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25 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Diana Trott says:

    Dear Peter….. I enjoyed your talk on Your ideas about dis-ease being in three parts: 1. Physical. 2. Mental. 3. Spiritual, which includes demonic attacks, was particularly interesting to me. I hope Nino has you on again because I would love to hear more of your ideas. Your work reminds me of Louise Hay’s teachings.

  2. Kim says:

    My 38 year old son has been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. He has two children under age two. Could I purchase you book on healing? I heard you on Nino’s corner and appreciate your connection to Jesus and scripture. I have seen so many people believe for healing but never received it. You mentioned we could get a signed copy by contacting you.

  3. Mindy McCombs says:

    Hi Peter! I learned about you through Ninos Corner and he just posted your beautiful article about The Armor of God on Telegram. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and guidance. I have always been told I have healing hands and would love to really truly heal as many people as possible. I myself still need healing though. I am definitely interested in working with you and learning how to master this gift. God Bless 🙏💖🇺🇸

  4. Vanessa says:

    Hi Peter, I have just watched your interview with Nicholas Veniamin on Rumble. I found your words very uplifting. I am a Therapist and I always ask for God to use my hands….and yes healing for that person on some level takes place. What a wonderful gift HEALING is and it is always GOD GIVEN!
    Kind Regards Vanessa

  5. Kelly cooper says:

    Hello, I just watched your video with Nicholas Vilamini. I’d love to get a signed hard copy of your books😍
    Love and light

  6. Lena Cornell says:

    Peter, your appearance on Nicholas Veniamin’s show was so uplifting and I shared it with several people. I became a Digital Soldier right after Q first started posting almost 4 years ago. I spent about 15K hours on the subject with research and soldiering on social media. They have been the best years of my life and brought me to the awakening. I am working on spiritual growth with meditation, research and improved diet. I am retired and 68 years old, now in the middle of a medical emergency and going in for a colonoscopy to check for colon cancer in the next few weeks. I will not go through big Pharma’s bio weapons if indeed my condition is serious. I will find alternative help and I’m interested in your self healing PDF book if it is still available. Thank you for lifting my spirit tonight and for all you do in the field of healing.
    Lots of love,

    • paulorpeter says:

      Yes, my writings and books are all available, as well as direct consultation sessions with me via Zoom.

      Don’t fall into the trap of chasing spirits in their paper card prisons of deceit and lies. Every attack can be overcome, all damage, if there is any can easily be healed and cleaned up.

    • paulorpeter says:

      Ask God for healing and then sit back and do what He tells you… it is as simple as that.


  7. Shelly Klosterman says:

    Hello, I too just watched your video with Nicholas. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful God given information. It was fascinating! I am a fellow Christian rehab therapist. I am a Speech Pathologist and my husband is a PTA. How would I incorporate this healing energy into my therapy sessions? Would coursework in energy medicine be the appropriate program to enroll in? I have just begun to look into natural and spiritual health classes, but I have been concerned that it may cross over into the metaphysical. Could you enlighten me? Thanks so very much!!!
    In Him,
    Shelly Klosterman, SLP

    • paulorpeter says:


      I can think of no more appropriate application of mind body and especially the spirit in a therapeutic environment than could be applied to the spoken word. No need to fear metaphysical infiltrations, my work and writings are anchored in the Word of God. Please call me with my number in the contact section of this site or email me and we will talk about options yesterday yes may have for education work shops or organizing a class.

      Bless you

  8. Linda says:

    Hi, i am Linda, how can i bring your healing to my father who is in much pain, until 1 month he was doing very well, but now is on bed every time(cancer, diagnostic from hospital)i want to now how can i help him, much gratitutide for all your work.
    PS: i know your work from Nicholas Veniamin

    • paulorpeter says:


      Cancer is a very complex and simple curse to deal with, requiring much “prayer and fasting” to overcome. I would say more, but such as these are specific of the individual situation requiring one on one conversation to delineate. Please contact me if you wish a deeper or a person-specific application to consider. Contact info in the “Contact Us” page provided.

    • paulorpeter says:

      Cancer is unfortunately one of the greatest malicious attacks coupled with deceitful agenda ever perpetuated against the rest of us… it is unfortunate that the majority of people look to the very institutions that facilitated the assault for a solution to the issue…

      Look to God, that would be my first suggestion from a distance without speaking to you directly.

      Bless you

  9. Michael Townsend says:

    Hi Peter , just watched your video tonight with Charlie Ward , so lovely to find you , you are such a guiding light , God bless you Peter .

  10. Rinaldo Bonovento says:

    It was Holy Spirtual Thrill to hear you put out Jesus, Jesus , Jesus and Jesus to Charlie Ward the other day. Charlie is a beautiful man dont get me wrong. He needs the level of Jesus you put out to him. There is power in the Name of Jesus, I have personal experience in Jesus name. Thanks Peter,

  11. Catherine Manning says:

    Hi there.I am very interested in spiritual healing and your interview with David Nino Rodriqez was my introduction to your work.I am on limited income but would love to read your book please.
    Kind regards

    • paulorpeter says:


      Sorry I had not seen your comment as I have not posted something here in a little while but will again soon. As for my material, most of it is posted on this site in one version or another and if not, links to other sources where it can be either purchased or freely downloaded are provided. If you wish to contact me personally the email address is up in the contact us section of this blog and I try to answer all personal email requests. Bless you and thank you for your interest in our work. Peter

    • paulorpeter says:

      Please check out you can also download a free copy of my books on our web site

      Bless you

  12. Dee Weston says:

    I hope you post that letter “Cookie Cutter” Christians. Thanks!

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