Grace; The Combination of Strength and Beauty

unnamed-1One might ask why Grace, and considering the question and possible explanation, factors, and an entire gambit of possibilities that might arise, if an answer need to be given, better to just give the truth as remembered in stated memory; regardless of the who’s and why’s, but better to delve on the endless possibilities that such a name grants?

Given histories and losses coupled with difficulties, families devastated with untimely departures from this world, the “Gift of Grace” might present itself as the first and foremost answer to a possible explanation within the obvious choices for such a gift.

Grace is by definition; a blessing of unimaginable value, the greatest and purest giving of one to another, something so valuable in essence far beyond that which the recipients might deserve. Forgiveness is such an example, or also, sometimes in the case of debt, when it is unexpected or undeserved; this can be Grace. Or when someone is diagnosed with injuries or sicknesses, of which death is eminent, a sudden healing, a sudden forgiveness, when no mercy is deserved, isn’t this a true example of Grace? These examples would by no doubt be considered Godly, but so is Grace.

But are these the Grace that was presented in picking such a name?

When in the fact, considerations also went to the name of a particular Princess Grace, a woman of impeccable beauty and undeniable class, the kind of class not given by birth name or bought with mere coin, but realized as a product of the persons own inner light, that resonates from her in the most purest and genuinely good essence. The name of Grace was an obvious candidate, and the fact that my own education in Holland, and the further fact they called Princess Grace actually Princess Gracia, made a cute variation on the name as to the name our child.

But what of other kinds of Grace? The Grace of motion for example?

When motion or movement is part of the very essence of a persons life, being clearly an athlete from the very moment of birth, is it inconceivable that grace might be referenced? But people can not know as early as birth whether one might be athletic or not, or do they? In such a case as Grace, the demonstrations of physicality are so obvious that one might only look for a moment at the small baby lying before, and no doubt at all would appear that this little one would have that physicality, become a partner in life’s path long after such a thought originates.

What is Grace? If someone might ask me for my definition of Grace I might say it’s the combination of Strength and Beauty.

Strength in an undeniable character, being derived not only by the result or quantity of our physical ability, but the ability to stand mentally when others would fall. Stand for truths, stand for moral ideals that transcend the personal desires of individuals and further add to the overall goodness of an environment they find themselves in. Strength in endurance, over adversity, or overcoming controversy, judging for ones self the difference between light and dark, and having the courage to stand up for what is right, these are all qualities of strength. This kind of strength, without doubt, often involves a feeling of charity rather than self.

But what about Beauty, there are many types of beauty? No doubt when beauty is unmistakable resting in the picturesque qualities that present themselves, of which no one could deny, they are so easy to recognize. But more so the beauty of such a display usually presents itself without the need of presentation, adorning or the need to point fingers at? When athletes are considered beautiful there is always without doubt a certain image that comes to mind, one of fluid motion, long, strong and strides that seem to flow without much effort, usually absolutely relaxed in their ease of movement. A sort of flying while running, or better stated; “gliding.”

So what happens when you have not only Strength, but the combination of Beauty is added to the image, result; the picture of Grace manifests itself directly into your mind. How appropriate to have a daughter, a clear gift of Grace, modeled in thought and hopes to another Princess Gracia, who herself was of undeniable Grace, then to develop into such a young woman that again displays such Strength and Beauty and thus without even trying displays pure Grace.

This is the Grace I know.

By Peter Colla, Father of Grace

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