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All our Brothers and Sisters who might be interested in contacting us for a Spiritual Therapy consultation, guest speaking, or information on classes we are holding write us a note, email, text us or call.

If you are Charlie Ward, Juan O’ Savin, Mel K, Geen Decode, Cristen W, Sante Surfing, Charlie Freek, Sacha Stone, or Simon Parks please contact us directly by phone, please.

We are easily contacted via text or voicemail: +16027039140

visit us at our website;

Published writing include;

Quantum Ascension, Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake,” & The First Pure Therapist

All available on Amazon

Email us at and

or follow us on our website

get a free PDF copy of Quantum Ascension or Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”


5 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Diana Trott says:

    Dear Peter….. I enjoyed your talk on Your ideas about dis-ease being in three parts: 1. Physical. 2. Mental. 3. Spiritual, which includes demonic attacks, was particularly interesting to me. I hope Nino has you on again because I would love to hear more of your ideas. Your work reminds me of Louise Hay’s teachings.

  2. Kim says:

    My 38 year old son has been diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. He has two children under age two. Could I purchase you book on healing? I heard you on Nino’s corner and appreciate your connection to Jesus and scripture. I have seen so many people believe for healing but never received it. You mentioned we could get a signed copy by contacting you.

  3. Mindy McCombs says:

    Hi Peter! I learned about you through Ninos Corner and he just posted your beautiful article about The Armor of God on Telegram. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and guidance. I have always been told I have healing hands and would love to really truly heal as many people as possible. I myself still need healing though. I am definitely interested in working with you and learning how to master this gift. God Bless 🙏💖🇺🇸

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