Why Masks? One Might Say

Why masks one might say?

We cannot fully understand the treachery and danger our society faces by submitting to wearing masks without first understanding the significance and history masks play in our society in general?

The wearing of masks until recently had not been implemented into the medical profession for the prevention of transmission of diseases, but merely to protect in the operation participants from the splattering of blood. As a matter of fact, it has only found its way into the procedural apparel of medical treatments the last few years (pre-covid), when dealing with diseases of unknown origin and or working in close proximity with the person afflicted. 

I myself know this fact because I have actively engaged as a provider of healthcare for the last thirty-five years, literally only seeing the use of masks implemented when dealing with severe transmittable diseases where body fluids may be a possible contaminant such as Hepatitis or MRSA. Prior to this recent anomaly, I worked in a medical testing lab handling some of the most dangerous pathogens in history including the Black Death, never having to wear a mask even though many were available.

While we are on the subject of viruses, we were taught in my earliest years of medical training that viruses are the smallest of organic compounds, so small they can barely be seen with the most powerful electron microscopes. And while I am not going to get into a discussion of theoretical virology, I will say we were taught for years viruses were unable to move, completely dependent on their infested host for temperature regulation, replication, and life itself, that is if you could qualify a simple organic compound as actually alive? 

These small strains of merely replicable goops of molecules of proteins (viruses) are nothing more than small contaminants from the outside, brought into our cells either accidentally or with a purpose to initiate a reaction, for the most part, it results in our bodies first trying to eradicate them by raising our temperature to a level that destroys them, and if this doesn’t work, the body adapts further to improve its own resistance to fight others like them in the future, that is when the bodies resistance hasn’t been compromised itself.

Television, our educational system, and more diabolical the entities that own and control these the big pharma. or insurance industries, even some of the governmental agencies who we pay supposedly to protect us, would paint a “giant” picture of fear surrounding the smallest and most insignificant of these biological structures known to man. Painting these small portion chains into an image that if we don’t give up our freedoms, lock ourselves and our children away, deny ourselves even the most rudimentary social functions, basically all forms of interactions that generally make people happy such as smiling to each other, oh, and let us not forget to wear the mask, we are doomed to a horrible death. Yet the death counts didn’t match the predictions, the contamination didn’t even raise to the worldwide levels of the normal flu, and the preventions proved to be useless, yet the masks persist?

So again why the mask? 

Perhaps we need to examine where the wearing of masks originated? While it is not exactly clear how far back the masks first appeared, it is clear that the earliest recorded applications of produced masks have ties to both witchcraft rituals and the ancient slaves, perhaps both simultaneously. 

In ancient Rome, slaves were a common household commodity, and it has been discovered through recorded depictions as well as physical excavated evidence that slaves were often masked especially when used in ritualistic sexual, entertainment, or sacrificial rites. What is interesting is that the masks do not inhibit the slave’s ability to see or hear, but the mouth is closed or non-existent basically restricting the slaves to express themselves in spoken words?

Slaves of the more recent American Pre-Emancipation Era were often masked again to restrict their ability to speak, and in severe cases, metal masks were used as a means of punishment pressing their tongues up against the roof of their mouths. And while the slaves of North America have the most historical accounts, slavery was in fact practiced uniformly around the world and perpetrated against almost all of the races. 

That being said, there seemed to be an almost universal obsession with restricting a person’s ability to speak. Why is this? Perhaps, could it be for the same reason the masks are being pushed on us today, to limit our ability to express ourselves?

One of the most famous masks ever used in conjunction with the practice of medicine is the famous “Beak Mask” that finds its origins as early as the 17th century where the mask was used by the physicians of the times in conjunction with treating “The Plague.” While the mask was used when the doctors would visit the sick it was not for protection or even warding off spiritual darkness, but merely in the beak, the doctor would place herbs and scented ointments to mask the foul stench of rotting dead people who littered the areas the plague hit worst. The mask then and forever was associated with evil medical spirits that searched for victims.

When we examine witchcraft, it would appear there are two main types of masks used, one; where the leader of the demonic rituals would wear a more ornate mask often in the image or depicting the demon entity the conjurer wished to invoke, this one seemed to have an open mouth? The spells, chants, incantations, or sacrificial rites all are accompanied by some kind of verbal chant often in what appears to be Latin or some other forgotten archaic language.

The second; one that seems to resemble the masks being pushed on our world wide these days are the masks being worn by the other witches and warlocks around the incantation, they can watch and hear but for some reason, they are forbidden to express anything verbally themselves. When a person checks out a site online to purchase witches masks, we find literally hundreds to choose from each being touted to be used in a particular incantation. They are either black or all have various symbols printed on them as they seem to express the participants’ silent, passive, and cooperative participation in the act they are trying to induce. So, while the mouths of people are being covered the intention behind the spells or the evil forces driving them can be proclaimed uninterrupted.

Could this possibly be the deeply hidden intention of the masks being pressed upon the whole world today? As I discussed in earlier writings the power of the spirit is infinitely greater than the physical universe we see, feel, can hear, taste, or are aware of.

Is it possible the “powers to be” have a plan to bring the whole world under submission, enslave us, stifle our ability to express ourselves especially with the spoken word, only to let their own media mouthpieces spew out the curses and programming they desire? In order to do this effectively, they must invoke worldwide spiritual incantations, and all of us must through our own unknowing participation wear a mask, quiet, and reject any spoken opinion to the contrary? Is this not exactly what has happened?

There is another part of wearing the mask that should be stated to at least examine all aspects of such an act that may have an effect on us. 

Masks have for centuries also been tied to acts of terror. Worn by thieves, yes to hide facial features seems obvious, but in most cases to incite an immediate response of fear. Terrorists worldwide have been recorded wearing masks even when they are training. Is it possible that fear may also be a factor in the plan?

But why would they want to incite fear worldwide? 

It is the belief of this author that the majority of everything that happens to us throughout our lives, regardless if it has to do with our health, happiness, or state of being, has a momentary small physical aspect, a larger more permanent memory with its mind based aspect, and most importantly an almost infinite spiritual component.  

If we aline this same principle to the wearing of masks then it is important to examine the spiritual effect as being the most important one to consider.

Godly good spiritual emotions such as love, peace, compassion, healing, health, even light in a spiritual sense all have a positive effect on our wellbeing and have been scientifically proven to even improve our immune system and thus our resistance to diseases.

Yet on the other hand; depression, hate, chronic anger, and most importantly fear has a counter effect not only on us but on the world around us. 

It has been proven scientifically the water has the ability to absorb, conduct and transfer emotions whether these be good or evil, I have written of this finding in earlier writings and will not delve into it here, except to say since we are our selves the majority consisting of water, then as well such spiritual effects must have a likewise effect on us. 

Acts of kindness, love, grace, a compliment, a good deed, a smile, not only have an effect on the person we are doing it to but have a positive effect on the equilibrium of the whole universe around us. 

If in contrast the wearing of masks not only has an effect physically on the people wearing them but has the effect of radiating fear and terror into the entire world around us, we can then multiply it by the total number of people in the world wearing them, this has a potentially devastating effect? I would say that it would have an almost satanic effect on the world as a whole.

But luckily we are also finding more and more individuals both in the medical community, as well as the communities of the world at large, awakening to the lies of such a masked proposal, the false reporting of the so-called pandemic, the dark agenda of potentially toxic vaccinations from certain evil individuals, and the overall evil of the people behind the profits that seem to benefit by this deep state this hoax brings.

With each person that awakens there is in their own small universe a light that is turned on to the truth. This light has the effect of driving the darkness away, leaving only the truth for each of these awakened people, to then further investigate themselves and tell this truth to others. Light tips the scales of a world’s equilibrium of dark places and islands of light to many bright candles all around us streaming glorious colors and light energies illuminating the entire human race into it designed and planned Godly paradise.

Soon everyone in the world will be aware of the many lies that have been perpetrated against us for no other reason than to enslave us more than we already are and muffle us into submission. Lights will simultaneously turn on and darkness will have no place any longer to hide.

I guess underground it must go, or perhaps off-planet, but our home will no longer tolerate its lies.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord let us all see the lies, and through it the dangers that lurk beneath the surface of the lies, but more importantly help to counter the dark effects these lies would have on us and our innocent brothers and sisters, let no witchcraft dark agenda manifest in our lives as we look to You for life, light, and love.”

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