Ascension Gardens Of Gold

“Silver or Gold, I have not, but what I have I give unto you” a nice thing to say, and while we are not the first to say it, or even to put it into practice, when it comes to sharing the gifts God has given us, we are more than eager than ever to try this.

God’s gift of a Garden of Healing has found its place in the everyday life of this couple of Health and Wellness instructors since the very moment it began to spring up. Both Anna and I have spent the greatest part of our lives, at least lately, helping people realize the more spiritual side of Health and Wellness, and through this realization, insight to counter the affliction and infirmities that have gone unchecked attacking many of us especially the last few years.

The many visitors who have come to our garden, some of which, brought to tears by the splendor and natural beauty that presents itself, a God-inspired oasis in the middle of the desert, they all find it miraculous that such growth could arise in only a few couple years. While we have planted many of the fruiting trees of papayas, nuts, apricots, guavas, citrus, apples, and berries of all sorts, many of the other plants merely spontaneously sprung up, growing too astonishing heights in even the last few months.

This Garden of Healing montage was taken up by us, which itself provided its own fruit that when combined with our meals supplies the needed healing nourishment people used for their own specific medical and psychological ailments when they visited. Only to later find that it had been scientifically established; when people grow their own plants, especially with love and blessings, the plants secrete specific enzymes that will counter the afflictions the people residing there may encounter. It is as if the plants somehow know what ailments its residents may have and then prepare accordingly; this almost proves the symbiotic relationship God has established for the earth towards us when he created it for all of mankind.

Along with this, there is a peacefulness in our garden that can only be described as mesmerizing, even our chickens roam carelessly, as do the many bunnies and sparrows that frequent the grasses or the leaf’s of the ground cover, its blanketing cool colors always provide the most gentle receptive breezes and sweet scents in the otherwise stark dry desert. A Kaleidoscope of healing colors and sounds that refreshes the very heart of each breath taken.

We have made it our mission to help people realize the spiritual significance in the health and wellness of their lives. Addiction Rehabilitation, cancer, and PTSD being among the many chronic physical issues we have seen the greatest success in treating with spiritual therapies. Our instructions are simple, help people realize the greatest significance this spiritual visualization has on their Healing, Health, and overall Wellness, then give them real tools to facilitate their own Ascension type recovery with merely the vast natural abundance God has so graciously given all of us. Light, being one of the best tools available.

On the quantum level the variations of photon wavelengths that make up the garden of colors we are bathed with every day within the visual spectrum, vary by only the slightest fraction of a degree between the colors we see with our eyes. These energies not only bathe our bodies but flood our eyes with images that hold within them intended nuances that reside within the realm of belief.

On the health and wellness front, it has been understood for centuries that colors possibly played an active role in a person’s spiritual wellness and thus overall well-being prompting many of the customs associated with colors such as lighter clothing in the spring and summer, or the gifting of bright colored flowers for happy or joyous celebrations. Certain colors have also been known to compliment people’s skin tones thus prompting some people to wear certain colors actually aiding in their health, while others have an opposite effect.

Auras have been speculated to be the visual representations of the energies of our spirit. There have been visual recordings using various apparatus that can record these radiating energies, noticeably colors are associated with them and the colors are said to correspond with the spiritual and emotional states of the individuals being recorded. These energies, while be often dismissed as merely heat signatures do not follow patterns that are observed under infrared camera observations, and seem to follow the patterns across the board for the accepted interpretations.

In Quantum Awareness colors can play a key role for those who wish to examine these energies and likewise interpret the information they may be reporting. First, back to auras, it has been observed that people who engage in more spiritual activities especially within the self-examination category have been known to display measurable aura’s far outside the distance normally witnessed by the typical individuals that are merely busy with their day to day lives. This observation matches my own image of broadening awareness in a whirlwind model as the person’s attention elevates into the spiritual, so does the expanse of consciousness also expand and intensify.

On a quantum level light waves can increase in two fashions; in intensity whereby the waves gain in strength and thus brightens of color, and or in frequency whereby increases or decreases of wavelength results in variations of observable colors. Science will tell us that we are only able to visibly see the smallest portion of the electromagnetic spectrum of the energy around us, and a vast majority of things possibly out there, existing within the same space but undetectable, because their energies are vibrating in unobservable wavelengths we cannot see or hear.

In the examinations of Anna and I, we have observed that there is a specific color associated with many significant things in our lives. My wife Anna has this particular God-given skill to see in her mind’s eye the specific color associated with people’s names, numbers, emotions, days or months of the year, even sicknesses, or spiritual states’ names. It would seem on a Quantum level that even in particular names of people or things have a sort of vibrational compensation granted them, and clearly demonstrating the ordered perfection of all of God’s creation.

This specific information could be invaluable in the treatment of afflictions especially when a health practitioner considers not only the Body and Mind aspects of health issues but more importantly the spiritual or belief aspects. If the spirit is infinitely more significant than the physical merely by pure spatial calculations, then a belief based application of health care should have an equally infinitely greater capacity for success.

Over the last thirty-plus years as we have practiced helping people with their health issues, while we have seen enormous almost supernatural gains being made in technologies, the internet, and many other physical venues across the globe, within the healthcare system or more significantly the media within society, education, what is being constantly told to people, there seems to be an increasing fear and dread surrounding health-related issues. When I was educated in the 80’s we were taught that people “suffered from” illnesses, they came “down with” colds or flues, they had heart “attacks,” but today people are led to believe they “have” these issues, the issue is “inside” them, they have “become” the sickness, “I Am” this or that, or worse yet they were created with some kind of flaw just waiting to betray them from inside, metastasize, or somehow change them into something harmful to themselves or others around them. The worst thing a Creator can do is claim something with their own mouth, this energetic construct positive or negative goes out into the physical universe affecting and ever so slightly changing the entire universe forever. When enough people believe they or the world is sick, they become sick!

This “I am” doom that we have been brainwashed into believing we have become, really only has one purpose and that is to convince us we are not sovereign beings that God stated we were, created in the image of God, but merely slaves to a system that will tell us who we are, and what we can expect, no more. In essence, the healthcare system has no interest in healing, merely enslaving people into their oil-based, poisonous institution, and then keep us thereby telling us our only hope is to follow the programs they have set up, with the insurance or “assurance” they have our best interests in their hands.

When I as a health care practitioner discovered they were lying to us about one thing, how could I trust them that they were not lying about everything? But the good news is as we Ascend in our consciousness we embrace within ourselves increased vibrational states merely by the intention of our creative ability. It is this increased illuminated status that the Deep State, the powers that would subjugate us, the Satanic evil of this world, understand all too well. They also know it is by their own choices to Digress in vibrational status they can never obtain even the levels we have already been given freely by God. It is for this reason that this information is so desperately withheld from us by media brainwashing, false education, chemical poisoning of our water, air, and even food, or by herd vaccination, any way possible to inhibit our collective realization of the illumination of times we live in.

On the Quantum level, a decrease of lightwave intensity has the result of dimming the strength of the visible brightness of the light. Depression, stress, worry, and any gambit of other negative emotions have the same effect on the spiritual auras’ of people. When people focus intensely on the physicality’s of the earth a constricting or physical focus in s smallest of spaces right to the very base of the ground before them occurs, to the dust of the earth, this focus on the dirt causes them to miss all the blessing happening around them each and every day. Now add onto that the decreasing intensification of negative energies; hatred, abuse, addiction, lies, or worry and the result is an almost black hole effect whereby the spirit of the individual doesn’t only sink into the earth but constricts into a singularity where no light, comfort, or peace can penetrate. The true death of a soul occurs.

Ascension of awareness is the counter to this digressing constriction, and no willing soul is beyond redemption, except those who have willingly sold their souls to evil, forfeiting and no longer possessing a soul to ascend with.

It is our contention that in the near future light will be able to be passed into a system or body at specific frequencies or colors that will counter the issues a person may be suffering from. It will be the job of the health care practitioner to help the individual to realize the corresponding attacking spiritual essences frequency and then by administering a likewise counter frequency to facilitate healing. Perhaps this can be facilitated in the form of a tank or some kind of submergible apparatus, and if breathing liquid could be incorporated then it would be possible to transmit the essential healing energies inside the body to affect the tissues without having to be shielded by the skin. Perhaps this could also be combined with alike frequency sound to have a further strengthening effect on all of the body’s molecular components.

But of course, if we Ascend into a high enough frequency state we should be able merely by pure will effectively activate, repair, clean, and illuminate any and all structures of our own bodies and thus activate the many areas of our brains or DNA that have until now been depressed, inactivated, or held in limbo by our own miss-beliefs.

We invite you, our friends to come to visit our garden

And dabble in discussions of Ascending displays,

And as you experience its awakening into healthier vitalities,

You will not but help witness its childlike play.

And if we decide together to embrace new frontiers with healing and therapies arts,

Casting off fears,

And shedding off tears,

You may find yourself Baking Bread,

Or painting a picture instead,

Or perhaps dancing in grassy pools as your body’s mends,

Your energies ascend,

And by God’s Grace,

Your spirit takes flight.

By Peter and Anna Colla

“Lord help us remember your sovereign instructions as the illuminations of your revelations are again imparted upon us, we thank you for all the mighty end time warriors that are fighting on all fronts Body, Mind, and Spirit. Enlighten them, empower them, and protect them as we all realize the truths your will is done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”





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