Vaccinate Light Into Health and Wellness

A question was posed to me by a new friend who was curious how the principles of Health and Wellness, specifically addressing sickness or injuries using techniques of Body, Mind, and Spirit could be applied to the area of corporate business, and not just Healthcare business, considering he is a business radio talk program owner-developer.

The very next day a very prominent local International Business Owner and Manufacturer posed almost the exact question to me but related to advising the Queen of a foreign government; How could the concepts for improving the Health and Wellness of an individual be of any help to a Queen who wishes to develop the resources of her country and lead her people into prosperity?

I thought about what each of them said or wrote for a great while after reading the last email, and perplexed at the questions being posed me within that twenty-four-hour time frame. 

I was posed similar questions by a man who interviewed Anna and me on the radio only last week, just a day after we were on the radio with Anita, both to speak about our new book Heal Yourself; “For God’s Sake”  in which we speak of methods and correlation of healing while using techniques that encompass Body, Mind, and Spirit concerns, treating and evaluating to the causes of infirmities and not just cause.

Again the question came up basically; “how could these principles you write about in healthcare and the treatment of afflictions using spiritual, mind, and body techniques be translated into the business environment, to be useful for businessmen or the corporate sector?” This was an interest of his since his platform primarily addresses business or at least is a business talk radio show, in this case, young entrepreneurs?

I pondered this thought and after I read my friend’s email about the Queen, wondering how such information could possibly affect business, what possible good could it be for King or in this case a Queen, to use as a positive effect an entire country? Seemingly even a more daunting question.

So like I often do when I don’t understand something or find myself contemplating a riddle, like I did in my book; “Why do some people heal and others don’t,” I decided to take the question to God.

That was four days before and then I heard something. 

He answered!  I will write you the answer exactly and in the same manner, it was delivered to me. Whatever you do with it, it is totally up to you.

The question in my mind was; 

How hard would it be to apply the concepts of healing I have already been given into the corporate or business or even an entire country model?

The answer was a shock to me, so I will just give it to you as I heard it.

“It is not hard at all, as a matter of fact, it is much more difficult to heal an individual than any group of people, whether that be a family, company, city, or country for that matter.”

“Actually the larger the group the easier it is.”

“All attacks regardless of what you see as the size or circumstance are all spiritual.”

“Attacks on individual persons are done at the cellular even molecular level and performed against a soul in the smallest and most insignificant places compared to the whole effect on a person’s life. These attacks by entities of the smallest and most insignificant of physical essences are the easiest to manipulate, and it is only through dark spiritual “intent” that their actions turn perfectly created children into slaves.”

“There are trillions of cells in the body but changing the belief of the person or spirit as a whole, in essence, has the effect of changing the social structure of the entire body.” “It allows for the initiation of genomes, in the smallest of places, that have the ability to elicit goodness in the cells.” ”This same principle is a constant regardless of what size group of molecules, cells, people, or an entire nation of people you are dealing with.”

I saw this principle played out in the discovery of Epigenetic’s and the fact that we could change our very genes, initiating firing of positive actions and respiratory functions with our very thoughts, but more importantly initiating healing with our beliefs. If we feel we are sick or more importantly doomed, we become what we believe and begin to manifest it, but likewise, if we just feel we can heal, it is a great first step in manifesting it in our life. 

While bodies are made up of trillions of cells, companies or cities at the most are made up of hundreds or thousands of individuals and countries likewise are a mere fraction compared to the independent numbers spoken of in the human body.

“Inject the same principles into the individuals of a community regardless of the size; a single cell, a corporation, or an entire country and the effect is an increase in light, healing occurs and darkness must flee.”

“In the case of Kingdoms, the principles are even easier to realize than in the cell.” “It is because countries are led by their leaders, and reflect the heart of their leadership good or bad.”

The Old Testaments are full of examples where Kings come into power, some good, some evil. Under the reign of the good Kings, the people flourish, under the bad ones they suffer. While God may decide who gets to be born a King and who doesn’t, it is up to the individual King to decide to become a good one or not and even in some cases a great one. 

“With great gifts come great responsibilities, leaders are always indirectly responsible for the prosperity of those they rule.” “People choose to heal as easy as they chose to believe, and it is the same way a kingdom can prosper, that is through the active choice to heal by its leaders themselves that prosperity prevails.”

As a King of Queen, as an Owner of a company, or even President of society regardless of size, the facts remain as constant as set in place by God for us all. Rain or God’s blessings fall upon all heads equally.

The consequential understanding of this principle then dictates an ideology one may need to embrace as a precipitator to facilitate Goodness in their life, especially when it comes to leadership. A person merely needs to pick up their mat and walk, a distinct movement towards light must be made.

Corporate structures, countries, or cells in the body all have the same basic veins in which blessings or curses can enter; through their eyes in the form of light, through sound in the form of sounds or speech, fed to them through the products of their labors, and last through the experiential structure of the body as a whole, through the good or bad experiences. It is simple mathematics in the matrix comparison of Health and Wellness and Production.

Let us assume all physical structures in the real universe are made up of the same electromagnetic energy oscillations, then the only difference between energies that bump up against us reside not in the difference in structure, but “Intent.” Some energies are intended for nurturing, goodness, light, and love, while others have the intent for destruction, hate, darkness, and evil. Positive energies build, and negative ones diminish.

Injecting any factors of goodness into any system thus has the effect of increasing all good things in that system merely if by only pure quantity. But the retrospective conclusion would also be said to exist; injecting any darkness, whether it be any of the four windows in would result in a decrease of these structures. But since darkness is the absence of light it cannot be a quantitative element, it adds nothing to the equation as a whole merely has the effect of diminishing by its increasing presence.

A conclusion could be made that any positive factors or intentional energies can be placed on the line of positive real factors, and any negative factors can only replaced in the line of divisional elements thus having the effects of reducing the whole numbers as their presence increases.

Example;      500     Portions of Love, Light, Healing   

divided by    25  Portions of Hate, Darkness, Sickness

The resulting atmosphere of experience is 20 or productive components, the darkness cannot reduce the initial 500 inputted Godly portions merely has a reducing effect on their potential strength. But regardless of what is created in the physical universe the least amount of shadows a single object can cast is one.

Thus if no addition darkness is added the factored equation of any gift by God is the sum of the whole;

500/1  = 500

But when a structure or the sum of the whole in essence increases the light that shines within it has the effect of causing the darkness to flee and thus diminish even the single shadow that exists in the physical.

In essence, we could be “Vaccinating” light into the structure whether it be an individual or a group, this would be much better than injecting the person with mercury, but that’s for another day.

Or basically having the physical effect of allowing the given shadow to be diminished as a factor below the sum of a single or a mere fraction of its original;

500 / 1/100 = 50,000

Injecting Godliness into any structure causes the structure to glow with its own inner radiating light thus not only have the effect of causing the darkness to diminish, or flee but also has the indirect proportional effect of increasing the original gift from God.

A basic equation for production could be extrapolated from the above-mentioned factors as; Production of a system, equals the combined components of Happiness, being an additional input of Godly energy, realizing happy corporate members will not only produce an energetic work environment but add to the overall physical reality of the community by adding real goodness to an already constant universe.

All Good things come from God, so Happiness must by logical conclusion also come from God.

Health/sick X Wellness/slave = Happiness/depress  X Gratification/worry = Productiveness/boredom X Fulfilled Life/useless =Production/waste

People who are healthy and not call in sick, not only come to the workplace but come with life enthusiasm. When people have an expectation of wellness in their lives they release themselves of the lies and slavery it brings in the dogma of doom these afflictions attempt in their attempt to enslave people in endless medicated lives.

Happiness is given in the same proportions to health in people’s lives, and with it a gratification that what they are present within their labors of the day is exactly what God would have them participate with today, a working knowledge that they are receiving gladness as a wage to produce hope, there is no need to worry about tomorrow for the same God who gave them the gladness of today takes the responsibility to create the new day that is tomorrow.

Productiveness is increased if merely by the addition of Goodness, Light, Happiness, or any other factor in each member of these social communities’ immediate environment. Increases if even a fraction is increase none-the-less, the increase is growth, with growth comes experiential wisdom, another gift from God, and this can effectively translate into a fulfillment that transcends a life of a particular soul.

Ultimately all of these factors when Growth is achieved in any way, on a cellular, personal, community, business member, corporate entity, or even country level the increase has the effect of increased production.

Decreasing any of the negative factors to the minimum of a single shadow cast by the individual objects of participation has the effect of reducing waste to its most minimal singularity.

Increasing Godliness into any of these structure has the effect of increasing the Godly light in the structure and causes the darkness to flee thus fractionalizing it to the point where it will increase the positive factor at hand and increase the overall gift already present by astronomical proportions, as seen in the case of 500 becoming 50,000.

When it comes to leadership the reason it is so easy to affect the overall outcomes is because of the multiplying effect leadership grants.

The Leader whether it be a President, King, Queen, Director, Coach, Father or Mother of a family, has granted to them by God the responsibility and grace of the leading multiplayer;

Leader ( Health/sickness X Wellness/slavery of their peoples ) = Production/waist of their communities

Adding any positive number has a positive effect on the whole, but adding a negative number which has a likewise negative effect.

If the leader increases Godliness, Health, and Wellness into their own life, they must increase the effects throughout their entire social environment of their people. This is a Godly constant and a promise.

It is impossible for a company to prosper that is being led by someone who is afflicted by sickness, but at the same time as healing comes in so does the countries health proportionally increase.

By Peter Colla

“Dear Lord Jesus help me inject your light everywhere I go, and in everything I do.”


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