The Internet Will Be The Demise Of The Deep State

The Tower of Babylon may have stood for centuries as a reminder of what happens when humankind not only strives to ascend to God through our own foolish ventures but does so through the communicative cooperation of everyone on the planet in unison. For didn’t God the Father Himself say; “Is there nothing they cannot do if they all speak the same language?”

Historians have told us, in-regards-to various conquerors throughout our world, that had it not been for the great distances as well as the difficulties to communicate with intercontinental peoples, the world may have been conquered long ago. A “One World Government” would have been established and darkness would rule the world.

Let us for a moment suppose the idea that the powers to be have given us the internet as a means to try to control, censor, and manipulate the world’s entire population by thinking they control the information narrative. The internet was by its initial setup primarily a place for gambling and porn, or at least that is what it seemed in the earlier years.

As usual, the weapons that the enemy would use to destroy the Children of the King have indeed been turned against them. What has in-fact occurred; the internet at least in the earlier years, has provided a platform whereby people can publish unadulterated information even about the most seemingly ridiculous topics, suppositions, or theories those even being conspiracy or in truth in fact?

This single miscalculation by itself would not have led to the demise of the Dark State alone, since the “powers to be” do control, at least from an administrative perspective, the internet, or at least they think they do by owning the companies that facilitate it.

No, their miscalculation is not learning from history when it was right in front of them all along!

About fifteen years ago when the internet was in its infancy I noticed an anomaly while playing online pool on one of the earlier browsers; when I would talk to someone, specifically chat, they would chat back in English no matter where they lived in the world. I remember remarking to a person from Mongolia; “It is amazing how good your English is?” He promptly responded; “I’m not writing English but typing Chinese and your responses are showing up in Chinese.”

Just like the in days of the Tower of Babylon, today we are all able to speak the same language, and as God the Father did kind of say; “If they can communicate all of them everywhere with the same language there is nothing they cannot do.”

Now that we are all speaking the same language over the whole world I believe the world is awakening to the fact that we are all Children of God, there is no difference between races, colors, locations on the globe or even religious belief, and the only real enemy out there is the true enemy evil, darkness, or the Satanic minority that would only control, enslave or destroy us.

We had to go full circle with God and now that we are all talking, we can finally now all stand up together against evil, and there is nothing they can do about it except cry. As the light is turning on everywhere in the world the darkness is fleeing, but guess what, they are running out of places to flee!

By Peter Colla

“Thank you Jesus for many gifts you have given your children, and thank you for the wisdom you share with your children. Help my brothers and sisters open their eyes to the darkness that has tried to destroy your children, and turn on the light in each of them as the truth shines forth like blazing torches in previously dark places.”

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