the forces of evil that are attempting to enslave and destroy the lives of your children all over the world. Open up the eyes of all of the peoples of the world to see the truth, and let them have ears to hear the cries of those suffering. In Jesus’ name, I pray.”

Thank you to all the internet warriors who risk their lives to bring us the truths; Juan O’ Savin, Charlie Ward, Charlie Freek, Santa Surfing, Mel K, Geen Decode, Cristen W, Michael Jaco, and Simon Parks, as well as so many others. May God bless and protect you all.

If you are interested in a free download of my most recent book Quantum Ascension available on Amazon you can find it at our website. 


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