Back In The Ring; Juan O Savin and Nino!! “Everybody Is On The Edge Of Their Seat For Action?”

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Back In The Ring; Juan O Savin and Nino!! “Everybody Is On The Edge Of Their Seat For Action?”

Yes, sports fans here we are again, after many weeks of this ever seemingly continual wait for something, anything to happen with that Maga goal post that keeps being moved back, which have crawled along like some legless zombie that just doesn’t seem to want to die, our “Master of Disaster,” our “King of Sting,” the “Big Kahuna,” “Hispanic Make You Panic,” the “Sizzling Zapata with the Boom Town Right; David Nino Rodriguez jumps back into the ring with none other than the old “Cowboy Boot” himself, mister dodge and weave, that cunning fox whose cat-like evasion tactics would make even elusive greats like Prince Naseem Hamed scratches his head in wonder, (that is for those few boxing enthusiasts who might know or remember who he was).

But that evasive nature and cunning Jacki Chan diversionary tactics that we have all grown to love-hate our maybe JFK Jr. buddy by the side of the road, Juan, did not deter the “Wham-Bam Thank You Mam” Nino from trying at least a few times to land a comfortable body shot Right to the body and know a few words out of his slippery opponent. But sorry to say, readers and viewers, the elusive Juan kept the mouthpiece snug in the old maw at least through to the final rounds and if you think this was going to be “A Quickie” maybe four or five rounder think again, this fight went into the thirty, forty round range!

Let’s get on to the interview… Of course, it is must-see TV, and if you missed it yesterday live, or as close to live as “The Big Guy” would dare with Fluff Tube, then you will just have to go watch on Nino’s Corner TV like the rest of us to get a full and unobstructed view of the Olympic Event playing out before us.

As for the Juan o Savin interview… 

I could feel for you brother when you were doing it, your frustration was matched by our own. Early-rounds, mid rounds, turn after turn the “Old Not So Punchy” and still “Light on His Feet” Nino did manage to press Juan into the corner over and over, but the sly fox swatted the Big Rights away with about the same ease as Jacki Chan can catch flies with chopsticks, and managed to dance back into the middle of the ring venturing off onto another tale of some image or another that seems to have something to do with a goal post somewhere. Maybe, we are in a movie or maybe not, and does it all really matter, well I guess that depends if you are one of those in the ring, ringside, or the puppet masters, the boxing glove, or just the stool that serves no other purpose than to be sat on?


The interview had all the hype of an Olympic competition match, considering Afghanistan, Jab protests, Hollywood Dirtbags falling from sight like mosquitos from a bug zapper, the recent Mike Lindell stuff, and the obvious knowledge that the “Red Racer” Juan was there, of course “Throw us a Friggen Bone” is at least expected, well at least from this sports enthusiast? We, meaning my wife and I are sitting on the edge of our seat waiting for him to answer one of King Davids Right hooking body shots, sling shot Giant killing questions?

But unfortunately, if it was an Olympic game then it reminded me of that one, that race where the guys walk-run for 25 miles? Is that even a race? They wiggle their hips and pump their arms and just walk along seemingly for mile upon mile, maybe bumping into each other a few times, but lacking all the excitement and action of turtles playing monopoly. A person could watch one of those races, take a break, go grab a burger at the local burger bar, take a dip in the pool, even take a nap and hardly miss anything?

There was one point in the interview even David actually looked like you were going to fall asleep? What was it about the 45-minute mark?

“Here they come around the corner again” “The same walk-run, same guys bumping and walking along…  look at them go!” “Now rounding corner 450… only 175 to go!” Round 37 of this schedules 45 rounder!

Even my wife Anna fell asleep, and Juan’s her favorite!

But the end was good! 

Spoiler alert! We almost hit 70… almost.

I like the God is in charge part! 

It was confusing to me in the middle Juan, is verifying the facts briefly that Biden is not Biden… motorcades or lack thereof, Biden gets to ride around in a beat-up Chevy, his guards wear muffed up old shoes, he caries his own bags, Air Force, Trump is the only one who really gets to use it, Biden gets a repainted old junker, what is it Air Force twenty-turd? Green screens, cars parked in front of the white house lawn, ears that don’t match, blank EO’s, is it a show or isn’t it? All this stuff seems wrong, maybe because this stuff is wrong?

Trump really is in charge? But what, then he goes on to talk about Biden maybe being declared incompetent with Alzheimer’s…if he is an actor? Then what the actor has Alzheimer’s is that an act too? Do we have to wait until the actor gets his act together and plays the Alzheimer role well enough to get some corrupt Judge somewhere to see it finally as “Standing?” Or are they corn too, is Biden corn, all the minions, corn, corn, corn, corn. Oh ya that was the last match!

Trump is and always will be President, Yah so is Carter, and Bush and Obama, so under that definition, what we have four presidents? And did Clinton actually get impeached maybe we have five presidents? 

“The war of the five kings!” So which one is the Dead King? 

The most frustrating part is this seemingly pushing the goalposts out, talking about this need to have this happen than that audit, Mike Lindell’s symposium, didn’t he release all that information back in January, or was I dreaming, watch the water, lookout for this lookout for that… 

I get it, people (Sheeple) need to wake up, but don’t go out and protest! Heaven forbid that’s what they want! Everywhere else in the world they seem to be, is it working I don’t know, because nobody reports on it except a few tictoc’ers and their phones.

The people know 80 million people voted for Trump and all of the elected at least the crooks cheated their way in! Trillions of dollars of relief, ya sure the threw a few bones to the peasant but really who got the majority of that money, nobody I know… Only the friends of the bankers. They get the PPP loans, they get the contracts, they get the grants, the rest of us pay. That is as long as we do what they say, otherwise off goes the gas, take your pencils and your little box and get out of the building!

Juan, I hate to say it, I love you guy but, we know what is wrong, we know we have all had our country stolen, we know they are caught, we know they have taken our children, abuse them, torture, kill, and even eat them? What we want to know is when do they pay!!

We are paying for law enforcement, armies, judges, a system that is supposed to protect the innocent… Are you telling me there is nobody out there left to say enough is enough, it’s been almost ten months and the crooks are still allowed to run around spend the money, drink the blood? 

What we want to know? What are we supposed to do, because sitting around waiting for someone else to wake up, especially when the wolf is loose now in the hen house, doesn’t seem to me to be a feasible strategy, I don’t know about you, but every day that passes that’s one more innocent hen that dies bacause we are waiting for some Karen somewhere to pull her head out of her own ass.

People can’t complain to their politicians they are corrupt. 

Can’t go to the judges .. bought!

Can’t complain to the papers ..  they laugh!

What the schools they are run by Karen’s!

Social media? Closed or Shut down!

Internet? Censored!

Police… good luck with that defunded and vilified… In most places controlled by Beetlejuice-looking mayors. 

Everywhere in the world millions are protesting, we sit in our houses and watch our telegram reports. 

We had our country stolen from us!

I guess we wait for the all-knowing 68% to edge up to 80….

Basically, Juan needs to come clean and admit … if they have a plan then say so … if not and it’s all in God’s hands like he finally said.. fine leave it at that.

The people need to know… if these people controlling everything are really evil then it’s time everyone finds out…It’s Good against Evil? It’s us against them? 

Take your shot and shut your mouth?

 Or say no and get ready to fight!

This waiting waiting, waiting, waiting shit is getting old!,

Yes we all know It’s all about the kids???

Ok we have the evidence of at least some of the pedos so what are they not arrested publicly… are you friggen kidding me, … we have to wait let these ghouls walk around, so some poor Karen somewhere doesn’t see Trump as a tyrant? 

Heaven forbid if they show the tribunals (if they really exist) people might rise up and hunt down these baby killers and rip them apart!!

Oh, that’s too scary? 

Ok, let’s just leave them keep shipping kids, open the border and fly them to Tennessee. 

Got to take our time, sleeping sheeple haven’t woke up yet?

If they haven’t woke up by now … in my opinion, they never will!

Well, sports fan there you have it, a blow-by-blow commentary from the spiritual therapy guy.

By Peter Colla

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The Jab? “What Does Quantum Medicine Say About It, And Can The Application Of It Counter The Negative Effects?”

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

The Jab? “What Does Quantum Medicine Say About It, And Can The Application Of It Counter The Negative Effects?”

As processions of people line up for their inevitable train ride to doom and gloom, that perpetual slow infusion of death that doesn’t immediately kill but slowly disseminates every aspect of God’s gifts from His children’s lives until every resemblance of freedom or sovereign identity is slowly yet methodically extracted leaving only the skeletal remains, a dry withered husk as far from the original perfection of created majesty as a zombie is from a newborn baby, and all that is left is each their turn to jump from the cliff on command or leap themselves into the oven, for all resemblance of the once-free life has been stolen, given, bartered, slowly milked away.

Today, more than ever, our so-called leadership seems so concerned about health that they are willing to spend millions even billions to propagate the vaccination of not only all people who might be at risk of contracting their now proven debunked pandemic, but inject everyone else in the world, regardless of they have no chance of infection, let alone a mortality rate demonstrating the same odds of winning the lottery twice and never buying a single ticket! Not to mention the absolute maniacal obsession to put in place mandates and protocols they themselves know are utterly useless and may actually attribute to worsening of our health, mental stability, and social continuity.

Ninos Insiders

Of course, when these elites are observed behind the scenes blatantly disregarding the very mandates posed on the rest of us, those they deem below their own self elevated and imagined lofty status, proclaiming themselves royalty without the usual edict of the uniform consent of the masses or more importantly direct proclamation from God Himself?

This sudden obsession with our health, that our now seemingly all caring leadership suddenly expresses for us often follows on the backside of the very contempt displayed in their own soulless prattling regarding yet the opposite one of our apparent overpopulation or fault in the reported destruction of the environment of which they too wish to champion! Funny as it is when looking closer, it is often the corporations or the countries that spout out the loudest for environmental changes are the same who have contributed the most to the actual pollutant so-called disasters? 

As we have examined in the Body, Mind, and Spiritual examination of Health and the needed application of likewise considerations towards handling these now realized attacks, the common participant that seems to arise is the lie when the Systems given a description of the said attack is then subtly but uniformly transmuted into something we have become rather than something we should overcome?

Be-Come looking at the very word it would seem to indicate a sort of desire to “Be” something we are not or at least not yet, and then an attributed desire to “Come” or go towards this destination or objective as an ultimate goal? But in the case of any attack, plagues, sickness, or affliction, all basically variations names for the same thing, one would assume that nobody in their right mind would desire to transform themselves into something that is actually harmful to themselves, leaving only one conclusion; that desire for harm is from someone or something outside the individual being afflicted?

In the Word of God; we are called to be overcomers of all attacks and challenges of the enemy for God, thus if any afflictions regardless of perspective energetic origin, The Father Himself would have us “Over”-“Come!”

With Nicholas Veniamin

We are instructed to go over it like a hurdle or a crack in the sidewalk! More on that in a minute, but as we further examine these assignments perspective is always important to understand and to overcome these seemingly overwhelming barriers otherwise depending on the perspective they seem so vast and impossible the logical assumption from the inexperienced child is often to give up without even trying to “Overcome” especially when the order or destination of the coming event is to “Be” and not get “Over?”

We have heard now for almost a year the vast discrepancies, reported exaggerated numbers, flat out lies, and almost maniacal obsession with all the governments of the world, especially certain more leaning liberal ones, as well as the largest corporations, mass media, educational, and food distributional, and entertainment industries including all iconic athletic pillars of our worldwide communities regarding the need for us all to not only practice mouth and nose masking as well as social isolation procedures but an almost pathological and I may add aggressive desire to force us all into an obedient line to receive a vaccination for an illness that has for the vast majority of worlds population a nearly one hundred percent recovery rate, that is when the patient is not having a ventilator shoved down their throat regardless if they have obstructions or not?

One would venture to say, aside from the absolute fact that the same corporate giants own net worths doubled and in some cases quadrupled in merely the few short months of the lockdowns, shutdowns, and scamdemic otherwise perpetuate the exact opposite on the rest of society, it would seem that these pillars of community service ideology have suddenly decided that their main concern was for the rest of our health? This explains why the strip clubs in California decided to give free table dances for anyone who received the jab, or what was the other my wife recently told me about; “A donut a day for free if you got the jab, marijuana cigarettes or other scams to get the sheeple to submit?” It sure is good to realize the strippers care so much for the rest of us that they would work for free just to make sure we stay safe?

I understand the choice, I even understand a desire to so-called help your fellow man like our pillar “donut-producers” are doing, but when elderly are lined up and forced to take it under threat of being tossed out of their nursing homes, or worse refused hospital care for afflictions that have absolutely nothing to do with respiratory illnesses. But people being threatened, refusal to visit spouses in the hospital if they don’t receive it, children being forced to revive it without the parent’s direct knowledge or consent, even threatening to go door to do and if parents refuse to receive the jab themselves their children being taken from them, how can any sane person believe the corporate and governmental Bureaucrats behind this really want their well being when making such threats or implementing even in theory such procedures? 

There can only be one conclusion drawn from the scenarios when we examine it from a Body, Mind, and Spiritual perspective; the physical benefits don’t match the known risks and understood toxic dangers associated with the already known ingredients of the jabs. On an experiential or Mind awareness exam as well, the already multitude of contra-indications and in many cases lethal side effects on people who have a zero chance of lethal effects from the very virus this injection is supposedly promised to thwart, the numbers just don’t add up. 

But from the spiritual perspective, it makes perfect sense; there is definitely a malevolent dark spiritual objective behind all of this so-called health push that has in its sights the most vulnerable the elderly, the most innocent the children, and even a desire to now vaccinate pregnant women, any idiot regardless of what so-called lofty educated doctor or basic broom pushing med aid, knows pregnant women had to avoid completely the vast majority of medicines unless proven completely safe for the fetus by their OB/GYN, and the medical treatment providers as a whole, my own physical therapy included, were always educated and literally drilled into them the absolute contraindication of pregnancy for almost every outward-directed inward stimulus, electrical, ultra-sound, or chemical delivery procedure, regardless of what part of the body, only allowing the most basic exercises or postural relieving techniques to be applied. Even massages had to be done in the most cautious manner and some forms of reflexology were prohibited altogether.

So again why the sudden absolute concern for someone’s heath they would so blatantly disregard even the most rudimentary safety precautions if they didn’t have some other goal in mind, not one of Overcoming the virus, but one of Becoming something else?

The Curse and the Crack in the Sidewalk Analogy?

So let us examine the classic crack in the sidewalk as an affliction or pandemic, that our all caring and I might add Eugenic’s desiring leaders have suddenly placed our attention onto?

We are told it is a virus that this deadly worldwide plague potentially could kill millions, yet again the numbers of deaths in 2020 did not even match the totals from 2019, and the flu numbers were almost identical to those now being reported to COVID. As a matter of fact, the normal deaths to heart disease, other also supposedly lethal affliction such as cancer, overdose, even old age suddenly fell worldwide to nearly zero, yet the so-called COVID numbers raised almost in equal proportions to the falling previous reported mortality numbers. Praise God it’s a miracle COVID cured cancer, heart disease, the flu, and old age! 

So what does a crack in the sidewalk have to do with COVID? 

Well if you are a virus and are standing on the edge of the crack looking across to the other side, that crack would look like the grand canyon, so from the perspective of the virus or from its point of view the crack seems insurmountable, uncrossable, and almost unfathomable barrier to in no way overcome but accept as merely here to observe and live with? There is no way you are jumping the thing, there is no path down, not to mention the obvious fear of heights these cliffs demonstrate, and no friggen donkey to carry you down and to the other side, no virus size donkeys to save the day?

Oops, what this a glass of cat piss, formaldehyde, mercury, and carbon particles, with a sticker on it; “Drink this and the canyon will disappear!” signed your trusted and all-knowing corporate giants, absolute trustworthy politicians, known Hollywood compassionate philanthropists, and endearing as well as selfless athletes!

From the virus’s standpoint, or from the perspective we have decided to take, one of a virus’s viewpoints, the crack is an impossible barrier. But what if it turns out to be a lie, what if the grand canyon before us is no canyon at all but merely a crack in the cement, one we can overcome as simply as merely stepping over, sliding our feet over, crawling over, or even roll over as easily as one would roll over from one side of the bed to the other? In other words, laugh at the ridiculousness of the crack nonsense and just move on with our lives?

We wait a minute what about the poor elderly who can’t even roll from one side to another or the baby who is still in the womb and has no choice but has to endure the crack charade and thus is forced to drink the cat piss tea sitting there?

An interesting thing about curses, in order for them to work it is vital the person who is the victim of the curse must be deserving of the aggression, this comes right out of the “witches war manual of curses, spiritual conjuring, and black magic” or in  other words; “woe unto them that try to place a curse upon an innocent, for the curse will be reflected back unto those who cast it resulting in a much more horrific and lethally devastation result.” They basically get ripped to pieces when their spells don’t work!

If that’s the case, then why would a baby ever be at risk? It is unfortunate that children and others who are under the responsibility of other people, elderly, sick or afflicted, incapacitated, are under the responsibility of these others who then decide through their own actions and choices the physical consequences of the child at least until it comes to the age off accountability for its own choices. Cat piss is no exception, if a parent decides to give the child rat poison one spoon at a time the child takes it because he or she supposes that said dumb ass parent loves them and would never be so stupid as to wish them harm, regardless if they want to take a vacation to Disneyland or not and the only way is to take a drink of Cat piss.

But what does the Bible, aka God say about those who have fallen inadvertently into the grip of the enemy? Those who willfully chose by active participation or casual observation such as would be witnessed in ritual sacrifice, as is often been speculated and now more and more comes to light these recent days, witches, warlocks, priests, priestesses, high or low regardless of status, all seem to have to participate in some fashion in the blood sacrifice of children, blood-drinking, flesh-eating or the like, whether directly or through support lending aid to the perpetuation of the system that facilitates this atrocity against humanity, the capture, transport, promotion, cover-up, or financial profiteering of said system.

As I have stated in earlier articles and will not venture into now, other than to further illuminate the fact that active participation seems to have a direct and distinct physiological effect that is demonstrated both on the face and or on the hands of people who actively engage in these ritualistic performances and it already has been scientifically concluded without a doubt, that a detectable and clearly morphological change takes place on the cellular level, one that not only leads to symptoms of insanity but one that is irreversible and lethal if the same ritual addictions are not continued. This would without a doubt add an experiential component that plays with the mind in a diabolical manner?

But the spiritual component that too seems to be at play here, especially when we are talking about the willing consent, or in some cases the unwilling consent as would be demonstrated in people being forced against their will to participate in rituals that clearly are not for their own good but merely to feed the lusts and evils desires of some demon. These people who have fallen victim are in essence killed because they are good, or children of people who have chosen God, directly if not now consequentially in their path through this time.

Is it much different than the many first-century Christians who were taken and then fed to the lions or slaughtered by the sword as entertainment for cheering crowds in the Roman Coliseums? These people for no other reason than because of their choice to follow God were put to death, making them basically Martyrs for Christ, they did not willfully sacrifice themselves for personal gain, not even by active choice find themselves in this pickle, but pay with their lives all the same.

Today we have seen many scenarios where people are being forced against their will, tricked, or deceived to participate in all forms of self-destructive practices, and if the reports are true, we don’t have to go any further than the good old McDonald hamburger to find instances where human flesh has been leached into our food against our consent, knowledge, or social advantage, but merely for the purpose of an attempted curse which may or may not have had the intent to facilitate the same morphological changes at the cellular levels that were stated above. Maybe the powers to be felt that having to actually pay something for this burger fest eliminated their own reciprocal response for cursing the innocent. Maybe that is why we always have to pay something even the most fractional co-pay or get something in return like a table dance at a strip club, to activate, at least in their minds the curses potential? 

This all may be true, and the substantiated by the overwhelming display of circumstantial evidence could hardly speak to the contrary that is unless a person just believes in such outlandish coincidences as to think its all just bay chance these facts show up, like a person with as low of public support and lackadaisical emotional following as our illustrious sitting fake president could have mustered the largest voter turn out in history and an unprecedented 130% turnout of voters in many swing states throughout the country. And if you believe that one is right, I have some water rights I’d like to sell you on the moon?

So if we are to believe in the Quantum Ascension Medicine a few have speculated exists, and even fewer have dared to talk about other than the hidden thousands of cures, and hidden technology med beds that may or may not be on the cusp of being rolled out, then one must assume that the only way such technology could or would possibly benefit a person would be if said individual was willing to disengage from the perspective of the virus standing at the edge of the crack and realize we are actually children created in the image of God, designed and destined to see the crack as it really is, nothing more than a distraction a lie, and a charade, one which is intended push our face to the cement and make us look at it close up regardless if we want to or not?

From the air, from even a child’s standpoint cracks in the cement are at best funny little novelties that can’t hurt anyone except those who have chosen themselves buy into, actively participate, or propagate the said horror of the world, the great grand canyon of a small crack that will swallow us all up. 

Realizing this fact is the first step in neutralizing the lie of the ever-dooming and dark plot of the Deep Stank Crack scamdemic. If people have been against their will, forced, or deceived into taking a poisonous anything jab, burger, or glass of water with a curse placed on it, placing our attention, knowing the Truth, spreading this truth to others, or praying to God this truth will be revealed is all that is necessary to counter the curse aspects of these plots, thus driving out the darkness and its malevolent shadows leaving merely the inert God created aftermath to the attacks to be further cleaned up by whatever means necessary whether, sound and spoken word, beautiful light of Gods heavenly creation, water, and its cleansing as well as garden stimulating effects, or any or all of the above wrapped up into a new technology med bed delivery system designed to bring into us ascended souls all of these rich God-given energies for facilitate the promises God has already given each of us, and that is to be “Overcomers.”

Of course, God isn’t mocked, knowing that one day we might just be able to lay down in a med bed and the curse, as well as the poisons of the McDonald hamburger jab, will be dissipated, so why not take the jab today and cash in on the marijuana cigarette and get our stripper lap dance, party, party, party? You step into that pigpen and lay your sacrifice at the feet of satan today, with the hope of asking forgiveness tomorrow, hay it’s your ass, but me I don’t play Russian roulette with the devil. I leave that to the politicians!

By Peter Colla

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You can also write me directly at to purchase a signed copy of either book directly from us, or any other questions regarding spiritual based therapies and healing.

Bless You

Peter and Anna

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“Truthers?” The Thankless Job Or Is It? For Where You Place Your Treasures, There Your Heart Will Be Also

“Truthers?” The Thankless Job Or Is It? For Where You Place Your Treasures, There Your Heart Will Be Also

I had the honor to talk with one of my new dearest friends and world-renowned Truther David Nino Rodriguez, just yesterday and made the casual statement; “You do realize one hundred years from now they won’t remember you for your boxing but for your freedom fighter work!” 

A similar statement made by Juan O’ Saven only the week before regarding “fifty years from now our grandchildren will not be asking us about what we did for work or what car we drove, but what was it like living through the greatest war, the war to end all wars, the War Between Good and Evil, and specifically what role did we each play in this war?”

Does anyone hardly know what Paul Revere or William Wallace did before they fought for their people, and was it not for Hollywood’s own twist on these figures we would hardly know their names? Gandhi, Davy Crocket, Daniel Boone, St Francis, Juan O’ Savin? 

Countless Medal of Honor winners who sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and in many cases such as WWI and II, the freedom of people half a planet away, would step up, stick their necks out, without any thought of recognition, pay, or often even the courtesy of a “thank you,” just to be brushed aside after lending a much needed helping hand, ignored by the very people they so desperately helped only moments before.

Nino’s Insiders

Hope many Truthers, Patriots, have laid their entire lives at risk to speak truths against the matrix of the “System,” just to face ridicule, slander, finances ripped from them in unjust prosecution, lost spouses, alienated from their families, falsely imprisoned, their homes or other gifts given them by God stolen, their entire livelihoods, brothers and sisters, children taken, farms… all because they chose the truth instead of going along with the lies!

I look around me, seeing these freedom fighters of today; people like Lynne Woods, Sidney Powel, Mike Lindell, Jim Caviezel, Mel Gibson, David Nino, Juan, Charley, Mel, Cirsten, Jaco, President Trump, General Flynn, people who have nothing to gain by sticking their head out and fighting for what’s right only risk reprisal, risking ridicule, attack, and even in some extreme cases death, what for a few more likes on a video? 

Wake up people that’s not why they do it. 

Spiritual Therapies With Peter & Anna Colla

“Yes,” Jesus replied, “and I assure you that everyone who has given up house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or property, for my sake and for the Good News, who will not receive a hundredfold now in this time, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with persecutions, and in the age to come eternal life.”

Thirty-five years ago, I entered the medical practice in physical medicine, and while it did make me a decent, comfortable, as well as safe living, there was something else, I began to see it as a manor in which I could maybe help someone a little more than just delivering a standard package of heath treatment for a dollar? 

Maybe try, in what limited education I had prior, to actually help people in need but I gradually realized as the years went on, and things slowly changed, this desire was not shared by the very systems that had arisen in the leadership and decision making capacity of our systems ruling over the largest corporate factions of my industry, specifically medicine, but when we actually looked at it from a higher perspective, pretty much every industry and system of the world demonstrated this same degradation.

Where they’re no large companies, systems, even individuals of Noble thought left? Did they all throw the downtrodden under the bus merely to cross the road and pick up those thirty pieces of silver?

Interestingly enough in my own experience, when I merely began to incorporate God back into the treatment regiment, in any way possible, it was at this very exact moment that attacks would ensue, seemingly from unknown and unrelated sources, first as distractions, but later with direct and proclaimed purpose and that was to stop me from treating people. 

The people themselves often unaware of these attacks would come in receive their prescribed and I may add approved therapeutic fast food burgers and with it any and all insights, extras, or additional gifts freely given to me, as I passed them now onto others either in the form of direct contact or threw written accounts.

So often, as it is with people who are hurting, they have little attention in the immediate surrounding environment because they are so fixated on their own little toe, attacks outside their direct attention go on unnoticed and are hardly discussed, until perhaps years later when you run into them now again and they ask; “why did you close your office, it helped me so much?” How do you tell them that while you were helping them, the enemy was slowly demolishing your business and building through its own toxic attack right in front of their eyes?

How many people have you helped and they never bothered to come in ever even to say thank you or let you know if it helped or not?

I recall one man who came into my office and begged me to help him with his issues after being treated for Cancer…..

Thank you for calling me a friend!

You are bringing on a spiritual revolution… 

Standing up against the entire system as you are doing and I have tried to do in health… it’s a thankless job!

People, only realize what differences you have made in their lives long after the effects of these spiritual curses have subsided?

They may remember your efforts years later but will hardly take the time to seek you out and even thank you?

Jesus himself marveled at the one man who took the time to turn around and thank him … from what millions he healed?

Every life you help in God’s mind is a universe, and when you are tired brother and angry at all the attacks, you will have me to remind you how oh so much you are doing!

You are bringing on a spiritual revolution… 

Standing up against the entire system as you are doing and I have tried to do in health… it’s a thankless job!

Do people only realize what differences you have made in their lives long after the effects of these spiritual curses have subsided?

They may remember your efforts years later but will hardly take the time to seek you out and even thank you?

Jesus himself marveled at the one man who took the time to turn around and thank him … from what millions he healed?

I remember a Muslim woman…healed with a mere silent prayer in the name of Jesus.

Every life you help in God’s mind is a universe, and when you are tired brother and angry at all the attacks, you will have me to remind you how oh so much you are doing!

“Go and announce to them that the Kingdom of Heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received! Heal the sick, raise the dead, cure those with leprosy, and cast out demons. Give as freely as you have received! Don’t carry a traveler’s bag with a change of clothes and sandals or even a walking stick. Don’t hesitate to accept hospitality, because those who work deserve to be fed.”

“Whenever you enter a city or village, search for a worthy person and stay in his home until you leave town. When you enter the home, give it your blessing. If it turns out to be a worthy home, let your blessing stand; if it is not, take back the blessing.If any household or town refuses to welcome you or listen to your message, shake its dust from your feet as you leave. I tell you the truth, the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah will be better off than such a town on the judgment day.”

Over the course of time, the once-great nation of the children of God slipped into comfortable servitude. Those among them who they had chosen to lead, sold their own people into slavery to a foreign ruler who had no interest in the wellbeing of the people, no love, no compassion, but merely a desire to control and enslave for the purposes of its own gains. So dark was the contempt of the great Pharos for the children they enslaved, that when he was done with them extracting what little labor he could from their lives, death was his salutation. 

But God heard the cries of the children, not those who dwelled upon the land, for they were too busy in their daily herding and coercing through the pig-pens provided by their captors to even realize they had long been enslaved? No, God heard the cries of the children who had been taken, brutally used, abused, tormented without mercy, caged like animals, and slaughtered like white rabbits by the merciless wolves that have arisen among them.

While others, even their parents had forgotten them, God heard these little ones’ cries. 

Among the once-great peoples of God arose a leader one who vowed with his first breath to free the children from the cages, destroy the system that perpetuated the crime against humanity, and bring the traitors to justice. 

Mighty was he, strong, faithful, not in the men who surrounded him, for while these might bolster words of strength, their hearts lacked the conviction to press on when wilderness and doubt calls? This mighty leader’s faith relied on the One who called him in the first place, the Creator of all, the only One who has the power and ability to overcome the many Pharos who have now seated themselves above all the rest of the people.

Many miracles have occurred, any of which God alone could orchestrate, fabricate and facilitate with such perfect masterpiece the words necessary to harmonically reverberate throughout the entire world bringing these dark powers who have ruled us so long finally to their knees. 

What a symphony in the supernatural it must be, this plan needing to route them out, while at the same time remove from them their power, but let us not forget why God is doing it in the first place; to free all the children who are in the cages tormented, and forgotten! 

For such a plan to work, to find every hidden caged child, a vast and stealth plan must be formulated, one that must strike over the whole land, the whole world, all at once with such precision and surprise that the rest do not know they are being hit until literally, the sword is at every one of these devil’s throats. Leave any of them to realize their world of power, lust for blood, and control has ended and they would have no qualms about slaughtering what children they still have access to before falling themselves.

Every child’s life is worth more than all the inconvenience or physical suffering the people slaving still on the surface must endure as the People are being still seemingly clutched in the grip and control of Pharos.

But there is the great leader, this Moses-like man who God called still leading the rest of the people, who sit around mewling and complaining because everything they hear, and the lies they are being fed don’t support the freedom and victory they all know they already have acquired.

Oh, how tiring it must have been for Moses himself knowing he had received an anointing from God the Creator of all. Watching the people complain between miracles, they even get to see the Red Sea divide, for God’s sake, check that; “for their sake,” and yet they complain? 

Of course, there were the Amalekites, the people who plagued the Children of God as they left Egypt marching forward to the promises God had for them yet unknown. Those bastards had their own particular way of attacking the people as they passed through. They wouldn’t fight straight on man against man, no, they enjoyed watching from the bushes waiting for the elderly, the sick or weak to fall a little behind, the children, they seem to love hunting the children, and when one would wonder just a little too far from the group, they would pounce on them! Always about the children!

So here we find Moses again trying to rally the tro0p’s, God himself tells him; go out and slaughter these baby killers! Moses by now has dozens of miracles under his belt, you would think the faith of the people behind him, standing on the hill holding up his hands telling the people “Go out there and take the victory God has already promised you, shown you, created for you,” would be enough to send them out with unaltered and unwavering faith? Remember these are the same people who got to see the plagues, the Parting of the sea, the Pillars of Fire.

What did they do, these pillars of faith, loyal supports, so-called warriors of people, they doubt the minute they saw their leader on the hill drop his arms a little? Moses, who as we remember was sent by God, after putting up with all the bellyaching, insults, doubting, and wailing of those who slandered him constantly with their complaining; looks out and when his arms are up they are winning, when they drop they are losing? 

Who’s to blame here Moses, by this time he must have easily been in his seventies, standing there for hours having to hold up his arms? Maybe God, oh it has to be His fault, why not just wipe the Amalekites out Himself, why inconvenience the poor warriors, who have to again get off their butts and do something?

It is these so-called warriors of faith, the weekend warriors, who talk a big talk, but when it’s time to stand when our leader is tired they sit silently just waiting for the next meal dropped off in the feed troth by a laughing Pharos. If they really had faith they wouldn’t need to look back to see if their leader was lifting up his arms to know God told them to go, then go!

These patriots call themselves this lofty title when the President seems to be winning, but the minute his arms go down so goes their courage!

Last night I went to dinner invite in Phoenix and had a chance to meet Sidney Powell and Patrick Byrne who were in town filming a documentary about the recent voter fraud that occurred with our last election. True Patriots who are not willing to give up on Truth.

I, like pretty everyone I know, has come to the conclusion that President Trump really received over 85% of the vote, but through massive fraud, foreign interference, and theft this fact was stolen and later even denied by the very system that perpetuated the steal in the first place. This theft by the same people who not only want to control and enslave every one of us in this country and worldwide, but also have for generations stolen our children for their satanic lusts for blood.

What amazed and angered me was the statement that our Great President has gotten tired. He is tired of being betrayed by everyone around him, even the courts, who, by the way, are paid and represent us, refusing to even look at the cases of fraud, this has somehow worn down our President where he has given up?

Bullshit! He hasn’t given up, any more than someone can say God has given up?

No, you know who is giving up, all these so-called patriotic warriors.

How can we stand here, knowing that 85% of our brothers and sisters voted for President Trump, just to have a few cry babies in the media or in politics say; “We don’t care, we want control, and we are going to take it! We have the best thieves China and Iran can buy, so just take it and you can try again next election!”

I don’t know about you, but when I was young and I heard someone, maybe a bully, came into the neighborhood and stole something from us, we stood up decided we weren’t going to just let them have it, go out and take it back. And if they were lucky we wouldn’t throw them a beating for taking it in the first place!

Next election they say? You let the bully get his way this time, knowing we know he stole it, there won’t be another election. They say let’s impeach or re-call them? Do you think the same people who rigged the system in the first place, who now suddenly have control, will all of a sudden allow a fair re-call vote? You believe that you are stupider than Biden’s speechwriter. The bully will rig it in such a way that no election is possible!

We the people already spoke! My wife and I are simple medical people who try to help people in a system that seems rigged to hurt them, we voted in Arizona, we voted for President Trump. Every person we knew, every person we spoke to, all across the city, in every conceivable social group was a Trump supporter with exception of only a very small fraction of CNN Trump haters.  Hundreds of people in my own little poll for Trump, only a small fraction said otherwise, young, old, black, white, rich, poor, it didn’t matter all on fire for our President and eager to show it. Yet somehow on election night here in Arizona, they are already calling for Biden long before the ballets close?


Then to hear our own Arizona judges refuse to audit or allow examination of these fraudulent machines. They refuse to allow examinations of the so-called mail-in ballots! Who are these traitors, these thieves that think they can steal and then just deny us to even examine our own votes, this is America, not some third-world back alley dictatorship?

President Trump is our President, you know it, I know it and eighty-five percent of the American people of this country know it. I don’t give a shit if that pisses off a few Liberal or Pino’s (Patriots in name only) in Hollywood or at CNN.

If President Trump’s arms are getting tired, can you blame him, then someone needs to step up and hold them up for him?

If he can’t find anyone close give me a call, I’ll jump in my truck and drive across this country, and do it myself if he was to ask, or God tells me to?

But as for my Brothers and Sisters, the time of this bullshit mask charade is over; we all know the COVID scam is nothing, the masks do nothing, it’s all about obedience! As I said I am a medical provider, I’ve treated dozens who so-called had COVID and not one had a symptom above a common sniffle. Anybody and everybody in the business knows the numbers are fake, cause co-morbidities, or outright lies, to justify mail-in balloting. 

Donald Trump was elected our President, he was and is anointed by God to lead us to freedom, and free those poor children captured by these witches and demons. 

Every one of these Jackasses that support this Treason, this horrendous blood-drinking sub-culture needs to be exposed, pulled out into the street, and tried for treason and crimes against humanity. And if the media won’t state this fact, we need to get a new one who is willing, to tell the truth instead of making it up to suit themselves. 

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Jesus said it, not me.

By Peter Colla

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Juan O Saven’s On Nino!!! To the Canvas; “Deep Stank Narcissism, Spiritual Knockout”

Spiritual Therapies with Peter & Anna Colla

Juan O Saven’s On Nino!!! To the Canvas; “Deep Stank Narcissism, Spiritual Knockout” 

Or How To Take The Head Off That Jezebel Worshiping, Dark Hole, Control Freak Witch Bitches, with Spiritual Enlightenment!

Is our country become ruled by narcissists, want-a-be king shits, they think they are AI, but probably more below average “I,” dark spirited energy suckers? 

David Nino Rodriguez w Juan

Heaven help the man, or woman for that matter, who has inadvertently fallen within its icy black fingered grip, the gravitational pull of its ass, or the subtle spell of one or another silky thread of webs of black widows curse these selfish dark holes perpetrate against anyone who comes within the perceived orbit of the rest of the universe that happens to spin around the center of the known galaxy basically themselves! Nowhere in nature do we see such an obsession with self, an utter and complete disregard for the wellbeing of anything around that happens to not be themselves, or the stunningly destructive perpetuations of these entities on everything around including themselves, as they toddle through space guzzling up everything they place their eyes on or happen to bite onto their dirty mouths to, well nothing except maybe the ominous black hole itself? 

Quite an anomaly of more recent construct, these children with their overindulging parents, rescuing them from every possible challenge, short of walking to the food troth, relieving then of every confrontation even the unbearable burden of having to ever say they are sorry, just to slowly gobble up everything in their path, turning promptly into an energy-sucking inwardly constricting vibration reducer, all attention needing, ever constricting, concentrating, and I might add growing, selfish ball of increasingly rapidly swirling idol worshiping or self, until only the dark hunger of never satisfied hatred remains and the entity descends into the nothingness of absolute absence of anything God has created.

As I said earlier, and have made more than one correlation in my writing Quantum Ascension the phenomenon of the theorized Dark Hole is not all too different in perspective or description when comparing an entity in nature to one demonstrated in the physical. As for my readers, I will at the end of this article read from the chapter of the Dark Hole not so much from the Quantum Physical description or event he Astrophysical theorizations that make up the phenomenon whether real or not, but one thing is for sure the dark spirit that more than the rest seems to perpetuate the image we see both in the narcissist and in the physical black hole is none other than the demon spirit Jezebel. 

Understanding the nature of the Black Hole does give light to the nature of vibrational resonance occurring in our own human representational universes. 

But first, let us dissect the evil spirit of Jezebel 

Why do I make this correlation? In the health arena sicknesses especially those with frightening names; today Ebola , Aids,  COVID, Cancer, years ago Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Wild Bill’s Pistols,

Heart attacks used to bring in those types of scares, but with the recent, and I mean the last twenty years of heart hearth the scare is all but run out of it? 


So as it is in the human experience, the same patterns of creation repeat themselves not only within the universe of our own existence but also in the greater cosmic universe. Micro, Meso, and Macro; extremely small those too small to see, our size visible to us in proportions, or infinitely large size those too large to be seen. All these structures seem to reflect within their base building parts patterns and similarities that appear to reflect a common matrix and certainly give credence to a common Creator demonstrating a uniform base structure, one that has universal rudimentary physical laws that govern them all.

Atoms in the micro resemble solar systems in the macro, clusters, and galaxies could be clusters of atoms which in their own associations form only recently discovered systems between stars perhaps throughout the entire known universe. Hurricanes resemble galaxies, sun rays are warming while the light of the moon cools, babies when first created smell perfect, and butterflies can flap their wings on this side of the planet while causing a hurricane thousands of miles away. The perplexities of this majestic creation are nearly as unfathomable as it is remarkable.

Nowhere is this ever so evident as in the hypothesis and description of the anomaly of a Black Hole. As we have discussed in earlier writings the distances between the actual physical particles, at least those we can physically detect and measure are vast compared to their relative size, leaving science with the realization that the majority of space even within our own physical bodies is for the most part empty space.

Without getting into too much of the actual astrophysical description of a stellar black hole, it is commonly believed and taught that when a star of much greater density than our own sun burns up a key part of its available fuel, a resulting collapse upon itself can occur when by its own sheer gravitational density the sheer weight of this accumulation surpasses the ability of the star to explode in what most stars find as their fate into supernovas, and the result is a crashing into itself rupturing the very barriers of creation and the atomic structure itself resulting into the ultimate formation of a black hole.

Without getting into too much astrophysics we will bring to the attention into the Macro sighting simple differences between supernovas and black holes being; supernovas at the end of a stars life explode outward into vast newly formed gasses and elements (the products of their life as a star) that then go on to form other more complex systems, many more stars, and possible life. The black hole on the other hand is a product of a life of a star that held onto too much material perhaps stolen from other stars, either way, hoarded vast amounts of physical energetic materials, and when its life finally comes to an end a collapse upon itself into a selfish constriction to the absolute void of nonexistence, death, and timelessness occurs.

The process or the mathematics of this theoretical anomaly, and I do say theoretically because while the presence of a black hole can be observed, it is not the actual black hole that is being seen, but the effect the anomaly has on the surrounding environment that has led scientists to believe they not only observe them but also study them. It is these effects that the black hole has on the surroundings that I am correlating to the study we are discussing here. 

A black hole is an ever-hungry pit of darkness that only sucks everything in and rarely generates anything except possible destruction in return. Everything that falls within its grasp is sucked down to what has been called the Continuum, whereby nothing of reality can exist. All physical matter is so compressed by the sheer force of the gravity this glutinous entity emits that matter itself is compressed into such a small insignificant point that it is theorized that there may be absolutely no distance even between the singular pieces of raw energy, capturing and then suffocating any and all physical energy even light into a single infinitely small space, the waves of sound like energy literally cease to move and thus die.

A sort of depression of energy plays out in an ever-spinning to an absolute dark lifeless center point which could only be described in the most philosophical manner as the opposite of ascension or as we have coined descension. 

For the purpose of our discussion, I would like to make a correlation between the anomaly of a black hole and pure evil that can occur in the hearts of some truly evil people. 

It is the belief of this author that when God banished the enemy “satan” or “Lucifer” from his presence he stripped him of everything that would be considered Godly; Light, Love, Peace, Joy, Mercy, anything good. If we assume as God created the physical universe and called all of His creation in their turn; “Good,” then likewise everything physical was removed from evil leaving only the spiritual essence of it to dwell in darkness. 

The positive emotions or actions such as Truth, Kindness, Compassion, Wisdom, all come from God and thus fall outside the access of spiritually dark creatures who by nature must flee from anything Godly especially light when it is engaged. As for the creatures who dwell the closest to this absolute darkness all essences of these spirit anomalies as well become physically nonexistent, within their own individual universes, their souls home God gave them envelope ever-darkening shades accumulations until the resulting death collapse occurs.

Thus, also the necessity to articulate in negative Anti-God emotional or energetic endeavors such as fear, torture, slander, lies or deceit, because if these poor creatures with their very existence are doomed to flee from God it is only within these remaining shadows that any kind of existence can be realized.  Falling prey to these emotions does a sort of Quantum descending or “Descension” occur? In the world of our direct view, we see similar patterns play out in the relationships and interactions of the souls who are privileged to observe.

As the bird or any number of other unseen assailants suddenly attack from the unrealized sky, seemingly touch out of nowhere, scare or startle our young caterpillar, the initials response is to coil up in a ball, a desperate attempt to hold and protect any and all private parts from attack, and play dead. The only problem is we all know that snowballs always roll downhill, any upward momentum is suddenly and drastically lost as the grip on the present level of ascension is lost and a sudden and possible painful fall to the hard unyielding ground awaits.

This sudden, and often repeated fall due to an unexpected and unseen attacking flying spirits from the sky, have a drastic and possible permanent negative effect on our young adventurer’s soul. The soul being different than the spirit is the accumulation of the entire life experience in this crawling life and the next one of flight. This repeated face planting, the unmistakable injection of negative energies, malevolent energy that seems to counters any positive long-term progression that might be remembered, results in such a slow and gradual slope of reality one can almost forget they are supposed to be climbing in the first place.

But now back to the black hole; as I have stated earlier it is my supposition that we are all universes in ourselves, entire galaxies and trillions of star systems that harmoniously cooperate in this wonderful creation our dear Lord has seen fit to create into each and every one our singular lives, good and evil must be demonstrated clearly each as pigments presented in the painting to give the observer a clear depiction of the painting before them. For he did say Himself; “For I knew you, even before the first star was in the sky, or drop of water appeared in the sea.” This in itself would support the fact that we have always been here and we are, in the likeness of our Creator immortal beings. This fact I too will touch upon a little later in the book.  

So as entities of the like of trillions of star systems there is a part of us that represents the very heart of our living soul. In the physical universe, it has been stipulated that at the center of the largest galaxies reside in its center a black hole. I myself have not seen evidence that this is true, and since these same scientists can merely hypothesize about it, without actually basing it on observed data, I will assume that in some cases, this may be true, and perhaps in other cases it may not be. Perhaps in some cases, a large cluster of stars so bright and correspondingly massive, their combined accumulated forces drive the engines of large galaxies, yet in others, these driving factors are in fact dark and ominous. 

Even in our own larger social and national structures, it is easy to see when governments are controlled by good leaders, their people and the land thrives, yet when it is clear that evil reins destruction and death soon prevail. I believe when we cross-correlate what occurs in human beings the same can be said in the Meso; some people have brightness inside them that is so evident that it radiates literally out of their eyes. He also said; “The eyes are a lamp to the soul.”

Likewise, people who have chosen darker paths for their lives also demonstrate more sinister and dark eyes, the worse of these even seem to lose the whiteness that surrounds as the physical begins to mimic the spiritual resulting in the eyes revealing an almost spiritual snake-like slit of darkness where their eyes should be.

I have known people who have willingly taken on with what appears to be darkness in their hearts. As we look upon them with “Ascending Vision” it is apparent they almost have a small dark spot that seems to reside right in the middle of where their heart is. At first, this is the most insignificant of small spots, leaving the observer with the notion; “Is it there, do I actually see something or am I just imagining it, that shutter, or small crevasse that seems to be forming where their heart is supposed to be?”

But as more and more evil is poured into the black hole that resides in the center of their chest the larger and more profound it becomes and likewise, the hungrier this ever consuming, never satisfied lust is, always wanting more, increasingly depressed, never happy with what it has, falling, descending and headed for death!

One example, I can only imagine is that if it is fact, which all of the hidden evidence out there seems to state about the subject Adrenochrome; a substance derived from the torture and killing of innocent children among others. That when people start ingesting this substance they receive such an incredible “high” and seemingly physical benefits, that their desire to replicate that initial high immediately becomes so strong they cannot control themselves but must feed the dark black hole they have now invited into their being. Ever growing in the dosage, an ultimate and uncontrollably dark addiction,  drives them to continue to lay at the feet of the dark spirit everything and anything it may desire. 

The evil these people who engage in this ritual, who have freely sold their soul too, that dark spot that resides there now, is absolute, utter darkness and Anti-Christ; they must obey, they must sacrifice their very children or others they may have within their grasp, throw their brothers and sisters into the fire, sacrifice any innocent, even betray humanity itself, or die, irrelevant at what they believe is right, what it will cost, or who they must kill to do it.

I think feeding any kind of spirit that has control over a soul has the potential to manifest itself into a dark hole like entity, but truly sinister deeds perpetrated against the most innocent among us must risk crossing the line of “Sins against the Holy Spirit?” What purer spirits exist than those of newborn small children? Obviously, no light can reside in a person who would choose to partake in any fashion in such a ritualistic activity as drinking the blood of a traumatized child merely for whatever physical satisfaction or personal gain they may receive. 

I heard a lecture back in college from a converted ex-high priest of the satanic church who said when witches or warlocks, high priests, would engage in these ritual sacrifices, thereby the most coveted persons they would seek to acquire as victims would be the purest of heart. Of course innocent elderly, afterward children, eventually babies, and ultimately young virgin girls were among the most desirable because the pure essence of these spirits is that which these creatures wished to capture. But in cases of lack of supply; animals, rabbits, rats, even insects would be used if only to have something when better and more potent choices could not be found.

It was this high priest that said when they would capture and torture these poor victims, the essence of their purity could only be held for a short time in the compound or elemental structures they coveted, sold, traded, or desired, and thus they would have to continually search out more victims to feed the darkness they themselves served. 

Again everything under the sun is an example or tries to mimic that of another of God’s creations. Within the great power of the black hole with its almost infinite strength of greedy gravitational power, light is regularly ejected from its polls. As a matter of fact, the intensity of the light that is ejected from the polls regularly out of back holes is so intense that it is equal in strength at that moment to the combined output of all the stars in a galaxy or more. It is these ejections that scientists have used to at least demonstrate the existence of black holes at all.

Isn’t that true though; greedy selfish people, after they die are soon forgotten, but the lives of the good are often spoken of long after they have left leaving embellishing honor unto even their Descendents’ for many generations to follow? Many people would be proud, and even lift up a descendent of George Washington or John F. Kennedy, but few would even admit to being the descendent of a John Wilkes Booth or Manson.

Even the great power of the greedy black hole cannot hold onto the light, and after holding it for even a moment in time must release it into the vastness of space, pure light must leave the grasp of the dark foe and illuminate back into the vast heavens of God’s entire universe. Hawkins, Einstein, and many others who have the mathematical calculating capacity to work out the calculations of a black hole state undeniably that in this singularity even time ceases to exist? If on the Quantum level all energy is sound, if even the most rudimentary sound in the black hole is compressed to the slowest and ultimately single still moment the wavelength becomes zero, then the sound must cease to exist. 

If time ceases to exist, and energy stops moving, and all space between the halted moving energy disappears, then is it is not hard to fathom on a quantum level that when death occurs and this black hole effect likewise occurs, this vast world of evil compression down into nothing perpetuates a vanishing into the world of non-existence.

Ascension must win? If darkness only embodies the smallest most insignificant point of space, completely void of movement, remember physical energy on a quantum level is sound wave movements and time itself is the movement and measurement of these waves, then this negative energy can only reside in the shadows of walls of our homes God created us? This must be the case-in-point by the small remaining essences of dirt or darkness we bring in ourselves and veils the light to cast shadows of our own homes.

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As we ascend in our consciousness collectively and more and more individual universes of people brighten their reflections, shadows disappear from their own existence, and darkness fees leaving only the bright colored hues of the magnificent masterpiece God’s creation for all of us in the first place. Healing is from God within the same spectrum of light, love, peace, and joy, filter out the darkness, clean the filth off the walls and floors of our mansions leaving only the light to shine through as Ascension Truths are discovered, healing must occur. 

Bless You Patriots, Remnants, Brothers and Sisters,

By Peter Colla

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Hot News; “Ivory Has The Balls To Take On MSM Today w Nino!”

Ivory Hecker MSM Whistleblower on Nino’s Corner TV

Hot News; “Ivory Has The Balls To Take On MSM Today w Nino!”

Another Hot off the press report from the Spiritual Therapy Guy Peter Colla reporting in his somewhat sporadic side Sports Commentary News blog/video the ever exciting and often boxing ring-esque turpitudes our friend David Nino Rodriguez brings to our slumbering eyes, like some just north of the border, his Gladiator style reality news show, with all the vile and vigor one could hope for, under of course the watchful eyes of our all knowing mass marketing and social media’s executive ownership’s own big brother knows best censorship restrains, tries yet again and with first round knockout style delivery, I might add, dispensing to this world of ours; tidbits, a few rounds of ammo, and the occasional Right hook, yet again “Bang Zoom Your Going To The Moon Alice” is dished out to his ever so endearing crowd that have all the patience and self truth digging capability of the average frog slowly being bought to a boil in his little dish, or at least it would appear so when the Big Guy happens to bring in a guest who might not pan out in the entertaining or actual fight quality level they (meaning the fans) have so become accustom to expecting! 

Cry me a friggen river! 

It’s not like he can guarantee the quality, authenticity, or even level of actual fighter spirit prior to giving them a shot? You never know for sure, if a fighter, especially one who has little prior experience in the ring, are they going to turn out to be truly a phenom, give a good show, put out more than a few rounds of solid content, go the distance, even bring a few combo’s themselves into the fray with the “Hispanic Make You Panic?” being a true contender in this ever saturated somewhat “Watch The Watered-down” shit show we have out there handed us through the other news, views, Jackass CEO’s knows what’s best reporting programs?

Or are they just going to belly up, limp dick, whet noodle it, with skinny arms and even ridiculous prose, run around like a little school boy-girl eager to show off their new poke-a-dot undies until they can find a way out off the ring even faster than they got in? 

Or worse yet take a dive proving to everyone, at least to those who have an eye to see through the charade they construct, that an occasional fraud is really but plants for the Bod Guys who want nothing better than to discredit the whole friggen show Nino included! Like a turd hidden under the bed.

But we won’t let them my dear boxing, armchair observers, want-a-be Patriots, potential Light Walkers, we know the truth when we hear it and like Nino, they can throw in all their fish flopping wringers they want and it will not dismay us, we know “The Champ” is about truth and fights many battles for us we would love to have the guts to jump into ourselves, but seem to lack the bigger arms or hardened jaw to take a punch?

Yet thankfully so, Ivory was a display of astonishingly strong chin and an enduring full round capacity stamina, while maybe not big arms, quite slender to be assured, lacked nothing in her deliverance to bring once again a solid show to the canvas of fortitude, courage, and inspiration to the many others who have had to make their own similar choices. 

Some small but ever-increasing dramatic choices, where they used to be simple choices between simple good and bad, “should I continue to cheat this client or deny their benefits” knowing it is wrong? But the boss, even the industry as a whole seems to be leaning more and more to a sentiment of what is good for the company and increasingly less concern for the very constituents that fund it. What are we to do? A common question one Ivory makes known in her own early rounds of jabs and counter blocks. 

Spiritual Therapies With Peter and Anna Colla

As everyone or anyone who may have read my blogs, or happen to hear me speak with David and on my own newly created channel Spiritual Therapies w Peter & Anna Colla, will have come to realize by now, I can only speak from experience in the health care provider Great Coliseum arena of Gladiatorial performances which usually had all the spectacle or attractive interest of perhaps a single observer or at the most a few already beaten down participants, but one can assure this choosing between and right and wrong especially in the job site is not a recent manifestation but an ongoing circus act that while it never made it into even the smallest ring of the big tent, more like a little pony ride attraction, one sickly little droopy eyed pony out on the fringe of the great show, out of sight out of mind, as the system continued to throw a tip across its back and around, around it goes carrying some crying child far away from anyone to help or care, except of course those white faced clowns who seem to be always around planning, scheming when they can yet again take a bite of innocent flesh?

For me, the choice began almost as soon as the industry, the medical-big-pharma-insurance-driven, regulated, and controlled, finally seized, or at least bribed the politicians to grant these industries the right to buy the major share of all healthcare providing options about the mid to late ’80s into the ’90s. Regardless if we are speaking of hospitals, evaluation labs, pharmacies, healthcare providers, even doctors offices, control these they control the pricing, who cares if they raise prices, they just pay themselves one industry has reduced profits, raise prices for them, another is easily blamed for higher costs, they have their fall guy, blame the doctors they must be to blame they all drive expensive cars while still demanding your $40 co-pay?  

Why not, they have long controlled the education, research, even the very media controlled (controlled by their advertising dollars), control all the workers, if they don’t do what you tell them, simply fire them and hire others who will? 

Being told not to cover something you know was right, going against the big boss’s orders? You can thank God you were only being told to do that lately Ivory, I’ve had it shoved down my throat since the early nineties, long before Obama and his so-called “care” ever lifted its ugly head above the weeds ready to slither in and take complete control of an industry that was supposed to be for the betterment of the people who finance it in the first place. What was that oath exactly; “Do no harm?”

But when insurance industries limit the care, stall, or even deny care that we all know if held back will cause increased harm, it is not long before we have to choose over and over again to do it anyway, treat anyway, wait for auth, and not turn some suffering child way because his back is so sore he can’t even walk, let alone lift an air conditioner up a ladder onto a roof, earn a living, feed his kids. 

Choices, do we treat anyway, insurance doesn’t care, they just won’t pay, the patient can’t, he can barely pay his food and medication bills, with what they give him for worker comp. You’re the rich private practice owner, you can treat for free, why not it’s only one, then about a third of your patients, ultimately if you don’t do what we say, we (the big Obama Care system face that sits in front of the demon that drives the entire industry) will take away everything, all faith you might have in healthcare until you either bend a knee or die because you work for us remember?

Long after you lose your practice, they steal your equipment, can’t have you open up again somewhere else, and belittle you in the process, you try to bring a better way to help people, a nobler one, the way things used to be done, treating the cause and not just the injury, treating people like people, even offering to help other businesses teach the new therapist, nurses, doctors, options that not only will help many more people much more effectively, and faster, but will build your own businesses, practices, and reputations, drawing not only more people to your doors for care, but also like-minded health care providers who entered the field in the first place not merely for money but with the desire to actually help someone? 

But here again, it is their game, their rules, working for companies regardless of which sector of the industry, the bigger the companies the worse they are pressured, very quickly they are pressed with the decision as you were, do what we say and cut cost, cheat the patients, lie, steal, toss out who we tell you or suffer the consequences? Oh ya that guy who is trying to put God into the health scenario, I don’t care if he is helping people, have dozens of people finally finding health where there was only doom before, or has grown your business in staff, offices, reduced building costs, programs, done everything you have asked and then some, get rid of him or we will cut you off!

I have been hired by owners of large multi-state treatment organizations personally, asked specifically to incorporate God into the health care regiment, open offices, regain lost reputations as a company that cares for the patient above the dollar, grow, teach, recruit, merely to have the carpet yanked out from under me over and over again by one or another Rottweiler faced, ass-licking, little man complex, control freak, guard dog, who thinks because he might have once in his skinny arm life actually sat on the bench of a sport with real men, it now makes him qualified to lead, but unfortunate for our would-be God-inspired owner, the guard does, he thinks, works for him actually works for the system put there to guard him against doing anything they deem unacceptable?

Today we are just seeing an ever-increasing push to not only chose bad instead of good in the workplace but since evil has reared its ugly head now more than ever in every industry, mountain calling throughout the world, we are now placed more and more frequently, as Ivory was to choose now between doing Evil and good? Nowhere more than my own industry.

How many hospital staff members danced around like fat ass hippos in a clown show, parading like hero’s to the public when they know the not-so-busy and overrun hospitals are just sleeper cells of ghouls, waiting for another victim to falsely test. Then, when real people find out the truth the hospitals were ghost towns, serviced by this skeletal crew, as I quickly did, that anyone and almost everyone I knew, who worked in this were sent home, this led quickly to question in any rational healthcare providers mind; who and what is behind this charade?

The few misfortunates’ who happens to get the so-called positive test, which doesn’t take an Einstein to know is not a viable testing choice anyway, it even says it right on the box, but all of us so-called now “Oath-breakers” the oath to do no harm, have to move forward in this false positive, horrendous fatality and desperate need for a vaccine scam as if it is all true or risk losing our jobs?

Always a fucking Rottweiler in the mix! 

So often and more increasingly we seem to be brought to the point of needing to choose when to finally say no; when they order us to go along with their lie, business is business, let the buyer beware, all of that shit.

Do we wait until they make us ourselves buy-in, take the vaccines ourselves if we want to work in their hospitals or play on their team? Ok, we took the risk, now what, they are asking us to give them to others, put others in danger, give them to young children who we have long been told have little chance of even contracting these want-a-be plagues, or zero chance of dying, lie to the masses, even though we know that the products in these could kill them, are certainly toxic, but at the least dumb the people down, that they may have put in controls or other triggers that could combine with other chemical factors from other entry points, then facilitate even worse problems than the ones we have been lied into believing so far?

What do we do, when or where do we cross the line, is it when we have the give the injections to our own kids, what about the pre-cancer chemo, is that the line? Give up our wife, our best friend, our own life in a masked, voiceless zombie-like servitude we have seen and joked about in China but now the jokes on us?

Two choices stay and do as they tell us or quit our jobs?

But is there a third choice? 

Bullies demonstrate themselves in many forms, not always limited to the pimple-faced somewhat overweight boy, large in stature for no other reason than the fact that at least one time being held back in the early stages of his education experience, gave him the illusion that he was actually bigger than others. Lacking as much in the cute existential comment department as they do in compassion, but always presenting their own hearts that drives them to particular behaviors of cruelty perpetrated against weaker defenseless opponents, bullies present oftentimes for reasons known only to their own jealous desires. 

Once said bully is spotted, or at least finds himself within striking range, one of three responses for the would-be victim usually is eliminated especially if the Bully has already placed claws or filthy teeth on soft innocent flesh.

The first either, “Turn and Run,” option is thwarted leaving only the “Just Take It?” or in some stronger and in rare cases “The Fight?” But first, we will further examine the run and hide option in part.

Turning represents a physical changing direction from the path in which one has been set. When a person turns their back on something, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, to see it, thus the person becomes blind to everything that lies down that particular path they were on only moments before. Not to mention turning from the path on which one has set their mind to, in itself brings a notion of defeat? 

Turning one’s back on the attacker puts them as the victim in a particularly vulnerable position, by presenting one’s back, inviting attack without defense, blind to any blows, 

tail tucked in pathetic attempt to protect private parts in the backside of running retreat. 

Protecting private parts, now that’s a statement; trying in some desperate way to protect a person’s destiny, the not yet conceived future, even maybe their children, holding tightly to a hope that not only pain will be avoided, but maybe other daybreaks warmth still might be found shining on their face, if only through survival.

In the case of disease or other spontaneously occurring afflictions, many of these seem to arise without specific physical events tied to the cause. But remember we are taught that diseases, which by the way we can never see because they are too small to see, too faint to smell, too light or few to feel, we just know or believe them to be real because we have been told they are. 

But we are also programmed to feel we are absolutely helpless to these attacks, and the eventual destruction they might inflict, or at least we are told from our earliest memories. We don’t see them, feel them or know for sure they are even present, but we are told, taught, and convinced they are real, the symptoms in our body are the proof, and in most cases, the symptom of our body fighting them has been misconceived to be the actual sickness itself. Example; “you have a fever!” The fever is not the sickness but the result of the person’s body trying to rid itself of a would-be attacker.

“Amazing how fear can make the most insignificant speck of essence into a giant.” 

But let us make one thing clear, we are talking about a bully here, not standing and fighting battles we are not prepared or equipped to, nor called to fight against in our proper time, by Him who would command us is foolish. Running, and while in certain undeniable and overpowering attacks, survival can in itself find certain qualities of victory, but for the sake of the bullying, or in this case the very start of an affliction, we can assume that God will never place His children who seek Him in a place where defeat is possible unless He is calling us home. God keeps all of His promises and it is up to us to remember this promise?

Avoiding the storm altogether, which includes changing the direction you are walking through this journey which is your life, is not a bad idea, especially when the direction is wrong or destructive for you or others for that matter. But changing directions is not always feasible, considering some storms come upon people so fast and unexpected, it is almost impossible to avoid them.

I have noticed people who often avoid contact with infections at all costs or take extreme almost fanatic actions to isolate themselves from injuries often end up wallowing in fear more than not and catch the very thing they fear anyway. 

When a person does happen to see the danger and chooses a different path, leaves the previous experience or issue unresolved it will result in a constant searching in the dark bushes and looking over the shoulder waiting for attack posture of fear, and a distraction from the path immediately results. Take your eye off of where you are going or where exactly you are stepping and a fall is imminent. 

Fear that the bully or storm may show up along the new path taken results, and this can be so overpowering that this fear actually begins to smell, the enemy can smell it. Fear is taken on by the childlike a red cloak draped around the quivering shoulders in the middle of a field, and the angry bull is immediately attracted, resulting in the very thing the poor child fears. Remember what we are dealing with here, these creatures are like animals, and like animals, they can smell fear. These spirits live to be known, they only know fear, they recognize it, and feed on fear! Fear is all they have, they have it and they desire it themselves, they are drawn to it as flies are to a dying carcass. “Sickness, like flies from what or where they come so are they also drawn.”

Both results running or just taking it, are not the most desirable, and often result in the child having to usually suffer the brunt of the storm anyway. 

No matter how a child tries to avoid or run, it seems like the bully always seems to find us and confrontation is inevitable. 

So turning and running, for the most part, demonstrates and grants if not directly, inevitably assured defeat! Nobody ever wants to feel like a coward yet the feeling is put on us by ourselves when we run from the path we thought we should be on, all because of fear.

So that leaves us one choice, yes, with bullies and diseases the best is to stand our ground and fight.

For God has said in many places throughout the Bible, “I will give you all you need!” “But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Jesus Christ.” 

Philippians 4:19 

Also “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all things shall be given unto you.” Matthew 6:33 

Notice He says; “seek ye first,” so by assumption, if we are seeking first, doing what we are supposed to, in each and every one of our steps, then we can also assume, by His promise, that He will give us all we need to overcome any challenge, any attack that presents itself on this path?

But God also doesn’t honor the footsteps of fools. If we by our own selfish desires, pride, lust, arrogance, or whatever, find ourselves not only off the path but knee-deep in the camp of the enemy, then getting everything we need to overcome, may just reside in a pair of good legs and enough oxygen in the blood to get us out of there with barely our skin.

Back to the bully, if running is defeat, it still results in two things that only a good God could even remotely turn to positive; it reduces the value, the stature of our would-be hero in the eyes of most watching, those eyes of himself being the greatest affected. Popular phrases that one will often hear include; “Once a coward always a coward,” “You chicken,” or “Scattering of the roaches” these just being a few of the endearing terms, that have been associated with people who flee. God’s ability to even turn this into positive is without dispute, for no other reason than just because He said so, but we will have to reserve this topic for future writing. 

The second effect of running is that it builds the confidence of said bully. Making it more likely he will just do his mouthing-off again, louder next time, more often, and cause even more damage in the next or direct vicinity. So confident is the bully of where he has been that he doesn’t even look back on himself. And why should he, only the conquered reside behind him? 

But it is in his confidence that he exposes his weakness. 

There is the third choice, “Stand and fight”. 

“Do not fear, I am with you!” 

I remember as a youth running and avoiding a bully for many months and possibly as much as a year until finally, I resolved to myself I would not run again. Taking my normal route home I turned around some bushes along the path home just to find myself face to face with the bully. 

A larger boy with a reputation for the cruelty, he immediately started to advance but slowed when I held firm and said; “well I guess if we need to do this, we do?” Putting my hands up to defend myself.

Now I know the larger boy saw the fear in my eyes and his advance was certain, but the confidence quickly subsided as he looked past me at the figure that just happens to step around the bushes after me. Ronny Mayberry an even larger more athletic boy from the same class suddenly steps from around the path and immediately moves towards the would-be bully taking him firmly by the collar and stating in no uncertain terms that his bullying days were over. 

While there wasn’t much of a size difference between them it was clear who was confident and now who was afraid. The would-be bully whimpered and made his promise and to my knowledge never bullied anyone again. 

“Bullies like diseases are really cowards in disguise, turn on the light and they always run.” 

Ronny was an angel sent by God, he might not have even known it any more than the bully knew he was being used?

The essence of reality, funny how is it that people are so easily convinced what is reality and what is not, purely based on perspective, experience, images or sounds they have been fed, or even what others have merely told them. With medicine or in the case of sickness it is amazing how people’s symptoms will actually start matching the perspective symptom list of an injury the very moment the person thinks they actually have it, even if these same people never demonstrated the original symptoms in any other areas of their bodies, so strong is the mind and positive, or in this case, negative is its reinforcements; “Re-In-Force-Ments. 

The effects of negative reinforcement, where negative suggestions, images, sounds, or ideas actually are reinforced are being felt on or as imagined symptoms. This is nowhere more evident than in health care and the people claiming understanding and knowledge, the ones doing the telling know nothing about where these issues actually come from. These have stopped being concerned about what prompts or motivates the diseases or even that they are motivated by something. Where these beliefs direct people or push them into hopelessness. As matter of fact, our entire medical health care temple with all of its potions and procedures cannot cure a single affliction or ailment, only God can. 

It was a very disconcerting realization as a health care provider that with the exception of a few skilled individuals using techniques as old as civilizations themselves, repairing or even replacing damaged tissues with healthy undamaged replacements from others, very few procedures actually stimulate healing, but merely reduce symptoms of other injuries suffered earlier. I guess this all amounts to just taking it instead of actually fighting back.

So how do we actually fight? 

“Standing and Fighting” grants and demonstrates certain victorious portions! Victory is a victory!

By definition first, a person must “Stand,” that is get up, rise, now this image carries a meaning of an immediate and direct increase in stature. When a person rises to the occasion, they grow larger, and in a direct counter, their opponent will decrease, if by no other means than just a simple vantage point. As a person being attacked gets higher, the object against which one stands appears smaller. 

To stand also implies finding a firm foundation, one can only successfully achieve a firm foundation if they press against something also firm, the rock being the strongest, but make no mistake even a deep foundation in the sand, the key being deep, can be a significant pillar for resistance. God describes studying the Word as finding a deep foundation or building on the rock, both apply, but basically looking to God in any method is sufficient for the building. 

As I have already stated the physical changes that one will benefit from in standing and fighting, those being first an increase of the defender, and a decrease of the attacker, is crucial for a change in momentum and status. These are immediate and Godly provisions given by the natural laws that nobody can deny. There is movement and that movement is backward into a realm the giant never looks, he has no experience there. 

I have made many comparisons of any and all attacks regardless if we are talking about a jackass boss wanting you to throw an elderly person under the bus in health care, or you speaking about some affliction that has suddenly attacked you or your loved one.

But let us examine further some supernatural effects, those just under the skin. 

What must have gone through Goliath’s mind, and maybe even that dark hole which represents his heart, when David walked out there unto the battle plane? And we might even possibly take a glance at what may have been going on supernaturally, in and around the environment. 

First, in Goliath’s experience, everyone who had ever faced him ran, only the poor unfortunate’s that he may have been chased down, fought back in some kind of pathetic defense as he dished out his cruel blows, or just played on the ground screaming their pathetic “no waits” as he swung down his death blows from above. For an oversized opponent, the forward motion has its advantages, as any football player on the line will tell you, once you get them back on their heels you can push them anywhere. The forward momentum of any type is a force that must be resisted, held in check, overcome, and eventually overpowered in order to turn a would-be victim into any type of victorious posture. A very difficult situation when facing something that big, no maybe the largest warrior to ever step on a battlefield? 

So when Goliath saw someone actually step up and faced him, even just a boy moving towards him rather than away, most likely doubt from witnessing something new and yet unseen must have at least tickled the edges of his senses, a small yet inconceivable new experience just under his skin? It wasn’t tickling the hordes of the supernatural, for the wave of force that shot through their ranks most assuredly shook them to their “black” bones. Remember these are forces created by God and empowered by His promises, good things, real waves, Godly waves, and darkness always flees when The Light shows up. 

Goliath was bigger than anyone, so fighting from a height advantage in downward blows, always allowed him to engage much stronger muscle groups than having to fight upward. Goliath was used to only his forward motion, using his imposing size, weight, and great strength and most importantly his “postured fearful image” to do most of his work for him.

When David stood his ground, the increased advantage, even if it had been but a slight decreasing effect on Goliath, was a decrease nonetheless! Anyone who participates in any kind of sports activity will tell you momentum is a powerful thing, and when someone starts downward or decreasing in trend, that it is usually coupled with some kind of loss and or even pain. This pain signal starts ringing announcing the attack is coming! 

Next, David not only took Goliath’s insults and threats, yet laughed at them and responded with his own, backed by the power of the Creator of the Universe, Reality instead of just shadows! 


Suddenly Goliath’s words that usually made his opponent’s quiver made this person laugh, but notice Goliath wasn’t laughing, he was too busy shaking from the apparent Lion’s roar he just heard! Something was seriously wrong here for Goliath, and for the first time in his life, he might have even felt that cold chill go literally up his spine, and if he wasn’t, he should have been! 

Momentum shifting, from Goliath moving forward his whole life, to being suddenly held in check, someone stepping up, him shrinking in stature, and getting less than expected result from his threats, even resulting in further diminishing on the bullies part. Momentum had now at this instant shifted! The lights were on and blazing! 

Goliath threw out a desperate comment, trying to weaken David with statements; “You come at me like a dog, with a stick.” His comment was not as much of a joke, but a feeble attempt, for it was designed to make David believe he was ill-equipped to the task. 

But David’s faith and the trust he had everything he would need from God to defeat this creature, threw the insult right back stating that Goliath’s weapons were nothing compared to that of the Living God. And if Goliath’s eyes were not wide with fear at the power of these words, they were the moment the giant took but a single step forward and David started running straight towards him! 

At every turn, victory was accomplished, and the actual deliverance had not even been dealt out yet. In everyone’s eyes, natural and in the supernatural, there was no doubt as to the sudden cease and immediate reversal of the momentum. 

I can imagine on the barren plane of the supernatural where a horde of demonic legions stood moving comfortably forward against the children of God, riding on the backside of Goliath’s image, the attack’s and effect’s of the constant bombardment of fear, doubt, hopelessness, rejection, abandonment, and doom, must have been nearly overpowering to the soldiers of God’s army, and everyone else that had ever faced the giant. 

Many a troop probably were gripped in such paralyzing oppression, that they were to busy protecting their soft underbellies in some kind of fatal self-comfort, to even pick up the sword and shield that lied only a handbreadth from them to fight back, so gripping is the fear of hopelessness. I can hardly imagine the refreshing warmth that must have flowed over the children like anointing oil on dry cracked skin, as the demon horde immediately stopped the attack, withdrawing suddenly not unlike rabbits running for their holes, into their own defensive positioning at the sign of the sudden and direct momentum shift exploding in front of them like a nuclear explosion of bright Holy Light! 

Thousands of smaller demons squealed and ran almost immediately as the Light went on! “A Scattering of the Roaches” does apply here very nicely! There must have also been an immediate withdrawing of the more herd animal-type troops, running in every direction the spiritual screams would surely have been audible in the murmurs of the physical troops. The more seasoned and some might say powerful spiritual troops first knowing that they were going to be held accountable for the butt-kicking that was coming, may have tried to pull back hard as it was not to run, they may even try to interlocking their own spiritual shields in some kind of desperate counter defensive. This had no doubt, sent that physical twinge up the spine of not only Goliath but all of the Philistine troops assembled, cold and lonely was certainly its chill. A direct opposite took place in the counter anointing, the refreshing warmth that must have thrust power and confidence into the souls and bodies of the Israeli army. 

But I also know when David charged, any demons of herd animal status, the entire front lines, dropped everything and ran, even trampling those who were not as fortunate to get out of the way. That’s what herd animals do when someone charges, ripples of fear, and fiery Godly retribution must have sent choking shivers through the remaining demonic soldiers, and this feeling was backed by the power and presence of God who created the universe. It was a domino effect of epic proportions.

The Stone, the hurdling of the rock, the spoken manifestation, the small representation of the word of God, even in its simplest form, was all it took to open the floodgates of God’s deliverance. David could have thrown anything, the giant was already doomed, but throwing out a single small piece of the Word was all it took. 

Once contact was made the result was immediate and Goliath’s fate was sealed. Down onto his face, Goliath fell, back exposed, demons of all ranks were running for their lives, very much emulated in the natural as the armies of the Philistine who also broke rank and ran. 

At this point, all that remained was the mopping up! David casually walks up and takes Goliath’s head, his victory prize to present to the king. The armies of the Living God pursue now in frenzied strength, I am sure empowered by the angelic horde that wraps themselves in and around all of the arms and souls of the Lord’s army until all of the opposing force has been hunted down and killed. The Bible speaks of bodies being scattered across the countryside. It took a little time, and effort, but the victory was granted before long before the army was completely destroyed. 

“Pick up your mat and walk!” How must that have sounded to the man who was himself crippled his whole life? For just a moment, wouldn’t you think something dark may have whispered into his ear; “What is he crazy, you can’t, you tried so many times”? Maybe he 

even reached up for help, but God gave him all he needed to overcome, a gentle hand and he stood? 

How long after, maybe every time after he walked, and stepped just this way or that, did a feeling, a twinge in his newly healed legs, brought back a voice of the enemies whispers; “It’s back, you see, temporary, a lie, you weren’t really healed,” 

The continuing of believing, the sharing the healing with others, that’s what’s called work. 

The Bible tells us in John 9: 13-34, of a blind man who was cured by Jesus, and when he presented himself to the priests they tried to discredit Jesus, thus discrediting the man’s healing itself, but he refused to buckle. The man stood on faith, even unto pressure, fear, ridicule, for himself, and his parents who also had been held, he held to the healing in faith, and many times confessed with his mouth; “For before I was blind, and now I can see,” “if This Man where not of God, He could do nothing.” 

If one could look into the supernatural at such a moment one might see such a sight; 

On the barren plain, fear of the pure power of the Living God exploded through the demonic horde as fast as a blast of irradiated light of the greatest flash ever witnessed. The front line buckles and explodes in a moment. From a barrier and confidence that has been no doubt built over years, toppled in a moment. As the demonic troop scatters, a wall of dark black bricks is clearly seen, most likely that of which these creatures have been leaning against, hiding, almost secretly building inside the courtyard of God’s beautiful child’s eyes for years? 

He takes a hand full of the arrows, yet unused, some that have yet to hit their intended mark, and he throws them down in a thunderous explosion. “From the ground you come and into the ground you shall go again!” “If This Man were not of God, He could do nothing.” 

The ripple of the power sends a shock wave through the ground like a massive earthquake wave right into the enemies camp, and like a vast wave rolling through a calm still black lake, so confident they were in their hold and position there wasn’t even a ripple on the surface of their dark waters, until now. 

As the wave explodes through the dark waters, it becomes clear and sure to see, not deep were their murky secrets, an illusion of lies and deceit. The wave gathers strength as it approaches the wall, it seems to be powered by his momentum, and that of the Word, exploding into the dark wall sending it toppling like a flimsy card house of black dominoes. 

Facing down in the muck lies the one that yelled; “How dare you tell me I can see, it’s not my time yet?” 

The worm-faced giant lay face down in the muck, back exposed waiting only for death’s victory to be dealt out. 

The recently blind but now victoriously seeing child stamps the shadows mercilessly into the ground with mere words, for they showed him no mercy as they tried to steal his gifts. 

Time to mop up! He stamps the image of sickness into the ground in defiance. 

Yes, there are groups of fleeing troops that have run to the trees, waiting for some reinforcements for small counterattacks. Waiting for orders, they still turn and fling their arrows of doubts. Tossing accusations against those who helped him, doubt, challenges to him to turn and run, more doubt, calling to him “if you doubt any you must doubt all,” trying to shake even his faith that God could or would help him, more doubt, but now his shield is up and deflection is becoming something he is beginning to master. One by one each of these little attacks fall, time, distance, and perseverance must follow to mop up the entire army. 

‘Victory is undeniable! The stronghold has been toppled! Now the mess has to be cleaned up, many dirty bricks lay around, held together in the memories of mortar and ash. The black ash water is just settling, the clear water pressing the ash into the soil soon to become the fertilizer of another beautiful patch of garden. His house, his lands are called to be a garden, not a barren plain of ash and dark. 

Yes, there will be skirmishes, troops will attack, some he may lose, but many he will win, and ever will their numbers slowly dissipate until the last of the retreating horde finds itself defeated or banished. On he goes to tell others of the gift he has been given, a gift of love and light, a free gift, a promised gift. 

So is it. 

Standing and fighting for what is right is not the same as quitting, being fired for what is right, is no different than taking fire for what you know is right and true in a war situation. 

The Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded not for battles won, or rank achieved in armed conflicts, if that was the case every Colonel Klink and above would have one. No, they are given for risking your own life to save another, and the majority of the time the only people that qualify are Men or Women (only one), that die in the process. 

We are today at war, and how many lives are saved when truthers risk their jobs, families, their very lives to bring much-needed information to the masses, knowing they will, no doubt be hunted down, silenced, or worse killed for their commitment to saving lives instead of allowing and even placing them at risk?

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord please open my eyes, those of my friends, and my loved ones, to the lies of the enemy, give us strength, wisdom, and discernment as to Your path for our lives, and the battles You would have us fight.” 


See more of this writers feeble visits to the Generals Tent, check out this other videos with Nino on Ninoscorner.TV and YTube;

“Set My Prisoners Free” painting by Rebekah Laue

For more writings demonstrating real life applications and stories of health and healing using Mind, Body, and Spiritual techniques as instructed in the Word of God try;

Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”

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And the newest recent release

Quantum Ascension

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Bringing the spiritual aspects of healing into understandable quantum realization applying it to the Ascension process of today;

You can also write me directly at to purchase a signed copy of either book directly from us, or any other questions regarding spiritual based therapies and healing.

Bless You

Peter and Anna

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The Belief In Miracles w David Nino Rodriguez & Peter Colla; “Follow-Up Q & A’s”

July 17, 2021 Video with David Nino Rodriguez

“I need to buy your books for my brother. He’s 70, but had the vitality of a 20-year-old until recently. He lives in Houston. I moved to California as a young Navy wife, now I’m neither. I am stuck here for now.” 

“I live in Brisbane, Australia and am 58 years young ex-military ex-police and for the past year, I work in a residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation center as a support worker for people of all ages & backgrounds. I also have 8 yo son who is Add Asd Adhd allergic to dairy wheat fish…”

“I’ve prayed and believed for healing for my eyes, tried every kind of treatment…” 

“I am a 53-year-old woman…who was “diagnosed” with MS in 2008 & immediately prescribed different therapies & pills.”

“Hello Peter, I just watched you on Nino Rodrigues’s show and I am blown away.”

Questions and Answers Video Today

Many questions, many emails, hundreds, after I was on the David “Nino” Rodrigues show last month; Belief In Miracles w Peter Colla on YouTube June 17, 2021, marked for me a day that would culminate at least in God’s purpose realm, a pivotal moment, a day of answered prayers and perhaps unseen yet felt miracles.

People flooded my email with countless questions, requests for my books, which until then had sold perhaps a handful of copies in over three years, but suddenly people interested even pleading for more information regarding the many aspects of observations I had witnessed over the years because we, my wife Anna and I, placed God back into the health care treatment evaluation, treatment procedures, and focus by not only ourselves but the people who God blessed us to have been placed under our care.

I say pivotal because, yes while we had seen many of the miracles occur, or hear of the results and then write them down, share them with others, even try to reproduce them in others, these interactions had been until now primarily one on one. Being employed in the same system that would seem to suppress such focus, especially when receiving a paycheck had made me a target for constant and seemingly increasingly aggressive attacks to stifle any words or suppress the spreading of such experiences, regardless if I had anything to do with them or not, either directly or indirectly.

So now when suddenly a larger audience could apparently see these reports, hear the stories or be directed to the written accounts, and suddenly responded the overall feeling was nothing short of “Bliss,” but also a deep sense of gratitude to David for giving us that opportunity, opening that door, giving this old therapist the needed kick under the ass to actually reach out myself, make my own videos, and share with the world what I have seen, feel God has shown me and others, and send out my own sort of “messages in bottles” as more and more of them are tossed into the ocean and I sit back ad wait to see who might have one float up onto the shore of their house far off on distant shores? Who might be touched by words as I merely tell my stories and relate the beautiful flowers God has so graciously allowed me to touch in His so perfect and beautiful field.

If you feel like, you might take the time out of your busy day and listen to part or even more than a part of this Spiritual Therapists ramblings, who knows it may strike a chord or remind you of this or that acquaintance that you might agree such word could help them? And if one person only one, in the whole world is help regardless if they buy a book or not, then my sweetest dreams and fondest wishes have been realized, and all the efforts combined for all the writing I have written, or videos produced, is worth it, as that person may receive a sprinkling of healing from the outstretched arms of God.

So please share or tell others, or write me with your own concerns, I will try to write you back as soon as I can, and maybe if you approve I will speak about thoughts or ideas concerning your own issues you pen to me in a video, at least until the day that we can speak in person or together on a call.

Bless all who join us in the healing process and help others, some with mouths to speak, some with arms or legs to carry, some with strong backs to lend support, all are part of the body of the healer.

By Peter Colla 

See more of this writers feeble visits to the Generals Tent, check out this other videos with Nino on Ninoscorner.TV and YTube;

For more writings demonstrating real life applications and stories of health and healing using Mind, Body, and Spiritual techniques as instructed in the Word of God try;

Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”

Available in paperback on Amazon or write us direct to order a signed copy;

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And the newest recent release

Quantum Ascension

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Bringing the spiritual aspects of healing into understandable quantum realization applying it to the Ascension process of today;

You can also write me directly at to purchase a signed copy of either book directly from us, or any other questions regarding spiritual based therapies and healing.

Bless You

Peter and Anna

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For more information about Spiritual Therapy or other related articles please join us on the wonderful path; , Ninos Corner TV and/or

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“Watch The Water,” I Ask; “How, What, And Why?”

We are all told to Watch the Water, yet here in Arizona on the weekend President Trump comes for a rally, floods, storms, flash floods, even tornados?, when we barely get any rain whatsoever the whole rest of the year?

In this ever increasingly chaotic world of hidden agendas, dark spiritual plots hiding under our beds or lurking from the deep dark recesses of those infinitely diabolical closets, that we know must reside one or another white-faced clown, some plastic Chucky doll, some pathetic article of a dried-up Hillary turd, or worse yet the skinny armed little Woody Doll with the Tom Hanks voice looking for the next baby to snatch, just hiding there, its head ready to swivel, torment, unleashing at any moment as the inevitable results and undeniably monstrous fear of some doomsday curse thought up in the minds of one or another Nazi doctor, the perpetrated by the stumbling spasms of mindless zombies marching forward by the orders of these witches they seem to be subject to, we all know there must a way to obtain higher ground, an elevated level of perspective, perhaps a higher state of vibration, where we can then see clearly that these pontifications or no more than the ramblings of some plastic headed shit stuffed puppet waiting obediently until their string is pulled once again?

Here again, we are told to “Watch the Water!”

As we have discussed in the last blog and subsequent video that followed, watching the water especially when said water event is from God, has a distinct differential of perspective as well as expected outcome dependent on which team we happen to be following, arm-chairing in your weekend rah-rah support, or if you happen to actually be one of those fighting on the front lines in this End Times War between Good and evil, if you believe such a thing, regardless of for which side the physical ramifications are always intensified by the spiritual energies that drive them good or bad, and when we realize this our own rising above them, regardless of the intensity of said storms, attacks, or curses, becomes a dance of Illumination where everything looks small, inconsequential, and basically harmless especially when viewed from orbit!

But how do we get there, to this lofty, and apparently peaceful vantage point? That’s the million-dollar question, the one everyone seems to be pointing at, pointing the fingers at the dark ominous funnel cloud forming off in the distance without giving some sound advice of what beanstalk will allow you to climb high above the clouds, and safe from the ravishing effects of the swirling winds down in the cornfield we happen to be lost in? 

Again here we are, as many who have read my blogs or happen to glanced at a chapter or two of the books I have written, would tell you I commonly reveal when I don’t know something or understand especially the more subtle nuances of the spiritual side of things, I will go to the source of spiritual illumination and Revelations, asking God. You said; “We have not because we ask not?” so I’m asking; When we are told to watch the water, how exactly are we supposed to do this?

Then I sit quietly in the solitude of this most recent prayer, waiting softly in what I have come to know as my own “green pasture,” or “still waters,” and usually if I actually take the time to do these most important tasks, or at least try to, He will usually give one or another image, sign, word, or bulletin casually dropped into my awareness like the subtlety of any baseball landing on the top of my head as I casually sit and really not watch the game paying more attention to the beauty next to me or the popcorn and bear I am so desperately and I may say ungracefully, trying to toss into my mouth, down my shirt, and all over the floor of the bleachers I am sitting in.

But in this particular day, all of the distractions mentioned above as well as the impending visit from my dear friend Nino, were placed on a short hiatus, allowing me more of a truly relaxed and reflective meditation, one any truly heartfelt prayer deserves, and in usual fashion, The Father did not delay in depositing immediately a solid and very vivid image into my head answering in one simple swoop, all the questions I have been asking for quite a while, about the water watching assignment?

I say image because that is actually how it seems to come to me more often than not. People who know me, know I have always been artistic at in the drawing or painting arena, but unless I am able to see the image in my head when I don’t have it sitting right before my eyes frozen still so I can take the time to reproduce it onto the blank canvas, I cannot produce merely out of my imagination. 

It is not much different in the written word, I get these images in my head, weather stories, people medical issues they bring to me, or situations, images, sometimes words, and then just write down as best as I can what I see, call it intuition or some vibration emanating from a rock or the center of the galaxy, I like belief it actually comes from God, most of the time because in many cases it is not something I have heard before, seen, or experienced, and when it comes to real solutions or insights, well I’m just not that smart, or I certainly wouldn’t have done as many “boneheads” as I had in the past? 

So, using my more formal artistic liberties, I then try not only to speak of the primary focussed subject but strive to describe all aspects of the issues or image at hand, which will include the background images or aspects, surrounding seemingly unrelated factors which might yet play a role in the entire composition, high lights, low lights, focal points and even the specific directions this such as the Light may be emanating from and then how these play into perspectives allowing the then observer to witness for themselves what I see? 

Well, that’s how it works at least for me, if you asked my wife you would come to find out that God speaks to her in a slightly different and often more exciting way; signs, colors, images that themselves translate into other meanings due to the information she had realized are associated with these signs and the specific meanings behind them even if only rudimentary, yet always vivid as well, specific, and constant. I think God talks to each of us in our own and unique way, it is up to us to take time out of our busy schedules, look to Him, recognizing Him in these energetic vibrational experiences, listen or watch, and then act upon the signs in a way that is pleasing to Him who gave us the information in the first place.

So here we have it, a simple question about watching the water, “How and What” and your inquisitive new not so young, bald friend getting an answer or at least the image of an answer that will in no doubt need to be placed to pen before the full and masterful painting has any chance of appearing.

An image of Jesus, and perhaps someone of less saintly attire of the then Fisherman Peter walking on the water, standing above the waves and churning dark seas, unconcerned, and unencumbered by what is going on below their feet. It is then I hear or just know as a clear and resolute voice appears in my head like the after rumblings of thunder just following the lightning strike of the neighbor’s tree, only feet from the now shaking house I happen to be sleeping in, weathering out the storm in what I know must surely be a safe secure, location.

“I showed you this first before anything else, do you remember?” The voice seems to ask without actually seeming to expect an answer. And while all I seem to muster as a response is “of course I do” very quickly the rest of the image plays across my mind like a Kaleidoscope, dancing image after image after flowing image, with so much action it would put any End Game battle seen to serious shame in comparison trying even with most childish eyes to make corresponding connections to all of it let alone remember it all. 

That being said, here you go my dear friends, readers, fellow fox hole dwellers, and would-be water walkers. Images appear high above storms suddenly as massive as the greatest hurricanes even cyclones but the massive clouds when seen from this vantage point the winds which I know must be in the high one hundred or even two hundred miles an hour range, hardly seem to be moving in the least, and lightning strikes happening all over the area of the great storm merely look like small flashes of light hardly brighter than those made by the “fireflies” of my youth I enjoyed looking at outside in our yard on a gentle or soft summers eve. Even the power of the great tornado, when observed high above the storms that fuel them leaves the observer with absolute assurance that raging destructive force below has absolutely no chance of even touching them as they watch out the storm and watch from above. 

Then suddenly I am hoisted up onto the mountain top where I can see my own dear city Phoenix below and the tell-tail fog-smog line that often rests upon the city especially on days when the overall heat seems to press this pollution down into the valley below coupled with the eerie stillness of no breeze a layer of darkness rests so thick only the tops of the buildings or few peaks in the center of town is all that poke sits gasping heads out struggling almost choking-ly for a breath of somewhat fresher air. How strange it is when you are living in it, the frog slowly being cooked in the water, you hardly notice this reduced almost dismal hue around you, the only factor is the steady increase in pulmonary irritation and the increased allergies to just about everything? Ahh, why not blame it on the Gluten! 

So must it be with any and all storms, attacks, poisons, pollutants, diseases, if you can’t even see the streets of the ground below the haze how can you possibly have any chance of seeing the hordes of attacking demon troops marching on the people below in the valley? Interestingly enough when you are flying directly over, as with an airplane or in a hot air balloon you can clearly see below quite clearly and everything going down there now suddenly looks no more threatening or significant for that matter than watching little ants moving about the patio below gathering their little crumbs or going about their own tasks they themselves deem essential literally unaware of the observer above, but more importantly have absolutely no chance to elicit even the vaguest influence on the now “Sky Walkers” purpose. 

So there you have it, simple as it might seem all we have to do is, rise above it, walk on the water when in the storm, climb out of the valley before the pollution sucks us into its dark black maw? 

Walk on water… now that sounds easy, what one guy in history managed it other than Jesus, and he needed to lock eyeballs with Him to do it. 

But there again did the Man Himself say; “Even greater things than those you saw Me do, you will do, because I am with My Father in heaven.” Another have not, because you ask not; question?

I wrote about a related topic quite a while ago placing it in my Quantum Ascension book but I think it might be appropriate for this time today to bring out and read; called “The Descended.”

A father, a brother, a son is going about his business, he has heard the commotion, people talking about the show at the temple, but people always talk, maybe he should see for himself? There are fish to catch, he has his children to feed. Not that he has a difficult life, although work can be hard, with good hard work comes good rewards. Seeing the faces of his children as they smile at the dinner table, a meal provided by the strength of his arm, the commitment of his work, and the love of a father who knows the lives that have been placed in his care, are worth every physical discomfort the efforts may produce, making it all worthwhile.

The father walks not far from his house contemplating as he goes the spectacle the show of the temple has become, recalling to himself thoughts veiled whispers of vague memories of his life in front of him; “I’ve heard what they say, the dancing, the music, people go in, and then don’t come back for hours at a time.”

My wife says that it has gotten out of hand, people lose themselves there, like slaves or addicts, “I don’t see how that could possibly be?” he says silently to himself. All I know it seems to scare her what she has heard, a darker side to what others merely call entertainment. Her words of warning softly echo in his head; “Stay away from there, nothing good will come from that place!”

Ridiculous as it may seem, ghosts stories, monsters under the bed, witches dancing in the groves up in the hills, these fairy tales never seemed to scare him even as a youth, perhaps that was one benefit of being borne with a strong arm, completely confident he could take care of himself. Plus curiosity has always been a weakness of his not necessarily limited to the comings and goings of cats.

The beautiful sparkling eyes of his children he can’t help but notice as his son walk’s along at his feet, how he loves playing on the ground playing with him, or picking up his daughter, holding his children close to his chest, how beautiful they are. It is so easy to see his wife’s eyes in them, the purity of the child’s smile tickles his memory for the days of his youth, the sweet smile of his wife on their wedding day, each day is another nugget of gold so bountiful God has given him every single day of his adult life.

Thoughts cascade with each step in a moment through years of life highlights as he strokes the path along this ever seemingly darkening road. There is an air of restlessness ahead, voices even screams, seeming sirens on the wind; “is that pleasure or pain he hears?” dancing among the many busy thoroughfares he passes these days.

His earlier years were less complicated those days, the pressures of responsibility were only just beginning to shine their light through the morning trees. A man only had to think of himself in those early hours, care for himself, work enough to feed himself, but the joy of a wife does bring their own comforts, contemplations, and added tasks.

Work for food, build a house, raise enough for the harvest, fish enough with the nets one has, carve and sand enough wood for another, save to maybe buy a boat, all to take care of the family we both wanted. Funny how life will change one step at a time, a brick here, a table there, a baby’s bottle, children’s clothes, bedding, shoes, food, oh but it is so worth it, to watch my beautiful children eat and grow.

A man wonders to himself if everyone feels this way, but I certainly have seen the pleasures of my labors, the gift of love given him by an adoring wife, and loving children that count on us to provide all they need, place them on the right path in this life. But who really gave them these gifts, for only within the source of such perfection could a masterpiece of such magnificence spring?

These precious lives kept in our care, brought under the responsibility of my wife’s and my protection, until they are old enough to make decisions for themselves. It is a great responsibility, their lives, growth, even health is determined by the choices we make, the work the very ground a man tills until they come to the day of accountability.

He remembers his own ceremony that wonderful Bar Mitzvah, how he so looked forward to it as a child himself. The thought of finally being old enough to make his own decisions, be responsible for himself, it seemed so freeing of thought then, how little did he know that moving into adulthood brought with it not only the accountability of self but the responsibility of everyone else who comes under your care?

“I just don’t see what’s all the excitement about watching the priests and priestesses carrying on.” He suddenly finishes saying to himself as he walks up closer to the building now clearly displaying everything out on the steps and even into the streets, open for all to see.

The temple he was speaking of, is the newly built temple to molech, and while he had heard of this religion, if you could call it that, has been around for centuries, it is only recently that these structures have come into sight. The kings today seem more tolerant to such practices than in the past, even seem to be encouraging this carrying-on otherwise why would they build so many temples?

People come and stare for hours at the performances, a spectacle for all to see. Priests engaged in all sorts of shows, demonstrating even participating themselves in every act of vile, vice, war mimicking dances, or death acts imaginable, many things only years ago would not have been tolerated, are now being seen now on display to a docile and cheering crowd. 

Priestesses, the most beautiful of the land, voluptuous beyond belief openly flaunt nudity with lust-filled eyes. Calling out to other men and women, luring them with their gestures, they are all adorned with strange symbols, pictures painted on their skin, or jewelry dangling from pierced faces, markings that seem to sinisterly resonate with dark meanings of their own just beyond the limit of one’s awareness.

Men of strength and stature, display themselves with smirks across their faces clearly displaying the pride they have for themselves as they taunt others with their sweat-drenched gestures. Performances that mimic violence and war, aggression, even fighting displays with such ferocity it is difficult to see if it is real or merely an act?  

Eunuchs whose exact original sex not exactly clear to determine, engaged in all manner of sexual perversion with each other, the more flamboyant the better, desperate to bring attention to themselves.

They even engage in horrible acts with animals, the horrified imprisoned creatures stare back at them in terror, understanding somewhere in their beings the evil that seems to reside here. 

Many even dance against cold stone statues that seem in themselves lingering on the edge of some possible supernatural movement. The more shocking and degrading, the more blood involved, the more the people’s gaze mesmerized in wonder, stare, gawk, and cheer.

In the center is the huge bronze demonic statue image of molech or is it baal, it seems to be called many different things by different people? A tall bronze creature with a horned cow’s head and what appears to be a human body, a rectangular cut out in its’ belly revealing the constant hungry of the fire that sits within. It is a large grotesque figure of envious imagery, a beastly image with a hateful look on its face, not quite cow-like almost devilish, cow-eyed as clearly lacks any life or soul only lingers in the lifeless stare, the black slits around the eyes reflecting only the darkness that no-doubt dwells inside. Who does it hate? Seemingly everyone and everything, maybe even itself? Interestingly many of its events have the same ring in their nose and their faces even seem to all begin to mimic the images they worship?

Hands stretched out reaching, wanting, evermore unsatisfied, grasping for something anything to quench the ever-present hunger that burns within. The large rectangle cut out of his stomach is the place they throw various sacrifices, priest’s and priestesses cast various elements of precious wealth into the blazing chasm, screaming in a combination of ecstasy and pain, searing pain from the burning tentacles that reach out and touch any and all that come near. 

The priest must fling the treasure into the hot belly because getting too close already had caused a few to spontaneously erupt in flame as their clothes, hair, or ornamental dressing catch fire sending the unfortunate into a crumbling blaze of fire and screaming. This only seems to cause the other attendants to laugh and dance more feverishly.

The gaping maw in the belly is never satisfied, the fires cause the statue’s skin to burn deeper red and hotter with every sacrifice. The tormented destruction of everything that is thrown in is evident from the gasps and radiating stares on the faces of all that stand and watch. Shadowy reflections of the flames dance across the faces of the onlookers like small menacing spirits in an endless chaotic rhythm across cheeks, eyes, and mouths. Many of the onlookers wear masks over their mouths, as do the more subservient attendants, they are clearly not leading but following the procession.

The ever-growing and constant fire within that is heating the creature to a point of almost white-hot, glowing even pulsating along the now almost moving edges seems to ripple with a life of its own. Gyrating figures all around enticing more and more onlookers, some sprint into the crowds of onlookers only to pull reluctant participants before the statue, mostly these are young children or young women that are pulled out of the crowd, alone nobody helps them as they are pulled away in grasping horror, many tossed in horror and screams into the burning blaze a few sliced open first to draw out their blood before the now dead body is tossed into the chasm or worse yet sliced and devoured by the leaders of this performance. 

The majority of them their screaming and crying drowned by the chanting tones of all the onlookers, in resistance fades from ear as they are drug across the square by the priestesses, even pushes by others in the crowd. People of all ages and status, standing, sitting, kneeling even bowing low in front of the image, watching in a sort of trans, maybe trans-human staring for hours upon end, waiting for yet again another tingle in their emotional base to spark, most of them on all fours, it is truly the earth that has them in its grip. One would say trans-human because their spirits especially at the front can in no way only be their own?

The most popular and beautiful are solicited into service as priests and priestesses, this service is not without compensation or costs, they receive the highest pay of the land, nearly rivaling the kings, they’re every want and desires are fulfilled, power, pleasure, and even prestige given them by the bronze statue or so they think. But to the costs; they pay with their servitude, it is a service for life, a blood contract for their very soul once signed, they no longer have access to, only death can separate them from service once they have entered. Every bit of purity, beauty, and strength is slowly sucked out of them until only a dried-up husk of a shell remains.

All of their symbols, the demonstrations, even the words being uttered are not their own, everyone seems to know the true source of the chanting, and as a result, their every movement seems watched and scrutinized by the leaders, for they must always conform to the behavior dictated by the temple or their position will be eliminated, outcast, or worse yet find themselves on the sacrificial table, a sacrifice for sexual mutilation for the visual pleasure of the gawking crowd. They, of course, must perform as they are instructed whether they believe in the ritual or not. They have paid with their soul, it is no longer theirs to choose, for they must bow down, and confess with their mouths the lies that the head priests instruct.

The priests and priestesses give all of their bodies, hearts, and minds to this image, the very acts they eroticize are designed to draw the onlookers in with every sight, sound, and movement. The rituals and potions that they must ingest have the severest consequence on these young beautiful bodies, marking them forever inside and out. Age and stress wear them before their time, and only when the beauty of youth seems to have left, are they discarded, penniless, without concern or ceremony.

The growing crowds of onlookers who worship them with their eyes, ears, hearts, and time, long to engage them, mimic them, even but touch one of them for the lusts and acts they impress into the audience’s souls. There seems to be a repeated rhythm to the show presented, the underlying negative message hidden deep within symbolism passed in front of the eyes of the onlookers, messages hidden that repeatedly create almost undetectable small scars in the memories of everyone watching. People have no idea they are being manipulated, memories and images locked away within the deepest chambers of their minds recesses, hidden doors to secret rooms that the priests can later use when the time is right.

A priestess rushes into the crowd to pull a screaming baby from the clutches of its horrified mother. Others in the crowd now hold mother back as the priestess brings the now flailing and desperately horrified child up towards the now red hot outstretched hands of the statue. She holds the infant up between the glowing hands clearly burning herself in the process.

A man stand’s off to the side gripping his small child’s hand, while part of him is pulling to rush in rescue the child from the witch’s grip, yet the other part remains fast as the fear for his own child keeps him from acting.

As the screams of the child, so desperate also the mother in the crowd, as well as many of the onlookers, reach a crescendo, the priestess turns and places the now dying child onto the burning hand of the demon. The very act seems to take the remaining strength from the priestess as she collapses between the searing hands of the idol, no-one steps forward to help her as she also begins to smolder igniting into flame from the heat.

A man turns to leave, his stomach already convulsing at the sight he just witnessed, suddenly jerked to a stop as he feels his own young son is being pulled back out of his grip by another priestess. A second and even a third priestess now grab the now screaming child and pull as the man thrashes, desperately gripping the hand of his child only with his one hand, because the rest of his body is being restrained by the multitude of onlookers around him not allowing him even to hardly turn or free his other arm to help.

Even as he feels his child’s hand slip from his own now sweat-drenched grip, so does his thoughts fade slowly into insanity as darkness descends its veil upon the mind of our man and the devastating realization of what is coming, fear, and dread constrict upon themselves somewhere in his chest, everything fades too black.

Two thousand, and twenty years later a simple man sits at his desk, and has a vision of this similar man to himself, working through his daily tasks, unabated by the constant drum of everything around him. He glances up at the TV, mesmerized by the beauty and eroticism displayed there, unaware of the symbols dangling from the ears or displayed on the gowns because his attention is not on the patterns of the dress but on the skin lying just below. 

Images of actors engaged in all sorts of shows, demonstrating every act of vile, vice, war, and death imaginable. Actresses, the most beautiful of the beautiful, voluptuous beyond belief, with men of strength and stature, engaged in all manner of sexual perversion, men who look like women and women doctored to look like men all speak in tones or emotions that seem to just make him feel uncomfortable. The more shocking and degrading, the more the people around him, the unseen audience, gaze in wonder, stare, gawk, and cheer.

I see our family man being brought to the image by his friends at first, then later just coming on his own, sitting more and more in front of the image. Staring into the rectangle of wonder, the rituals unfolding before him, he is hardly noticing the gradual deterioration of the events playing out in front of his eyes, the increasing images of fire, blood, and abuse of women and children being displayed. The programs seem to descend into deeper vile and vice every day, even the sporting contests he likes to watch are themselves becoming increasingly violent and angry.

The images continue to ever amplify in volume and intensity, brighter and more realistic, louder and longer, the same themes playing out on every channel long into the night. When did they all start dancing with each other naked, when did it become acceptable for the strong to abuse and rape the weak, when did the cursing just flow like filth through open sewer ditches of peoples mouths, when did the thief, the murderer, the child abuser, the criminal, the demon, Lucifer himself become the hero?

When animals were suddenly cruelly tormented and put to death for all to see, women brutalized to the cheer’s and ecstasy of the onlookers, children victimized at the very hands of other children, people didn’t even seem to notice the digression. When onlookers give up family, love, jobs, life, to sit there and worship, place their gold at the temple feet of these image providers, the transition was hardly noticeable.

When people start burning themselves on the white-hot hands of their god, it gives the onlookers an almost sexual feeling, while watching the pain it solicits. The audience almost erupts in orgasmic ecstasy with each ever-increasing act of human destruction. Crying for more, they will pay anything, their last coin, their pound of flesh, for one more moment of ever-increasing perversion. The most powerful of the land have become slaves to the blood as much if not more than those who perform these acts.

The priest’s, the players, the leaders, the bankers constantly call for more and more, but there is no satisfaction granted the actor’s plea because there is no quenching the hungering fire that burns within molech, or is it baal? So common is the burning of flesh, sacrificing of beauty, sexual perversion, it hardly has an effect on the onlookers any longer. 

The degradation continues, priests having sex with men, actresses with women, so common that it almost becomes the norm, almost preferred instead of the exception. Children are solicited at a gradually younger age, first against their will, and later even willfully, until the point where even babies are not safe from the clenches of the ritual. 

Actresses throwing their faces into the fire, witches wearing masks laying prostate naked in the image’s hands, convulsing in burning pain with screams of delight. Actors wearing masks sacrificing body parts even their entire body willfully against the white-hot image, knowing the flesh is destined to burn, and the only disfigurement awaits.

Finally, the high priest turns to the audience and says; “molech demands; you give us your families, no you give us your children now because the time has come and strong is he!” The priestesses are the first to place their screaming babies in the hands of the hellish demon. Men riding on the backs of the demon baal fling their crowns off their heads, and shriek in terrorizing delight.

One after another gives their own children to the clenches of the actors and priestesses as they rip them from less loving hands. There is no safety, no kindness, no compassion, just an ever-present hunger and lust to take the young lives and use them. “Put molech in every room!” the priest screams and men rush off to obey. “Lay your children in front of him!” the priestess demands, “and watch the fire devour the virgin flesh!” she screams with a witch’s shrill voice.

A wife comes to our man, pleading with him to come home, take his eyes away from the hypnosis that has gripped his mind, and come back to her family, their home that has fallen apart from lack of care. Our man no longer has time, he barely has time to function, his service to his family is in direct proportion to his interest in the events away from his gaze, and right now he is one hundred percent in front of this image as soon as possible, sit there in a euphoric coma all day, even falling asleep in front in front of it. He Worships’ it!

His children that used to play at his feet, climb on his lap, nestle against his chest, come less and less each day, because all he does is push them away. One day they stop coming altogether, and eventually, even his wife stops coming as well, never even bothering to call him to dinner.

He is not alone, many have jumped into the fray even screaming with ecstasy as they lay their babies on the burning white hands of this filthy demon. Putting them in front of the merciless hot flames, any and all purity burned from them. Screaming in pain the sweet innocent children’s cries are only drowned out by the louder insane screams of the lusting onlookers. 

One after another cast into the fiery maw of the filthy beast, now black with the soot of the many innocent victims within. Baby after innocent baby are thrown in without care or concern. The screams of the onlookers, why do they care, as long as these children don’t interfere with their fun.

So dark is the heart of molech, so crafty is the spider baal large is its web, yet all black as soot.

He hardly feels it as his daughter is taken by the images she watches in the solace of her own room. The grips of many witches clasp her hand as they pull her mind into the shadowy realm of darkened spell-craft, sure they promise her popularity, beauty, even love, they know full well none of these are theirs to give. Suddenly screams are heard by parents only feet down the hall as a father is finally pulled from his stupor and dashes away from the images just to meet a closed door and demonic screams issuing from his sweet daughter’s room.

He’s a big man, made large not only from his indulgence but from the years of heavy labor he has performed. He always trusted the strength of his arms to solve any problem he might encounter. He slams against the locked door multiple times and while it should have easily yielded something more powerful than himself was barring his way. Suddenly the demonic growls cease as well as his daughter’s weeping voice and the door just easily opens before him. Both his wife and he almost stare in sudden shock as the door opens by its own will. A man steps through even while gripped from behind by his wife, and only manages to reach out a single hand to take what appears to be his daughter’s hand in his own.

She has become more of an animal than Human, sitting on the ground, eyes staring forward in some horrific trance, looking more like a Jackal than the daughter he knew only moments ago. As she tries to pull her own hand away from his own now tear-drenched hand. Her strength has become uncontrollable, the grip sliding through his own as a shadowy veil descends upon his mind, an almost constriction seems to be occurring where his heart was, and he himself slips into darkness.

Gone forever the beautiful brown eyes of his child, our poor man stares into dark foolish loneliness. So dark is our man’s heart become, black as soot.

What about him, who by her own indulgences has been left behind,

The leaves and grasses now withered and grey,

unaware of the autumn storms a lost journey may sway?

What about those whom by choice or foolishness amend,

went the wrong way and willfulness descend?

Fall into the crevasse, or into the sewers distress,

only to find themselves being carried away into dark filth, dismay, and death’s recess.

Not a death of resurrection as seen from above,

a new life of winged flight and heavenly life, light, and love.

But a death of destruction where no new life can be found,

merely the disintegration of hope,

with its reintegration into soil, they are bound.

“God I pray for all who have been deceived by the spirit of this demon, and I pray that not only will those people who have been captured into the service of this dark temple lift their heads and have their eyes open, but You will also grant them the wisdom of how they can bring the fight right into the enemies camp with an influx of Your Spirit, Your Will, and Your Actions. Let us turn from slaves to great warriors of Christ and take back the venues meant to enslave us, Your people, turning it into a great weapon in the army of Christ.”

Walking on water, climbing out of the valley, seeing an attack from elevated eyes, whether sicknesses or storms, attacks of any kind, pollutants or curses, betrayals or lies? 

These are all the same negative energies being inflicted upon created physicality’s, subtle in their changes, their ill-intended derangement’s of malevolent intentions, with their dark spiritual abilities?

For it is through seeking of truths and making them our own, that we climb one step at a time out of the valley, up the mountain, the path from even before the universe began was known. 

We can take the hard way which is so often a climb, a meandering deviating path, a crawl, but we can also fast tract, by lifting our heads up to Him, locking our eyes in his, reaching out in childlike wonder, in hope, in bliss.

And He is never too far off, too busy to hear when we call out to him with our questions, or hopes, prayers, and fear.

By Peter Colla

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Peter and Anna

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Nino, Juan, Charlie, Everybody Are All Saying It; Watch “The Water,” Let’s Look at What God Says?

Nino, Juan, Charlie, Everybody Are All Saying It; Watch “The Water,” Let’s Look at What God Says?

So often than not, in this ever-increasing tension and chaotic times we happen to live, we are being steadily, and with ever amplified almost pleading voices told to “Watch the Water?” Now granted when it’s just some off the wall fortune teller, or one or another doomsday predictor that has been spouting the same End Times doom and gloom now constantly, at least in this old guys memories since the mid-seventies, it is hard for the just average worry wort such as myself to actually take head especially when the media is not relating in the least even a smidgen of the drama being “in contrary” sputtered on the wall like out there on the internet like some back alley bar after a shit storm? 

But all the same the pictures of water-related tragedies, storms, dams failing, overflowing, and collapsing, storms in such strange places of all temperatures, lightning strikes, tornadoes, mosquito tornados in Russia, fire tornados in California, even the ocean suddenly bursting into flames after an oil or gas rupture, people have to admit even though any one of these things strange as it may seem have happened before, now they all seem to be happening at the same time, not necessarily in the same places but certainly in the same short week or so?

But again are we specifically to watch the water? Or are we being told to watch the water as a sign of something else, something Godly going on around us, a significant moment either for the defeat of the enemy or the eminent victory of good, maybe both, maybe all at the same time?

So let’s look at this for a second and examine it not only physical “Body” eyes, or even experiential “Mind” eyes, but also through Belief, and Spiritual or Faith-based eyes?

So here we go again, as I have done countless times in the past, and with our usual twist of applying it to the health care arena of the “gerbil running in the wheel of the glass cage” oil-based shit-system built around us by them, life we have come to know so dear and with all the clarity of scuba dive swimming through a swamp?

“We have not because we ask not?” So I’m asking; what exactly are we all the above supposed to be watching, water, what water, where, and what “the frig” does that even mean? 

Are we the ones who are supposed to watch, or are these warnings to the bad guys, are we watching for doom or blessing… And the scariest of all, “All the Above?”

When we look at the Biblical “operational manual,” that’s what I call it, with all do respect because barring the never-ending topic of; was this book or that book get omitted because it suddenly would spread doubt to the entire rest of the Bible and its authenticity? 

And yes I have heard the arguments, if those other books were not true why did Jesus Himself mention them, Enoch, Jasper, Chronicles of Kings, the answer to this one is simple if we look at it with simpler eyes? Even John said if they wrote down every miracle that Jesus did only in the three and half years of His teaching, it would fill every book that had ever been written on the Earth? That’s a lot of books!

But they didn’t they only listed the thirty-seven, why? Well, I think for the same reason they didn’t place every book that may have been applicable into what we know now as the Bible. 

Like a cars quick guide owners manual, you have all you need for basic function, some general maintenance, or light repairs, as well as a guide to the safe and proper us of the vehicles the pretty much relates to anyone who happens to at least know how to read or bothers checking into it before tackling the daunting task of changing the oil or filling up the tank with gas. But they didn’t include a full mechanical guide including any and all repair options from changing tires with proper balancing and pressure, to higher levels of functioning options such as stress factors or torque limits when speeding around a corner at one hundred and thirty?

To cram in every possible thing about a car, written regarding the historical driving of cars or every option to fix, upgrade, maintain, or understand every little part would take volumes, much more than you are willing to carry around even pulling a trailer behind? It’s the same with the Bible, He gave us a quick reference book that we can apply to every aspect of our lives and even many within our own isolated universes we call our bodies.

There are many inspired books, people blessed with words from God, the Bible is purposed for help to all, many others are specific words for specific groups of people, for specific repairs of the infinite systems of life.

One thing is clear as we read and study the Word of God, He will place multiple meanings in the signed he shows, basically saying they are like an onion with images, messages for everyone, all simultaneously and often very different meanings depending on the perspective the observer is watching from. 

A simple example is “the Hand” that wrote on the wall everyone is also talking about these days yet happened almost three thousand or more years ago, for the bad guys this was a message of doom and gloom, an “oh-oh moment” for the bad guys, that makes shitting in your pants (which I am sure they did) seems like chewing gum bubbles pop compared to a lightning strike?

But for the good guys, those who look to God for truth, and not satan for their next fix of lies and white rabbit blood, the people “in captivity” watching even from the same room only steps away from their now “not-so-fearless” leaders, for them the writing is a clear sign of deliverance, justice (not to the wall) but to the people doing the dirty work, and deliverance from captivity, enslavement, censorship, eugenics, persecution, you name it?

Back to the water;

So let us assume as we already have in so many other health-related issues the “Watch the Waters” signs have multiple meanings to various people depending first what team they are on, but also because God is so ingenious, powerful, a master in incorporating everyone into the mix even from the smallest child alone in some far off hut, to the largest country, mega country, multi-national we own it all super conglomerate that thinks they control at least most if not the majority of the world that all apply at the same time; in the Micro, Medio, and Macro. I talk more in-depth about this in my Quantum Ascension Book.

Oh by the way the devil does not have the ability to make his signs anything but what they are, doom and gloom, fear. God turns even the devil’s attacks into signs that warn, give hope, educate, even stimulate growth in His followers always reaffirming; “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” Even attacks on the other side of the planet.

But again let’s keep it simple, even though God gives literally infinite massages throughout the planet for every one of His signs, we will categorically place them in two simple groups in order to not confuse the “sheeple” too much as they lift their heads out of the sand as Nino yells at them or they hear something that just doesn’t seem right these days??? Duh!

The first category is the sign is the impending doom sign, the sign that something big is about to happen, and the more frequent these are in close proximity and in time the more imminent and dramatic the sign is meant to get the attention of said; “sand heads.”  Even in Revelations, it is clear that various episodes of catastrophes, almost supernatural negative occurrences, and “I never saw that before’s” will suddenly and frequently occur signaling many to fear, hide, even die, but what they will also do is wake the people asleep “the freak” up! Many will die to their old selves and jump to the team of “Light Walkers,” “The A-Team,” “God’s Army” of Truthers, Patriots, trump Supporters!!! 

But at the same time many won’t, they will have to wait for the next seal, the next bowl of God’s wrath poured out not onto the heads of His soldiers, His End Times Remnant, but on the heads of the enemy. 

But again at the same time, he is also sending out signs to His Troops, “D-Day” is finally here, the “Big Judgement Fist” is coming, see the signs, know what they mean, and if you don’t ask God, He will tell you! Get ready, spread the word, the sign is but a flutter for these on the water, like the angel that touches the water as Bethesda. 

Bethesda was not meant for harm for those who are looking but merely a sign that God’s healing is happening that very minute. 

It is said “they” are putting poison in our water, toxins in the inoculation’s for our children, hiding subliminal pictures in children’s films, developing GMO crop’s that will kill us in a few generations, fixing our election’s and own our politician’s, working in labs to develop weaponized diseases that can wipe out large portions of the population? Not just our but all of them over the world manipulating governments towards their own destruction both from within and among each other, and even would manipulate an entire economic failure of society throughout the whole world, plunging everyone into a worldwide social and political downslide that would most likely end in total devastation, famine, war, and lead to the deaths of million’s, if not billion’s of people, for what money? 

But the most frequently asked question is why? And if this is true, who is the “they”?

Many of the same people out there that share the same question’s as to the why, often ask what possible benefit would it demonstrate for a small group of individuals, corporations, or even countries, to desire to kill so many innocents? 

If ever there was one or two individuals or a few that wanted to accomplish such diabolically ruthless destruction of the innocent, how could so many collaborators be organized in secret to perpetrate such an act, undetected, on so many levels, by many unrelated companies, over such a long period of time? It seems impossible to think how long it would take to set such an act up, let alone pay for it?

Let us suppose there is an entity out there that utterly and entirely hates all people, and wants nothing else than to either kill, control, or enslave all mankind for one reason, because we, people, are created in the image of God, and he is not.

Isaac Newton said; “energy cannot be created or destroyed merely converted from one form to another.” 

So here is this poor, pathetic entity, this large bundle of potential energy, that by its own choice, and “free-will,” walked away from God, and doing so also walked away from everything that was good, loving, light, truth, peaceful, tender, joyful, giving, healing, life-filled, compassionate, satisfying, restful, and honoring. 

And since this entity cannot be destroyed, it was doomed to an eternity of living in the complete absence of God, you take away all good, and all you have left with is the opposite… bad. How sad the entity is when it has to exchange everything that is good for evil, love for hate, light for darkness, truth for a lie, peace for war, tenderness for harshness, joy for terror, giving for theft, healing for sickness, life for death, compassion for cruelty, satisfaction for thirst, rest for anxiety, and honor for all forms of belittlement.

We can give it a name, does it really matter which one, for even the least of mankind, being created in the image of God, is infinitely superior to anything that is not. We could call it lucifer, a cockroach (fitting), satan, or an amoeba, a wisp of air, a rock, a pretty stupid choice, satan, the devil, Darth Vader, Ronald McDonald, or maybe something more fitting to its true ability to affect us, especially if we just decide not to let it; Boo-Boo the imaginary killer bear hiding under our bed.

Then let us also suppose, since this creature is away from, in essence, the opposite of God, it exists within a realm that exhibit’s all of those factors, bummer for him. While God loves, he only hates, everything, even himself. While God is about peace, Boo-Boo is about war, strife, and aggression. While God creates everything even life, Boo-Boo only wants to steal, destroy and kill.

Boo-Boo can’t create anything, he is only a stuffed bear, but can he steal? In John 10:10 it says; “the thief comes only to steal, and kill, and destroy.’’

He “only comes to” do that, it doesn’t say he actually does it. I have also heard it spoken in church, that he can steal that which was created by God, but can he really? For if he could, wouldn’t he have long ago stolen everything? Or maybe can he only take what man has freely given to him by us?

Can he kill, create sickness? If he could, wouldn’t he have killed all man, created a superbug or cancer that would have destroyed us, destroyed everything long ago? The Bible teaches in Deuteronomy, among others, that disease is the curse that comes from sin, our sin, sin that people do, maybe that we create. Sure we are being tricked and prompted by satan, but we still do it. But Boo-Boo never minds taking credit, it can add to our fear reverence of him.

Gen 3:17; “Cursed is the ground for thy sake,” we sin, our sin has an effect on the ground, the world around us (see; Visions of Reality), with the choices of our sin, disease results, and this result then prey’s on the innocent and wicked alike.

So here is a Good God that gives so many diverse gifts to His children, why, because He loves them more than all of the rest of the universe itself, more than He even loves His own life. What good Father would not gladly step in front of a bullet for his child? Any Good Father I know!

God gives us all, all of us, an infinity of everything we can imagine, every sort of wisdom, knowledge, raining blessings down on heads of His many children, as we play joyfully in the soft grasses of gardens blossomed on the breeze of His own breath, we dance through this wonderful life holding hands of other children, His own son’s and daughter’s, shining eyes of diamond sparkles brightly in their perfect design each and every one of them. The blessings are as infinite as the creation of the universe He has so freely given us, all for the use and benefit of us, for to bless us and each other, and in so doing give glory to the giver.

Well, ok, it’s getting harder and harder to see the dance, through this neck-deep muck and mire of sin we have to wallow through all around us. We can’t blame God, we created it with all of our sins. No wonder the world is at a point of regurgitating from the sickness we have polluted it with (another blog).

But then there is Boo-Boo and his other little buddies, the rest of the “beanies,” whispering into God’s children’s ears, coercing them to miss-use that which was designed for good. Prompting them to use God’s blessings in a way that is not about growth or good, but dwell’s in a more diabolical outcome, one that will ultimately be bad for either the person directly, or someone around him, and thus ultimately for himself as well.

Yes, this creature, this immortal stuffed under the bed hiding bear Boo-Boo, has powers that men can hardly comprehend, a diabolically complex ability to manipulate on a worldly scale, either directly or through the other lessor minions he has power over. It can, mirroring as God does, whisper into the ears and minds of people, louder for those who listen, but a mere nudge for those who don’t. It can prompt through the gifting’s of things it has already acquired dominion over, things of this world, but what it cannot do, create! For to create would put it in a class, or image, that it is not, one with God and man.

When we people give things to Boo-Boo, yes then he can use them for the purpose of his ultimate plan; to destroy, enslave, and completely dominate over God’s greatest creation. What better way to pay back your enemy, than to rob, enslave, even ultimately destroy your enemy’s children, you start by just coercing them away, sacrifice them, torture them, drink their blood!

People, on the whole, have a natural tendency to know what is good for them and what is not, and they certainly wish, for the most part, to give their own children what is good and necessary for them to grow up healthy, and continue on long past their own existence. So if Boo-Boo is going to get the children, he is going to have to do it under the watchful eyes of the parents.

Ok back to our original question, and we will stick with just one; why would corporations or nations put poisons in something like immunizations or our water?

So here comes Boo-Boo, and he comes up with a diabolical plan, forged in the minds of greedy men, men, or families Boo-Boo manipulated centuries ago through power and greed, promising rule, a cold loveless crown of gold and gems, so he could manipulate them into positions of power he could use when the time was right. Boo-Boo gave them riches and power, at least the ones he had control over, all a while whispering in their ears, telling them what he would have them do, “dominate over the people, for they are under you,” he would tell them.

“Enslave them for it is your right by birth”, he would tempt them, for They lust for power. One dirty deed after the next, ever building in intensity, commitment, excitement, and eventually; “kill God’s children,” for the ultimate lust for innocent blood is the perverted end of all power. But never forget, it was always their choice! These men, these puppets, when they would give him an inch, an idea, Boo-Boo wanted a death, a sacrifice, a theft, a baby thrown in a fire, some poison in a well. Attack God’s people any and every way possible, to the ultimate destruction of all people as a whole.

But these men are not fools either, for what happens if a ruler is found to be too cruel, or too many children turn up missing, and the mob figures out it’s the rich guy up on the hill? The mob grabs their torches, pitchforks, clubs, and storms the castle. It doesn’t matter how many troops an emperor has guarded his back, if the mob decides you are dead, your goose is cooked apple in mouth, on a stick, or dangling from a rope. 

Even the great Julius Caesar fell to the mob! History is a dark teacher, full of ghost stories and tales of terror to those who live in the dark places, especially when they are sitting without the luxury of a lamp.

So here we have these very rich guys that have been in Boo-Boo’s pocket for centuries, they know they can’t just do something that is too direct, so dark, as to wake up suspicion, but must maneuver in secret, through many channels, using many levels, covering their tract’s and keeping their ultimate identity secret.

They long to control as much as they can, and realizing what is the best thing to control if you want the greatest deal of influence, answer; money, and thus be able to buy up all the blessings of God. So they strive to own all the major banks, maybe even production of money itself, the markets, the oil, all the wealth, and they eventually lust to own, or at least control, the various governments, systems, media, education around the world.

Of course, it has been only in recent times that this was even possible to control nearly all of the monies, countries, and ultimately the people of the world. Many have tried conquering the world throughout time, and I am sure through more than a prompting or two from Boo-Boo, but the vast distances and enormous manpower it would require to not only take control but to keep it, would make it impossible to enslave the entire world at the same time. Plus there would have to be something that everyone, everywhere needed, and if you controlled this, you controlled them. Oil does allow this for the first time in history, but more so, communications!

Caesar, Montezuma, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, Oprah, when they all realized they couldn’t rule the world it wasn’t long before they fell. If any one country gets too strong before total domination can occur, Boo-Boo gets working, I mean whispering, and starts destroying it from inside as wells as out. Once he finds he can not achieve his goal of world domination, adios Muchacho’s, or Muchacha’s in some cases.

Boo-Boo’s ultimate plan is to bring everyone in the entire world under his control. That is a big plan for a little bear hiding under a bed! He is crafty, you have to give him that!

In order for him to accomplish this, since he cannot do it himself, for he is but a stuffed bear, he must stick his “lackey,” his puppet, his pathetic little boy-toy, a witchy-po or two, in that place of total domination, it is only then, that he has any hopes to rule. 

How sad is that he hates the puppet more than he even hates the rest of us! How do I know this?, because Boo-Boo just wants to destroy all of us, he wants to not only destroy the puppet boy, he will betray, turn on him, and ultimately feed him to the wolves when his usefulness is exhausted. History!! What a moron puppet boy is or witchy-po is!

So here is this small group of puppets that control all of the money, oil, and basic treasures of the world, it is through the money they also try to control the armies. The puppets are constantly being whispered to, for as things heat up, so do all of the many complex interactions of the cogs involved. It requires a constant bombardment of voices, like a stadium of screams and demands, pestering on the inside of the poor children’s brains, that have foolishly given themselves. 

I am sure it must sound like a swarm of venomous insects. What started out as a greedy little tickle, ended up as a Kaleidoscope of loneliness and deprivation that could push anyone beyond the boundaries of sanity. How could a person not pity the puppets!

They strive to control first money, that’s the hook, which quickly turns to power, in companies such as banks, insurance, weapon’s, energy, communication’s, new’s, education, and art’s, later it warps into control of entire multi-national corporations or groups of corporations. 

When money exceeds the amounts they could ever hope to spend, Boo-Boo just tightens his grip by instilling fear, fear that everyone wants to take it away from them, fear others will know what they have in their closets, Boo-Boo knows he put it there, steal that which they feel they own, they have built, they are entitled to, topple the little sandcastle empire they have built?

Little do these fools know, that everything they have, everything good, was actually originally a blessing from God, and what an opportunity they might have had to really make a difference for The Kingdom, and ultimately in their own lives throughout eternity, had they just listened to a softer, loving voice, instead of Boo-Boo rap.

Very soon just controlling a vast multinational company is not enough, maybe control over the entire industry might do it, or maybe a small country, but that’s not enough, a large country, or many? How can we blame these poor puppets, for he is just chasing worldly gold, like a crazed dog chasing its tail? 

In his heart he longs for a gift from God, attempting to feel some kind of completion, but little does he know satisfaction in this life can come from one place only, and that is through doing something for which a person was designed to do. A man could own the whole world, and if it was not what God had designed, no satisfaction would come, for satisfaction comes not from Boo-Boo, only thirst for more.

Then there is Boo-Boo whispering in his ear again, find me a way to kill children, and some scientist comes up with the brilliant idea; we will have this or that company put mercury or some kind of dormant virus in the inoculations of children. Make up a scary story and tell everyone, and if they don’t all eat the poisonous McDonald Hamburger, their kids are going to have their noses fall off? 

Boo-Boo’s top men make it happen, how can he, he is only a stuffed bear! 

Boo-Boo whispers in the ears of other men, other puppets, what would be good to add to drinking water? An idea comes from a man; hydroflourosilicic acid, more toxic than lead! 

More ideas, more money, body scanners are used to irradiate children’s bodies, because of some made-up terrorist threat, that the average American has a greater chance of dying of a bee sting than dying from terrorist attacks. 

Dormant cancer-causing viruses are animated by the radiating (public record), and the cases of cancer in children in America goes up 3000% in the last ten years. No problem Boo-Boo gets the media to lie, and blame someone else, “the wrath of God maybe.” Boo-Boo is excited.

Boo-Boo talks to key people in the educational system, promising fame and wealth if they will demise a way to reduce the population, push his products, do his research, so they write about the need for population reduction, the necessity to get rid of people, all stemming on the backs of what is good for the world, environmental. Little do they know as they conceive ways to destroy God’s children they add murder and lust for blood, to the already feverish state the world is in. This world was created for man and not the other way around.

“The company you control with your money, or the grants they rely on for their success, they will do what you tell them, or you destroy them.” Boo-Boo then continues by telling him to talk to the media, they will make sure that only the information he wants released get’s out, the truth will be squashed! 

Whisper in one ear, make a suggestion, a promise with no intent to fulfill, help another’s career, just to destroy when they are used up, create an army of puppets ruled by another puppet. There is always plenty to whisper in his ear, the one puppet that has proven over and over to do what Boo-Boo demands. 

There are many ways to get what he wants these days, plenty of ears to whisper in. Most will sell their devotion for much less than their fathers did, for it is gold Boo-Boo has, but souls he desires. How pathetic they all are, Boo-Boo must think, selling their souls for much less than Judas did.

Boo-Boo talk’s to the politician’s and if he doesn’t directly, the men who control them with power and money, do the talking. Getting them to vote on bills forcing people to use their poison. 

Writing in this or that law that rob’s the children of God the provisions given them by the Father, and deposit’s it into the bank accounts of the puppets he has under his thumb. Signing law’s without even reading them, for they show where their devotion lies, and it is not with the people but in the thirty pieces of silver.

Boo-Boo puts the squeeze on all the people by inflicting harder and harder conditions in which they try to provide for their families. But it is never Boo-Boo, he can’t do anything, but men; because of their sin, that’s why the squeeze happens, Boo-Boo just whispers in men’s ears so they think they are profiting from it and squeeze even more.

 Genesis 3:17 “And unto Adam, he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt, thou eat of it all the days of thy life;”

18 “Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; thou shalt eat the herb of the field;”

19 “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.”

More children contract autism, no sane person would want that, Boo-Boo does. More children get sick and die, no company of executives would stand by idly and watch their company kill million’s unless they knew they could do nothing to change it, or they fear saying something, Boo-Boo laughs.

Families are destroyed, women are used, fathers lose hope, visionaries close their eyes, men of power become pawns, other’s who once stood for honor sell their devotion for thirty pieces of silver.

What does Boo-Boo do, he just keeps whispering.

The question is not, who or why?

The question is; how could it be any other way?

So what do we do? Well, we can storm the castle with a pitchfork and torch? Not a bad idea, but God did say; “Vengeance is mine”.

Ok, well if everyone started to open up their eyes and just spread the word, the light would shine into dark places, and we all know what happens; the cockroaches scatter!!

The funny thing is, as the puppets get further along, it would seem like they are getting sloppy, or maybe they are just starting to feel like they have to communicate to get some kind of order in the chaos. 

Perhaps like some pathetic prison cellmate bragging about the number of bikes he stole before getting caught, they just seem to desire to gossip (not surprising), whatever it is almost everything is readily available on the web, and miraculously right from their very hand.

Is it possible these old rich puppets hiding up in their castles or down in their not-so-secret bunker’s think they could be safe from God when His vengeance come comes knocking? Pharaoh did!

Well, hopefully, they will realize one day, that they are also children of God, and no matter how many babies have been killed no one is beyond forgiveness. Everything that has happened has done so as predicted in the Bible, and only God knows the future, the end is already spelled out clear as day.

So the real question is do you believe a sure thing, truth, or do listen to Boo-Boo?

It is never too late to believe, even at the moment, you are hanging on the cross. Watch the water and pray it tells you of hope and promise, otherwise you better start climbing!

By Peter Colla

 “Dear Lord Jesus, help us all to see all of the lies of the enemy around us, especially those we ourselves have a hand in perpetrating. Give us the strength to speak out freely and boldly to everyone who would hear the truth, turning even a subtle light on in this world of darkness. And lift our true Elected President Donald trump back up to his rightful place leading our country!”

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“The Jab, They Are Forcing You To Take It, Worse Yet They are Forcing You To Dispense It!” Fear Of Man

“The Jab, They Are Forcing You To Take It, Worse Yet They are Forcing You To Dispense It!” Fear Of Man

Another day, another long watch in the old fox hole, in my own small corner of the war, my own little hill to guard, or the few unexpected villagers who still remain unaware that the enemy is not far off, waiting like some little bobble-headed dog in the back window of a car, wallowing in their removed hamlet still needing to have the truth told to them like a breastfed ten-year-old too afraid to spell football let alone play it? What is that sound, a constant thunder, a beating of some massive far-distant drum, like mortar shells sounding constantly yet quite definitely distantly booming one after another, only the softest of flash to alert one that we really are at an End Times War and it is not just another summer rainstorm including the far off lightning strikes?

It would seem that more and more the Truther’s, David “Nino” Rodriguez, Charley Ward, Mel K, Simon Park’s, Gene Decode, the Big Cowboy Boot Juan O’ Saven, are all reporting more and more Truther’s all being pressed with “The Fear Of Man.”

The question is posed, and more of a warning than request, asking desperately of this writer, who happens to know Nino, and may on occasion have his ear; to report to him regarding the ongoing and increasing push insurance owned health care companies are doing forcing many of their employees to not only take the vaccine themselves but press it onto an almost forced vaccination scenario especially with increasingly younger people, even trekking off to the border to vaccinate people some south of the border, even those who have no particular interest to come north, many actually being young children?

I look at my beautiful wife Anna, and her pleading eyes as she brings me more intel she so fervently gather from all over the world, in this case from a health care university staff member, a nurse, and Patriot in our own State. My first thought about this, and the question that follows, is not as much of an actual question, but more what does she expect Nino to do about it?

People who read my articles or have heard me speak realize by now I am a licensed health care provider, experienced with literally years of practicing, evaluating, and treating experience, treating thousands with every ailment possible from Addiction and Arthritis to Zika Virus and everything in between, including many considered untreatable; Cancer, Autism, Anxiety Attacks, some so rare I needed to look them up first to even know what they were? 

But the other thing people have come to know is my desire to place God back into the healthcare treatment regimen and why, and the consequential things I saw as a result, what I witnessed, learned, and gifts gained that I have tried over the last at least fifteen years to share with others. 

But I can tell you, without a sprinkling of hesitation, is that whenever I did do this, pass on the Truths learned to patients, family, friends, or colleagues, as soon as the name of Jesus was mentioned or even the smallest apparent evidence that healing actually happened the contract would be removed, the patient taken often under threat of losing benefits or insurance altogether, jobs lost, pay lost when these issues didn’t stop us, our entire practice was closed under the threat of bulldozing the building. 

When they couldn’t stop us from continually speaking the truths, yah sure, they could shut off all sources of funding they had access to, and they did, but what they couldn’t do is shut off sources they did not have axis to; we, in essence, went on Jesus’s Payroll and have been on it ever since, basically having all we needed to sustain us. The attacks don’t suddenly stop with only financial, if they can’t get you with one attack, through one widow, they will attack through another, to first destroy you and if this doesn’t directly work at least they distract you, slowing you down to the point you can hardly be effective for anything in this war?

Attacks then shift to those around you, if they can’t get you, your spouse, they go after your kids, friends, associates, other businesses that suddenly and unexpectedly stop talking to you at all, then on to your stuff, your water supply, gas, internet, cell phone, your car, yard, Wednesday night poker game with the boys…..when all that doesn’t work they poison your dog!

This is always the way you must fight the attacks, the only way, the Godly way; by seeing them for what they really are, then place the light of your attention on them, realize the Godly or spiritual aspects of these attacks places God truth on them like spotlights chasing the darkness away. Then any damage caused by the attack, that may have been acquired especially from their long past attempts, we must clean up with the many tools God has given us, and learn even grow from the experience.

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger!”

So why do I mention this stuff above, not to ask for sympathy, or maybe express regret, but actually treasure every attack that has ever happened as an opportunity to grow and get stronger? In this way, it gives us all new grounds, new battlefronts, a few more free-ed villager’s, sleepwalkers who have a clue, another poor soul who has been wrongfully or sometimes willfully locked up in their prison, the prison of a system constructed by them, reinforced by the lies of the bars we then allow to hold us, prisoner. We have often become ignorant to the many keys which we will not only unlock the prison once and for all but very well may knock the whole house of cards down in one single blast of titanic proportion Godly truth.

There we have it, as time sails on week after week and we slowly sail right into the dark seas of the impending storm, we all see so clear before us that one would wonder which travail will be next and how long before they are knocking right at the door of my very house?


Sure picking was much easier years ago when nobody hardly cared, censoring was something that only happened in those other countries, or people believed the course of action, the government, the media, really, for the most part, spoke the truth, (ok forget about the government), but for the rest of them, they did believe people told the truth at least sometimes? Scary things like witches or blood sacrifices were just a thing of fairy tales or Hollywood meant to scare little children or laugh about as people put them in the same category as Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, or Freddy Kruger, Hillary in her birthday suit!

With increasingly higher stress and more dire consequences aka threats we are put to the test almost daily, to basically, again and again, choose sides and admit almost with fear of prosecution our belief in God and stand against actions, policies, statements, or people who we know deep down do not have our best interests at heart but in fact, wish us harm, or at the very least want to control us.

But today if you are not being asked more and more frequently to choose sides, then I would wonder about the actual business you happen to be engaged in, and why the Dark State is so interested in you continuing unabated doing what you have been doing without challenge. If your business or workplace was not shut down and it doesn’t seem to have been hindered by the “Scam-demic” then I might ask myself what are they doing that seems to benefit the Dark State so much they were kept open when everything else was sent away to solitary confinement?

We are at war, and “What is not for Me is against me!” Hey, I didn’t say that Jesus did!

I can’t tell you how many of my colleagues I have heard say they wouldn’t ever, no matter what, take the very treatments they have so often prescribed or even applied directly to others, especially when it came to the more drastic so-called terminal illnesses, long before the Co-Morbid 19 came around? If they wouldn’t do it to themselves or to their loved ones, but don’t mind taking pay to do it to others, and in many cases much more pay than usual, then they are no less in my opinion than the ghouls who made the shit in the first place?

So there you have it one thing this is for sure, what you cannot do is to save your own skin from prosecution, a profit, or save your job by being willing to harm others, allow others to be harmed or ignore it altogether by sticking your own head in the sand? They are just going to Jab you in the ass when you’re not looking anyway!

Plus if you are not the actual one doing the dirty deed only the one watching silently from the sideline, or worse yet supporting the action with your own tertiary contributions out of sight out of mind, then you are just as guilty of the heinous act, regardless of you are the getaway driver, or some lab assistants, assistant, dumbass assistant four removed in some satellite somewhere in back-alley Hollywood film storage closet, writing and sending orders to Wuhan for more dried white rabbit baby blood.

So you like me my dear Patriots must examine very closely what exactly they are telling you they want to do? Remember when they do it, it is their companies, their payroll, their rules, and if you take the thirty pieces of silver don’t bitch about it when they are asking you to go out and sacrifice some innocent child or worse yet (if that possible) your own. 

Fear Of Man

I look up out of the window of my car, shadows of my past press hard against my heart denying me many blessings as I trifle from the daunting task of meeting new people. Great are the giants that hold back the children of The Living God, from touching the gifts God would so gently place in their hand.

Plenty strong was the fear as it cast its shadow with her dark tentacles pulling at every part of my being, not allowing me to even leave the car, sitting in the driveway waiting like some bored taxi driver buying time until his fare came back.

I was already thick into the gift of God’s blessings, the many gifts a man might see as he but stumbles on the path of our so Glorious Father. When you witness gift after gift given in such miraculous ways, freely in glorious bounty, how could someone possibly turn their face, or worse yet, hide from meeting yet again another gift?

But such a man was I, no correction, having no problem meeting people I feel comfortable with; unstimulated, unchallenged, never purposeful, unable to prompt inner growth, basically anyone that kept me wallowing in the dirt I so fervently served for years, those kinds of people I had no trouble knowing. Maybe it was because I was so secure in where I was at, that it was where I was yet going which prompted the scary, exciting, and challenging sight.

But step out, look into the face, not even the grand confrontation of the eyes of someone who actually might press and ignite that spirit within me, which so desperately tries to shine out, no I think I should just sit in the car and let my mother visit herself the “Hidden Prayer Room”, she so eagerly spoke of.

When all fear was gone what was this that remained, a pride that I have all I need? A confused sense of someone or something seeming different is just too strange to risk yet another change in my already rapidly fluctuating life?

Could this lowly feeling, this whispering voice, this dark lurking creature, hiding under the bed of my youth, or in the dark closet peering out at night be “The Fear of Man”?

What could possibly a man fear, hearing words spoken of the another his mother wishes to meet? A Messianic Jewish man, a man who believes in Christ, who built a hidden payer room for people to stay, free of any costs, just to rest their head from the worries and torments of world and soul. Ok, he has also told people on more than one occasion about the “Chair where Jesus Sits,” but haven’t I on more than one occasion shared the two occasions I actually saw Christ?

But here is it still, bar from me any reservation as to the eccentricity, and my own trepidation to change, there remains but one figure between standing on the positive side of a recently crossed riverbank, and further venturing into a Promised Land, and that is a giant of proportions that would dwarf Goliath. I say dwarf him because the fear today is amplified by a lifetime’s constant bombardment of all the senses brainwashing out of a child any and all uniqueness, individuality, personal potential, any qualities that might lend a person to believe they are special, created for a unique purpose in this world.

One possibility?;

Somewhere deep in the soul lies a hurt that found its way into a young life, most likely seeping into a perfectly created gently sweet adorned room, soft in its construct of mild shades and bright tender hues.

The pastel-colored nursery of a child’s heaven should only be filled with tenderness, love, and compassion; Light shining through cascading streams of soft light colors, warm blankets, and cuddly bears, with puppy dog eyes inviting a feast’s supply of hugs and kisses, mimicking those given in abundance by adoring caring parents. Secure is the furnishings of care, a loving rocker, a sweet bed safe from dangers, a picture of God’s intent for this young life.


The dark mold slithers its way into the crevices that unguarded words and inadvertent neglect, have rumbled small cracks in the young foundation, most likely at the base of the young house. That in which will no way show its evil head until it has grown thoroughly through the walls ultimately bursting out of its dark confines.

Demons can take on any and all forms, using all the created images that our God placed on this earth, and then warping them into their sinister use. Riding the coattails of a neglectful father, or a resentful mother, dragged in like the dirt under the feet of the wolf who pears through the cracked window hungry for young flesh to devour. Minds of small children misled and shaken by the very people trusted to impart truth, all along with their hearts cry out because deep down they know the truth, the same truth they have realized at least since they were very little.

“Woe to them that cause these little ones to fall, for it would be better for him if he had a millstone hung around his neck and cast into the abyss.”

Let’s examine dark mold for just an instant.

Starting out as the smallest of spores, incomprehensibly tiny, insignificant, even fragile, that such as a small insignificant creature, with stature so minute compared to a man, or woman for that matter, could yet wreak such havoc onto the life and purpose of said child? A man could lay it to waste with but a motion, such as the difference in strength, and it is not until it grows that any damage at all can be inflicted, and only then if it remains hidden, like the coward it is.

It creeps in through small imperfections of our home, the mistakes, or stress fractures caused by outward imposed pressures, our home not its, for it has to steal into that which is ours by design.

It needs to despoil nutrients from the house, taking from the structure, those parts that are meant for support, meant by God to help with the child’s growth; wood beams, floorboards, insulation, parents, family, friends, the church, school, and then it eats at them slowly almost undetected for years. Interlacing its black roots throughout the framework of the structure.

Oh by the way it has to be near the water, life-giving water, that which again was created for the purpose of good; encompassing health, growth, nutrition, cleansing, healing, water is stolen and turned to its dark purpose, to facilitate rotting and make more room for more of its dark self. Ever greedy, every hungry, slimy, stinky, the worst kind of fowl blackness.

Taking that which is designed for good, as the church, and interweaving guilt and judgment, forging ideals that separate, push people away, kill, and stifle, instead of reaching out in love, forgiveness, grace, and tenderness, as intended. The dark pulls back into dark recesses, sucks the water in, and converts it to filth.

What was of the purest, clean, clear, freshest, conceived in the very heart of the Father, when her water was intended for wrapping warm comforting arms around this small boy child, pulling his arm close to her, in the soft secure grip of loving tenderness, holding this young son of God close against her bosom, safe from the loneliness that this life would so speak into his ear, how could something so good, so true, ever be turned?

Some of the darkest most sinister attacks come right out of the swaddling of those closest and intended for good, such as the churches, doctors, family. Children of pastors, persecuted by homes riddled with dark cracks, have the greatest of difficulty, for the very institutions that were designed to help them, become their jailers holding them in a secret cell far from view, or deep under the ground from detection.

But greater is the calling to those who have the greatest challenges in this life! The veins of mold run so deep and thoroughly throughout some structures, often a complete bulldozing is only the beginning of the cleansing that must surely occur.

Thank God, He made the bulldozers as well, and they are under His call.

Black mold hides from the light, it is attracted to the dark, and it can only grow in dark damp places. Hiding not only its face from the life-giving light, but if the light shines on it its entire existence dries up and withers. By the time the darkness finally starts showing its face in the light, the amount of the infestation is so great, and bold is its defiance even to the light, only complete destruction and reconstruction can save the home.

Oh, by the way, its spores are deadly. People can die long before it is discovered.

But remember my dear brothers and sisters, the light is there, it’s everywhere, it is our walls that the shadow lurks within, those same walls that hold us back from getting out of our chair and claiming the full discovery of the gift God would have given for us. They are the walls that stop us from seeing God’s face in every gift that places her sweet hand in ours. It’s our own house that keeps the light from shining into the dark places.

Takedown the veils, open up the shades, make the walls transparent as pure crystalline gold and the darkness must die! Tear down the walls, those built by our parents, our experience, the world, ourselves, “doctors” and only then can the cool spring breezes, the very breath of God, His Word’s, blow through the finely lit halls of God’s glory.

My desire to keep hidden, to remain behind my veil, sit in my car almost cost me one of the most significant blessings of my life, to meet such a powerful man of God, a sweet teacher, a blessed friend, an officer in His army beckoning to another; “come put out your hand”.

Funny how mold works.

But there is another possibility?

An influx of a specialist into the battlefield!

The enemy mustering at the edge of a clearing, within safe retreating distance from the trees, can at times represent an almost overwhelming opposition, especially when the new young warrior to the battlefield, has allowed years of assembly to accumulate.

I ponder the question asked of me only hours ago as I relate and raise the statement of frustration I have heard more and more from believers “Truthers;” “why do my efforts to fight obviously persecuting thoughts and temptations seem to progress without effect?”

Understanding the enemy is key in the ultimate hope to realize victory.

Going into battle daily for the cleaning out of the lurking enemy within the forests of our mind can be a time-consuming and somewhat frustrating activity, especially early on. For those of great calling, of which anyone reading this is, I am sure with any confidence granted me by the keys from above to unlock those dormant rooms, would reveal the fact that many are the enemy that has been assigned to pester, tempt, ridicule, frighten, and distract, and even inflict a young potential officer in His army, to thwart him or her from the greater task at hand.

Perhaps even a Century of enemy troops stands between defeat and eventual confrontation with the leader, the Centurion that directs the rest. Getting rid of these directing cowards is key in taking dominion in the second heaven within the mind. But let us for the sake of literal content assume that our young believer, you, represented in this story have already been diligently cleaning house.

Stepping onto the battle plane, and taking in the scene before me, first, it is necessary to take into the eye the structure of what I see. A battlefield is always a place of destruction, it is the place where we have put to death those things that keep us from the victory and dominion of our house in its entirety. Dark is the soil from the rich deposits of fertilizer, the many deaths of sin and self, that have already preceded. It doesn’t take an Einstein to know that the darker the soil, the more fertile and greater the garden that said soil will produce.

Oh yes granted, we have given leadership to our house, and Jesus, recognized and undisputed Son of the Living God, God personified and came to earth for one purpose, to grant to us the ability and Way to come back to the Father, payment of our debt, He has been given rule. But we still have to make the choice each and every one of us, for each and every dirty thing we have called our own, face them, identify them, and drive them out. Christians can sin, for that you need to look no farther than the author of this article.

That means; armor up, go to the battlefield, find them, make them identify themselves, and then attack! if they don’t go running with their tail tucked, screeching like a stuck pig. It’s true, I’ve seen it!

And while today’s assignment is not fully exploring the tactics, attacking postures, strategies, armaments, and available troops the enemy might throw at someone, we will for the sake of redundant reading limitations assume that said warrior has been to the battlefield on more than a few occasions, cleaning house for the most part of the majority of enemy troops assigned, sent to keep him or her from gaining and granting dominion over their house, and also displaying the said house in the full clarity, with the face of Christ.

So there you have it, a house clean-swept through more than the average bears attempt to power spray, and the marked results; a significant reduction of attempts of the enemy to try to make you fall, will often lead to lulls in the action whereby attacks and lurking enemy seem difficult to find.

The enemy does, for that matter, only have an enumerated number of troops, and while that account may very well be difficult for us mortals to wrap our minds around, they are limited all the same. The enemy knows to waste troops on a futile effort as to harass one of The Father’s officers, is no more effective than trying to take down said warrior with a snowball, thrown from a great distance, in the blazing warmth of the clear summers sun in Phoenix Arizona. Of course, that’s not to say he won’t occasionally take a shot.

The enemy might decide to send in a specialist.

Scene; There sit’s our young warrior basking in the sun of a green grassed hill, sword casually lying at his feet, not out of neglect but because the need to pick it up and slice the throats of enemies, incapacitate them then bind them up and cast them out, like yesterdays old newspaper. This activity has become less a challenge and more of just an occasional fox hunt when he has a notion.

Oh, he’d be the first to admit there are a couple of foxes probably out there still causing havoc, but for the most part, the hen house has been free of harassment lately, and when there is a very accurate shot standing guard, foolish is the fox that tempts his aim. Much is the fruit of a calm hen house, constant and steady flowing production of good life-giving gifts.

Peaceful days, and a warrior lying in the grass, one might say his bottom has even impressed into the slope the contour of a chair. His eye and hand examining one of the perfect flowers the Lord has graced our young child with.

Gently must he consider the tender flower, because fragile is her pedals, and while he has clearly the Lion standing a vigilant guard within, ready at any moment to pounce into action at but a Father’s call, so does he also have the Lamb of Christ. The lamb who has branded the man’s heart with tenderness, compassion, gentleness, learning in sync every move of battle is intertwined also with a method and manner of healing. Balance is always a key to success.

Suddenly and gently as the sweet scent of morning flowers wraps her slender fingers around his heart, a soft warm barrier descends upon him completely engulfing his upper torso, distinctly strong around his head arms, and chest. This supernatural armor that seems to descend, usually precipitates something very Godly is about to happen. The world perhaps has called this intuition, a sixth sense, but this gift God grants is a reactionary calling out of his armor, for just as Jesus said in Luke 19:40; “I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.”

His eye lifts but a moment from his careful examination of the flower, he glances towards the horizon resting above the slope of the opposing hill, noticing directly the brown haze that seemed to also decent upon the land. It is the dust of the footfalls of that which is mustering pressing the hill, gathering for some kind of attack.

As the opposing horde begins to squeeze in on the territory of our young warrior, but no less important than that, the area of the land he has been assigned to protect, his post, the warrior remains in the safe garden comfort of recline in his now moss touched the chair.

For the keen sight has shown him there is a giant among them.

There is no immediate danger, they are still a long way off, and there is the question of the giant!

Not that giants hold as much of a grip on him in the fear department, that they once did, for he has slain more than a few of their filthy brothers before, and with each, the ease of disposal increases. But there still remains the unknown factor, it is still a bit distant to get a good eye on exactly what is out there clearly, that unknown lends its own factors of uncertainty, and it is a giant!

Let us further examine even as Jesus spoke about the stones speaking, the further context that might apply.

Luke 19:41-44

As He approached Jerusalem and saw the city, He wept over it and said; “If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace but now it is hidden from your eyes. The days will come upon you when your enemies will build an embankment against you and encircle you and hem you in on every side. They will dash you to the ground, you and the children within your walls. They will not leave one stone on another, because you did not recognize the time of God’s coming to you.”

But praise God Jesus immediately also gives the solution, for in the very next scripture Luke 19:45-46

When Jesus entered the temple courts, he began to drive out those who were selling. “It is written,” he said to them, “‘My house will be a house of prayer;” but you have made it “a den of robbers.”

Ok back to the young prince sitting in the grass.

Like I said ever alert is He for any and all attacks, having the Lion’s strength and stature, also means he has His senses!’It is but a moment’s moment and he realizes the foul smell of something lurking close!

A demon!

He rolls quickly to avoid a quick attack that now only slices air in a snake-like hiss, striking the ground where only moments earlier his head stood.

A scout, dispatched by the giant to deliver a head wound of fear that without a doubt would have paralyzed, if not defeated even a fraction of a lessor warrior, but such is the seasoned veteran to these feeble attempt’s, that it was but a fraction of a moment before the true author of that cat piss smell was easily recognized, and likewise only a marginal evading move with consequent circle slice and yet another frog faced demon head goes tumbling down the hill.

Our warrior’s jaw set in determined indignation, but a smidgen of a smile, for the Lion has completely engulfed him in ferocity and confidence. His eyes set on the prey that awaits across the plain. What is amazing, is as the froggies head goes rolling casually down the hill at his feet, the entire troop including the giant comes to an immediate and abrupt halt! They are suddenly frozen by the blast of the Lion’s Roar that just crashed through their dark senses, they are frozen like pillars of salt, with one exception, the shaking of their knees can clearly be heard even from here……

running is really their only chance!

I look up out of the car window at the smile of the strangest Jewish Man I have ever seen. Draped in a purple bathrobe, sweet joyful smile mapping his face as far as the east is from the west, white hair like the rays of the sun sticking out from his balding head, encircling his loving face like a streaming aurora. Difficult it is to make out any of those qualities though, past the sparkling diamonds shining out from the eyes so deep with so much wisdom and purpose, that a man comes directly to the realization that many are the volumes that couldn’t contain but a fraction of waits within.

“Come on in for a bit,” he says.

Getting out of a seat, facing challenges, fears, giants, in this realm or another, is a magnificent calling we should all but feel honored to take. Great are the giants that stand in our way, greatly microscopic in comparison to what we have been given.

We all have our chairs we long, and fear, to leave.

By Peter Colla

For Peter Laue

So many times I have had to face my own choice to run, to take it, to fight?

Each presented often not in my timing of choosing? 

But with each even as I made drastic choices that seemed to result in the utter destruction of my own house, business, life, those physical things I thought I held dear, I realized as I passed through these stones in my now distant past, an inconceivable better option, better gift, awaited after choosing God instead of The Fear of Man.

Had I not made those choices, every seemingly small “Yes, I am with Him,” when I find myself again at the burn barrel having to make a choice for Right, even though I know it will probably cost me my home, persecution, a job, my life, but thank God He gave me the strength to choose wisely, for it was through these many choices, these steps out of the car, telling a patient they should not take chemo for something they maybe might have attacked them in the future, knowing I will lose the job for it?

Thank God I made all those acknowledgments at the burn barrel otherwise I would never have met my wife, the love of my life. The greatest gift a man could ever dream to get.  

“Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for the wisdom You have so graciously granted me. Help me further to use that wisdom ever seeking to demonstrate Your face, not mine. Thank You for all the skills You have given me, either by my experience, training, or those you have breathed into me with the various experiences my senses have acknowledged throughout my life. I praise God You have given me all I need to overcome any battle.”

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Juan O’ Saven, Nino, Everybody Is Saying; Watch The Waters, And Pray? “How Exactly Are We To Do That?”

What is going on in the world? Floods in subways? New York, Washington DC .. you call those floods, you should see what’s going on in Europe? 

Entire villages two some three meters or more (six -.ten feet for us not so arithmetic savvy Americans) underwater… rushing water carrying cars through the streets like corks floating on the water!

And if you think; “oh that doesn’t matter, not my home, not my kid being drowned?” then you, my friend are not part of the solution and in my opinion part of the friggen problem! 

So if you are one of those “not my neck of the woods why should I care” people, you better stop reading right now because you’re not going to like what I have to say!

Floods, landslides, mudslides, droughts, earthquakes, suddenly appearing literally overnight at least over the weekend in places like Austria, Holland, Germany, Belgium, all the way down to Italy, Bosnia but Turkey? Not to mention Oman, Chech Republic, Luxemburg, Switzerland, strange things with waters all over the place… Africa, India, Yemen, China and Japan, even Tanzania, South Africa, Middle-East, Far-East, North or South half of the planet, it doesn’t matter, it’s going on all over the place, and not just specific targets one would imagine happening? 

Seems like every place or country that is a hotspot for news, at least End Times action White Hat or Black Hat, is being hit with a water-like attack these last few days! First, the thing you think is weather manipulation?

But it’s not just the tunnels, DUMBS, major rat holes, underground Cern or germ labs, those hidden right under our noses baby cooking hell holes we are talking about here, but small villages remote hamlets in Germany, little towns in Northern Arizona like Flagstaff nobody ever heard of (it’s not their fault all that election theft happened two hundred miles to the south in Maricopa the hell hole I happen to live in), or some obscure village in the polish countryside off in the middle of farm country, far off removed from the spotlight, and certainly of no concern to the rest of us more forward-thinking gerbils running on our wheels in the Big Cities? Isn’t it really the same as some starving baby in The Sudan, if I don’t know them or it’s not my kid why should I care?

In the Bible, especially in Revelations it talks about floods earthquakes happening in diverse places (places they never happened before) but it also says; “these will be like a woman’s travail’s (birthing pains) they will come before the birth, the major event! And if we really look at that example with spiritual eyes we see not only it is happening but who it is happening to; the mother, she is the one who has to suffer to bring the child into the world, and after the birthing pains comes the birth, more pain and more concentrated into a short time frame. 

Why that example, I understand the idea of travails happening unexpected and then the good coming, but here with this example, it really doesn’t apply to all of us especially men who wouldn’t have a clue about women’s travails except for the momentary displeasure of being cursed at in the delivery room because we did this to the woman in the first place?

But the good news; soon the birth is fulfilled and she receives the child in her arms, tears of pain turn into tears of joy, and the mother forgets the pain, and the spattered insults, as Love is deposited finally into her arms and to her breast. 

We are told to see them and know what these travails mean! Knowing and understanding is also passing that information onto others so they too can see, or make it a reality in their life! 

Is this possibly why these travails are happening in such diverse places, seemingly to the innocent? I think we need to look at this fact a little more in-depth, since that is what I try to do, uncover the spiritual meaning behind the attacks (specifically Medical) and discover what we are all supposed to learn from it, might as well try it here? So again when I don’t know I go to God and pull that tool of my old tool belt; “God You said we have not because we ask not; So I’m asking!” Why these small villages, why innocent people, women, and children are suffering, even dying?

My dear wife Anna talks to so many people all over Europe, and the world for that matter, gathering intel, not just the tidbits sprinkled out to the public but real information from real people, the “Boots on the Ground!” Even the vast amount of films of flooding, devastation, or the reported rioting in so many countries, cruel authoritative regimes (who used to call themselves democracies), who are forcing their will upon others nearly at gunpoint, using every dark tactic possible to force people to take the vaccine or buy into the narrative that we all know now is based on a lie. 

It really boils down to people being harassed to the point of revolution throughout the world because of the “Eugenic Agenda” of a few greedy, rich, satan worshiping, punk asses, that think their indulgences, wants and desires, are more important than the well being of the rest of us, and they don’t give rat’s ass how many children die, women raped, people suffer, or souls are lost, as long as they get their thirty pieces of silver or bottle of babies blood.

But let’s not get too far off the subject at hand the flooding?

My God the flooding that’s going on, Anna has had it verified from her contacts “Boots or in this case Heels on the Front Lines” and it’s actually worse than we are being told! She has Direct Contact in Holland, Italy, Spain, Germany, of course, Poland, also even in Romania getting intel that is being suppressed even by the usual internet sources! 

When they said; “Watch the water” and “It’s Going to be Biblical” well that falls under the “No Shit Sherlock” Category!

I spoke with my Spiritual Mentor in Pagosa Springs Peter, and his wife Rebekah jumped in who never does that, almost crying telling me, to tell Nino, that the “people need to pray”?? Then goes on to read me a story out of Ecclesiastes a very obscure book in the Bible I’ve maybe read through once, twice or a few time in my life and then barely awake.

The point is “People, in general, don’t really know how to pray?”  And it’s not the way these self-righteous preachers show everyone else, basically, it being only these guys or others like them that have an angle on it!

I’m going to write an article trying, as the many I have written about previously, specifically from a health care practitioners perspective, and that by the way is one who tries to put God into the treatment scenario by basically examining the whole individual Body, Mind, and Spirit (or Belief) and then applying this information into a resolution that can bring on healing, I am going to try to present it from the same point of view. Basically “asking God to chase away the darkness, asking for healing, picking up ammo for a fight, and praying” all basically the same things when examined on an energetic, vibrational, or quantum level, then tie it to the floods going on around the world and see if we can come up with a viable practical solution we can all grab on to? 

Now, that’s quite a prayer!  

I will try to do this, not using scare tactics or imagery that just makes the people fear more, but try to speak to the Truther’s regarding the Biblical nature of this stuff with the hope to give them positive belief for what they can actually themselves do about it!

You know what gets me, what really burns my craw, is why is it that these tragedies seem to always hurt the innocent though? Why do the Rats seem to jump ship and somehow survive before the actual ship goes down, taking the innocent children or sweet grandparents who are too old and feeble to get out of the way of the floodwaters as everyone else is running like chicken thieves; chickens in hand?

I am immediately reminded of a story I heard some fifteen years ago, about the same time I had my own near-death, come-to-Jesus, tub experience, I have talked about in earlier writings and will not regurgitate right now, except to say that at this particular time in my life God was showing me many things, many miracles, I hardly comprehended then, vaguely wrote about, and certainly did not even remotely understand until perhaps today; also as it turns out having to do with water and Flagstaff. 

It was a particularly hot and dry summer, and as it was when the summer would not present enough afternoon rain showers as was often seen in that particular part of the country (Northern Arizona) the forests would dry out to the point of being literally a tinder pile with merely a lightning strike or a discarded cigarette butt being all that was necessary to set the whole forest ablaze?

So they do on occasion close the forest or forbade campers from building fires, and in some drastic extremes both, as was the case in this particular summer. But how it stands there is always one or another limp dick who thinks his wants and desires outweigh the risks or hurts potentially posed to others, like some moron want-a-be Mario Andretti who drives down the freeway one hundred and thirty miles an hour, in his souped-up Fred Flintstone mobile that is designed at best to barely go sixty. The dumb ass crashes, and especially if alcohol is involved usually walks away but not after taking an innocent woman or a couple of kids down with him? 

So was it this particular summer, one or another also dumb ass just decided he wanted to camp even though it was forbidden, either he ran off or stumbled off in a drunken stupor and left his fire which quickly broke out and consumed the entire side of the mountain on the East side of town. Either it was the high elevation and even higher pitch which only drew the winds in like a blast furnace made it impossible to get the thing under control and the fire burned nearly to the edge of the homes far below in the foothills of the great mountain before going out.

This kind of attack, a real spiritual one that has a serious curse behind it never precipitates all of its destructive power until well after the attack seems gone and so it was with this one. About two months later the rainy season started and as anyone who lives around great mountains will tell you, they seem to attract the storm clouds like flies to sugar, and it wasn’t long before the major monsoon rains began, except this time there were no trees, no undercover, to hold the rain as the mountain was being drenched in millions of gallons of Downpour. 

The rain pours down the mountain gathering speed and volume like a big wave crashing on some sandy beach somewhere. By the time it has come the houses up on the foothills the pathetic efforts of our civil engineers to channel large rains into the streets and then into the sewer drains waiting below, are so seriously overrun so much so you think it was one of those “Haboob’s” you only see on TV in Saudi Arabia (another event this weekend) but sense deep in your heart it must be the wrath of God. 

Long before the major wave comes crashing down the streets, they are already beginning to flow like a small river, and by the end of the summer, this rain has become such a welcome sight in Arizona (desert country for you readers who may not be from around here), beckoning children and old people like yours truly to come out into the yard or at least watch the rain from the patio? This too happened!

It was reported that two little girls one four and her sister of six or seven (they may have been even younger than that) were among those who ran out to watch the rushing water of the rain, and when they saw the crashing tidal wave of debris and death barreling down on them, turned quickly to run back to the raised recesses of the house. They didn’t both make it before the waters talons took the younger sister!

The older sister jumped in after her sister and pressed her to push the little girl to safety several yards down the now-massive flowing river, before being pulled under herself and disappearing from sight only to be found at the bottom of the mountain days later buried in the mud, washed away materials, and fallen logs. 

I remember crying at the thought of a little child giving up her life to save her sister (A true Martyr of Christ),  but more than that at my own anger towards the ass hole who through his selfish act had caused this tidal wave of water to occur in the first place.

The news of that little girl giving her life never made it to the TV in the days to follow her death, I don’t know if I ever heard her name, often as it were news doesn’t report stuff like that especially when it happens in the more poor parts of town as this was, or in such an off the grid location that people could hardly notice if they did?

What exactly is a travail, in diverse places? Why does it happen to innocent and not down the mainstream in Hollywood or Wall Street? Maybe it is because the travails happen to the mothers, so they will know when the baby is coming and they will be prepared, looking, expecting the eminent knocking on the door?

We are the Bride, the signs are for us to see, comprehend and watch for Jesus to appear in the clouds, the major event, the actual birth!

So Rebekah is right we need to pray! But there again, pray for what and how?

Even Juan O’ Saven is telling everyone to pray!

I’m not a pastor, nor even a righteous man, of this I have been guilty of trying on occasion? In the Spiritual treatment Realm, in the application of applying Spiritual or Godly Truths to health care and the health treatment arena I am an expert! Expert because of experience, the desire to do it, the acknowledgment or saying “yes” when I was asked, and the courage of not turning away from the truth even when being slandered, threatened, attacked, and the honor of being given the wisdom God has deemed me able to express in writing or word.

The very act of asking God for understanding is prayer, the very act of saying to God; “I have not because I ask not… so I’m asking” is prayer. Every time we include Him in our daily lives, not just casually ignore He is there, but actually recognize He is and throw out the simple thought or question; “What do you think about this or that,” or even more simply “look at what I found” as we sit and play with the objects we happen to be focussing on at that moment. These are all prayers, the best kind!

I wrote a story that captures this image as well as one painted before me, actually wrote it as a part of a book “The Father’s Love,” one of many I have finished but yet have not published. Part of this story was released in my last book Quantum Ascension, but I think it is appropriate to tell here at least in a small part.

In my dream I am transported and see before me, my own small child Grace as a baby, sitting on the floor in front of me. What is amazing, the image I can see is one where I am looking at the scene from directly behind her and I can at the same time also see myself sitting on the couch off to her right watching her play? A sort of out-of-body experience is taking place, that or I am somehow transported back to witness the event that I also remember myself in the past? Regardless, I am clearly there watching myself watch my child.

I say I can see myself because I am sort of watching her, and watching myself watch her even as the scene unfolds before me. There is a look on my own face, as I watch my sweet child just sit there, playing before me; of pure happiness. And while I probably couldn’t do it justice, let’s just say I don’t think I could ever remember myself as happy as I witness myself at this moment. But perhaps the only word that I could possibly come up with, that could even remotely describe the look on my own face I am witnessing is utter bliss.

My little daughter cannot be even a year old yet, because she doesn’t seem to be old enough to stand up on her own, but she is sitting unsupported. She is from the vantage point I am observing, right now behind her, clearly sitting looking or playing with something in her hands.

My own eye must have the supernatural ability to simultaneously look from behind her and at the same time, not only see what she is examining in her precious hands but also the look on her face as she examines it? She is just sitting there looking at a simple small rectangular toy, perhaps a small woodblock over and over in her hand as she looks at it, studying it, and turns it over again and again examining each side as if the new side is suddenly and excitedly being found new again.

Her face is one of complete contemplation but also happy and smiling satisfaction as she looks at the block, turns it over, looks at the other side, and then looks at the other side again, studying it and smiling in her thorough exam. I think I even softly hear her quiet voice a soft cooing sound as she again discovers a new side. “Hmmm, Ohhh, Ohhh, Hmmm” The words she says soft are as relaxing to my ear as the wave of symphonic images that bathe my sight in beauty, love, and joy.

I am amazed at her complete peacefulness and thoroughness she places on this simple item, locking her gaze, not wanting to miss a single atom of the precious treasure that has suddenly found its way into her hands. Over and over she turns the block examining it and excited again to find a new different side, color, or image carved on it.

For a moment she almost seemed to get so enamored by her activity she almost forgot I was there, but suddenly she stops and turns, needing to make sure I still was. She looks up to me sitting on the couch next to her, watching her. She gives me a happy satisfied smile, almost as a response to me watching her, and just as quickly returns her gaze to the object of her attention. Because just as fast she looked at me, she was is right back looking at the block, again starting to rotate it around in her hand as she examines one side and then another.

Again my spiritual eye goes back to myself sitting on the couch and the look on my own face as I seem to realize myself she is just making sure I am still there; her father, safely watching her as she plays. A wave of personal satisfaction as my own fatherly self seems to know that she must have thought, at least realized with the look on his face; “Yep, dad is still there, I am safe, protected, loved, even being watched.”

Then back to her sitting on the floor looking at the block and me watching.

Again she suddenly stops, but this time reaches out with the outstretched arm to show her dad on the couch the block in her hand. Looking up at him and lifting it up, she smiles at me clearly wishing to show the wonderful treasure she has just discovered.

I cannot begin to describe the feeling I see on my own face as I look at the wonderful smiling bright loving eyes of my child, reaching up and wanting to share her new discovery with me, her precious treasure. At this moment she is giving me a true experience a true gift in my own life, one I will cherish as a true treasure, a gem, a real golden nugget, and love all wrapped up in a single “wonder”-“full” wooden block, an image of utter joy, pure bliss that I will remember for the rest of my life.

This I feel in my heart and realize immediately in my own thoughts; “Is the Definition of True Worship or Prayer.” God does the exact same thing with each and every one of us as we sit and discover the world He created for all of us. And like I saw myself, He watches with infinitely more love than I could possibly comprehend as He watches all of us as mere children examining the simple wooden blocks he gives us each day.

And if I can sit there and feel a wave of utter joy as she holds up the block to share the new discovery with me, how much infinitely more does our own Father feel when we take but a moment in our busy lives and hold up our own discoveries to Him, or ask Him what He might think?

God loves to watch us experience his gifts, loves it more when we look to make sure He watching, and loves it the most when we reach out and share our wooden blocks with Him.

That is the definition of Prayer! In my opinion.

By Peter Colla

“Help me Lord to remember you are watching, eager, and loving in the discoveries we have each day, help me remember to take the moment to reach out and show you. And help me pray.”

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