Ascended Souls = Light Seeds

People moving towards spiritual in such a manner as could be described as ascension are as bundles of impulses that flow out in every direction yet with a perfect organized motion following synchronized harmonies seemingly predetermined like the paint strokes of a masterpiece, these beautiful pigments are altered only by our own individual choices, intent, or emotions. Realized in sparkling arrays of exploding lights illuminated off into various yet perfected directions as they too aid in the oscillations of the life particles they come in contact with.

What exactly is a “Light Seed,” the “Remnant,” God appointed King’s, Angelic apparitions, Prophets’, See’ers, Oracles, or “Palladians,” there have been many names given these five-dimensional Ascended souls throughout the ages, and may all very well be of the same construct? One thing is certain, as we have already ascertained, they are made up of the same base energies on a quantum level, merely vibrating in a higher frequency than the normal majority of the rest of us around the world today.

Let us for the sake of this discussion consider the name Light Seeds. I must say from experience that it has been truly my pleasure to meet a couple of them in my lifetime, but truth be told, I had to search almost the entire world to find one. They are the purest of people, kind, filled with unfathomable love for everyone even strangers, animals, children, as a matter of fact, I can say when witnessing their behavior towards others they never exhibit even the least fraction of negativity, jealousy, or lies, except when it comes to coming in contact with evil, then their reactions have almost lion-like veracity in them. 

They are easy to recognize for those are looking, having attractive qualities about them that defy explanation, soft yet indistinguishable beauties male or female, movements that rest within the nuances of almost musical notes, voices that resonate in reflection to the good words so often spoken by them, even their eyes seem to sparkle with lights that emirate from within. I have only known a few of these people in my long/short life and must admit in every case they possess an uncanny ability to facilitate happiness, gladness, joy, as well as peace into almost every being they come in contact with, regardless of the disposition, background, or affliction the surrounding finds itself in.

These light like radiated explosions that these people undoubtedly resonate are not destructive in nature but creative, ever reverberating into continuous and reigniting crescendos of new and brighter colored waves mostly whites yet tinted ever so softly by the light colors of the subject and individuals they contact. They are completely encircled by the reflection of the elemental energies that they happen to consider, and the whole world around them, in loving reaction, transforms and adds to the colors they exhibit. The whole world is thus their canvas and pigments they have no need to own or possess it they merely use them while others take care of them for us. They seem to have one single goal and that is to make the world better for those around them. They truly seem to seed light!

The dark ones, on the other hand, those of descending destinies, may seem to be rich in the material earthly product yet they ignore pretty much the majority of the world around them in their quests keep in their perceived grips on the fluctuating energies lusts of their eyes, concentrating on an ever decreasing and singular points of physical energy, often focussing on what they don’t have, greedy to hold God-given energies for themselves, hoarding what they have within their grasp rather than sharing any of them with others around them. They seem to concentrate on such a singular and small point in their life that the entire rest of their surroundings begin to at first blur and eventually begin to dim to the point where they darken and eventually blacken completely and the only point of any light is the small ever-narrowing hole they are looking towards which itself is but a shadow because it is something they do not have rather than what they desire. This has the effect in these of turning any aura energies radiating outward to be inwardly directed, ever concentrating, shrinking, condensing until an almost blackhole effect manifests. 

The world around these dark spirits eventually darkens to a walled cell seemingly cold concrete in form, reinforced with bars of the jail they have themselves constructed thought out their lives. They exist in this self-constructed dark cell ever peering out towards the one small speck of light they imagine they want in their life, the small idol of desire they cannot take their eyes off of no matter what happens to them physically. The rest of the world seems so scary because, in their world, it is dark and cold. 

The ultimate hypocrisy of it all is the deep bunker existence of this dark construct, the great assembly of negativism they have built around themselves through continued lust for power. Their fear is the ultimate creation of emotional “Destruction” within what they feel or believe they have already built, the dreaded fear of loss becomes the driving force pushing them towards an ultimate goal that they must know is not good for them. It is all but an illusion, they have built nothing except a concentrated fixation on the single thing they continue to stare at, trying to hold energies they cannot hope to grasp, like clutching onto winds, vainly giving their devotions, their very lives to other spiritual constructs that care nothing for them, merely playing the fool in someone else’s grand game. 

“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” 

The man who is rich in material things because he has spent his life accumulating now lives in a cage of materialistic darkness ever fearing others, someone, something will take it away, until finally, the small candle he calls his body given him by God shrivels up into a dark useless husk and parishes. This descending of spirit has a clear negative effect on the body, pulling on the skin, hardening the features, placing stresses and strains on various bodily functions until those systems either rebel or fail altogether, a diminishing functional development takes place, which can be patched but never heals ultimately leading to death.

The lighted person on other hand continues to take in the same portions of light yet shines out all the light that comes in from every direction, sharing with those around them, blessing, and even healing as God’s life-giving energies are redirected, amplified, and even concentrated into useful, love and life-giving creations of positivity. 

It is commonly said of a light seed; “The whole world surrounds her and belongs to her, others merely take care of it, so why be concerned with owning anything, we will just share with people everything we have and they can share with us as well.” Giving out as much that goes in is the essence of true riches, “Riches stored up in heaven where no rust, or moth, or thief can steal. For where your riches are there your heart is also.”

Science has told us that we have physically so much untapped potential using one a fraction of the capacity we were already created with. One example is our brains, using only 10% or so, and if we could somehow increase merely the functional usage there is literally nothing we couldn’t do, even live or exist outside the restrictive capacity of our own bodies. 

I have also read that science long ago realized that on a functional cellular level there is really no reason why the body ages, or cells finally age and die, having the capacity to replicate themselves nearly forever, yet for some yet unknown reason cells all begin at a seemingly predetermined date to breakdown almost as if on cue. 

One amazing fact that has recently leaked out into the awareness is that out of the twenty-three pairs of DNA strands in a human body only two are actively being used thus leaving the other twenty-one dormant to be later activated, used, or potentially created but seemingly inaccessible until later?

It is my contention that the awareness process or an increase in the spiritual expanding consciousness in effect activates unused or dormant strains of our own DNA and thus illicit functions spoken about in the research mentioned above along with any or many other possible functions we can only imagine. We can all potentially become light seeds after ascending the right amount of steps, yet with our own individual Godly created specific talents, I believe that with ascension consciousness it is possible to fully activate the already created treasures of our perfect initial creation, bringing us back to the enlightened pure lightened state we were initially designed to be. 


By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus, help me recognize the star seed you placed in each and every one of us, water that seed with your loving wisdom, and allow us to grow to the potential you would have each of us become in your kingdom.”

Excerpts from soon to be released new book; Quantum Ascension in Health, Wellness, and Healthcare 

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